Jay-Z Gets More Accomplished at Roc Nation with Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the powerhouse personality that is working behind the scenes to reset Roc Nation. She is helping people that are on the roster get great contracts, and her work is greatly appreciated by Jay-Z. Desiree Perez has been doing this for a long time, and she knows about different avenues of business because she has worked in different areas.Desiree Perez has her own nightclub, and she has also been a part of the business structure for Roc Nation Sports as well.

Desiree Perez has been putting forth a lot of effort to build a solid company with Roc Nation Sports. She wants this to be a company that stands out from the other entertainment outlets.The second best company for artists that are in entertainment. She aims for Roc Nation to be the best, and she is finding very good ways to build up this company. One of the best ways is by making sure that the artists that are on this label have the best possible contract negotiations. She has been working hard to make sure that happens.

A lot of people have been looking at her involvement with Roc Nation, and many people are amazed that she is so proficient when it comes to contract negotiation.For someone that has never made an album of her own she is great for getting music artists that are in the recording business good contracts.Desiree Perez has helped Rihanna when it comes to contracts, and there are a plethora of other artists that are on the rise that are also being helped by Desiree Perez. She knows her stuff, and artist that are trying to ink deals that are going to be lucrative should definitely take heed to her advice. Perez is a great resource for Jay-Z.

The Talented Investor and Speaker-Sahm Adrangi

The Yale University graduate, Mr. SahmAdrangi, is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has an undergraduate arts degree in Economics from Yale University. The knowledge and skills he acquired in school prepared him, and for the task, he would undertake in his later life as a leader and investor.

Sahm Adrangi made massive contributions to the Kerrisdale Capital Management, in various capacities. During his tenure, he contributes close to $100 billion funds that were channeled to the firm’s projects. As at the time, the amount was much higher than any amount ever contributed by the investors of the company.

Part of the money would be used by Adrangi together with Shane Wilson – an analyst at the Kerrisdale Capital Management to conduct a thesis which they had planned to present. The argument contained various issues among them the troubled energy firms and the residential mortgaged securities. They had prepared videos, a website and some presentations which they will use to convey their insights to the people adequately.

Apart from that, someone who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity revealed to reporters that the Kerrisdale Capital Management was planning to launch an unnamed company in Mid-May. The information was not yet public, but the plans were underway for the New York firm to invest in the yet to be named company.

In an email leaked to Reuters,Adrangi is quoted as saying the company had raised a significant amount of capital; within a short duration of time. As a result, they had struck a chord within the alternative community. Additionally, it is noted that the firm increased its worthiness to close to $10 billion and they had gotten many people to understand the underlying insights they had with them concerning the company. It was such a significant milestone for the company and Adrangi as an individual for the contributions.

Adrangi started off his career life at the Deutsche Bank where he served in various capacities as a credit-performing and a leverage loan debt financings. He then worked at the Chanin Capital Partners as a member of the advising committee in situations such as bankruptcy and restructuring. Before making investments in the banking industry, Mr. Sahm spent many decades at Longacre Management, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

Neurocore Reveals Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a serious matter. Many adults in America are suffering from depression. There are different kinds of depression symptoms. For example, the person may suffer from persistent feelings of sadness, numbness, a feeling of emptiness, and the lack of motivation to do anything. They may be easily frustrated, and they may get irritated and upset easily. Sometimes, there are physical symptoms, such as weight loss as a result of lack of motivation to eat properly, problems with falling asleep and staying asleep, and even physical pains such as back pain. However, not everyone who suffers from depression will show symptoms. For example, those with high functioning depression will go about their daily lives as if everything is normal, but they really will be battling negative thoughts throughout the day and when they are alone. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

There are physical symptoms that are associated with depression. Besides back pain, other physical symptoms include headaches, tension, stomach pain, and more. Tests that were done on the brains of those who suffered from depression showed that their brains look different than those who did not suffer from depression.

Suicide can be caused by depression. Those who are depressed sometimes feel that they have no other way out. Suicide is the number one leading cause of death among young people. There is another suicide death every 12 to 13 minutes in the United States. Fortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of suicide survivors. If you suspect that someone is considering suicide, make sure to call 911 and get help immediately. You should also call The Suicide Prevention hotline.

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Neurocore has brain treatment centers where they do an analysis of your brain using the latest technology and updated proven methods. They use various methods to get a clear picture of what is really going on in your brain.

Once they do this, they can help you develop a plan of action that is customized for you to help you improve your performance. You will learn how to feel better, sleep better, and improve your mental health. Follow Neurocore on twitter.com.

Josh Smith Reno Serial Entrepreneur and a Visionary in the Field of Wellness and Sustainable Technologies

The students at High Desert Montessori School were excited when they were gifted a brand new modular greenhouse by Modular Greenhouses in collaboration with the Great Full Gardens Café. It would help children know more about growing a variety of foods and be intricately involved in the food growing process. The children would learn to respect the food and would be more deeply involved in the overall health and wellness.

The school also received funds to purchase a variety of ancillary items used in the modular greenhouse, including seeds, soil, and planters. The Boys and Girls Club of Reno, Nevada, has also received a greenhouse from the Modular Greenhouse, which is a local and highly popular startup. One of the more ambitious aims of Modular Greenhouse is to make sure that all the local Washoe County schools in the region of Nevada have a modular greenhouse by 2020.

The CEO of Modular Greenhouse, Josh Smith, from Reno, Nevada, said that the company has an integrated program that is working towards facilitating a greenhouse to every local school in the Washoe County. The students believe that it would help the environment as well help to educate them and the youth of the region about food, plantation, and the tree growing process, which is the essential part of the overall student development. One of the sponsors, Great Full Gardens Café, said they hope that soon a day would come when they would be able to serve the food grown by students in their restaurants.

Josh Smith, from Reno, Nevada, has started many companies in the field of sustainable technologies and wellness industry. Smith is a visionary, and it is his vision that has helped his firm Modular Greenhouse grow in such a short span.

The idea of creating a company in this niche came when he wanted a greenhouse for his residence, but was able to have one only after a lot of struggle and hassles. It is when Josh Smith decided that having a company that offers products and services that would cut through all the local and legal barriers on the consumers’ behalf would impact the environment as well as ensure the growth of local organic produce by a significant margin.

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing E-Commerce Personalized Merchandising

The e-commerce space gets more competitive as more and more customers take their shopping online. Eventually, even the online retailers themselves feel pressured to provide the best shopping experiences for their clients or risk running out of business. In these times, in order to win and retain clients, companies have to go for Personalized Merchandising, which is simply providing a product for a particular audience, at the right time, and the right price. Most of the online retailers also now depend on Artificial Intelligence or AI, to create the best shopping experiences for their clients.

The use of AI technology in online stores makes it easier for potential shoppers to get what they want without much hassle. Retailers need to learn a lot about their customers before they can suggest the best products. As humans can be rather slow at times, AI technology helps them to deduce all the collected information, before it displays the best products to recommend. It does so by silently monitoring customer behaviors. For example, if a client regularly reads reviews, the AI system can arrange items, beginning with the highest rated one.

Consequently, the AI platform can also keep tabs on past purchases, and suggest additional products to match the initial purchase or show a similar product in case what is desired is not available at the moment. A perfect example of AI at work would be getting a recommendation for a shoe after buying a particular apparel. Essentially, a lot of marketing time is saved, and the possibilities of making a sale are significantly increased.

AI’s integration in personalized merchandising has run deeper in the recent past. Even the retailers themselves can use it to recommend products from manufacturers. In addition to that, artificial intelligence also helps retailers stock their shops according to what most of their clients want. The retailers can also use them to establish customized marketing approaches through the use of things like pop-up messages and application notifications. Learn more about Sentient at Crunchbase.

The e-commerce field now more than ever needs updated and efficient artificial intelligence system. Many companies are therefore rushing to come up with systems that can understand client preferences even more efficiently.

It is already estimated that in the next ten years, 90% of online sales will be handled entirely by AI enabled computers. Algorithms have been the way forward for various retailers to make sales, but advances in AI technology have been positively impacting personalized merchandising.

Rocketship Education Committed to providing the Best Education to unprivileged community

Preston Smith is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of Rocketship which was established in 2007 in San Jose Califonia. The school has received a lot of attention nationally not only for its blended and personalized learning style but also for parental involvement in their programs. Rocketship runs 13 schools. In every campus, parents join interviews and sometimes some families undergo training to do panel interviews. Some other times, school plans for a community meeting in so that parents can meet job qualifiers. The parent takes their job with a lot of seriousness, and they examine every candidate closely.

Recently, Rocketship Education confirmed to have purchased about 25,000 square foot at 1700 Cavallo Road. They intend to build two school buildings for grades K to 5. In January, a nonprofit group based in Redwood City purchased a property worth $1.5 million. It controls 16 schools in Washington D.C. and three other states. Rocketship focuses on helping children from unfortunate neighborhoods who attend poor performing schools. Elise Hill, the marketing and communication manager, insists that even the kids from a bad neighborhood deserve a good school. She also highlighted that the economically depressed parts of the country produce less property thus less tax income and in turn, it affects the financing of education in that area.

In Rocketship, the support staff, the teachers, and the leaders are devoted to sharing gratitude. There are five core values in Rocketship school that are shared across all their networks. Four of them are persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect. These shared values are recited every day, and they live by them in school and the community and also it is in their Rocketeer creed.

Teachers and parents choose the fifth essential value in every school. This is the value that illustrates best the unique vision and character of the school which ranges from bravery to service to curiosity. Their central values fit their mission that is to prepare the students to succeed in school and outside by equipping them with suitable character skills. Since many students come from high poverty communities, the school creates a predictable, positive and consistent school experience which helps the student to develop emotional and social skills required to succeed in a classroom and life after school.

George Soros Grows in Political Involvement and Philanthropythrough the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is a United States-based liberal billionaire willing to give anything for the sake of the rule of law. For the past few decades, George Soros has been committed to funding the Democrats during the general elections because he feels that they stand for what matters most to him. When it comes to the corrupt regimes, George Soros is one of the few people who work towards solving the problems the less fortunate in society stand for. For this reason, he is willing to achieve the best through scaling up his political giving. For most of the people who are close George Soros, they acknowledge that his concern into active politics is growing further than ever. This is because he feels that the world will not be a safer place with the current regime.

George Soros has also issued more than $25 million to support Hillary Clinton to win the 2017 general presidential elections in the United States. This shows his great involvement in the United States political arena as it shapes the world’s political move in this industry. George Soros has also supported a wide range of democratic candidate courses in a manner that showcases the general environment in the country. In 2004, it was recorded that the funds George Soros issued to the Democratic Alliance helped face out President George Bush from the presidential seat. According to the Federal Elections Commission, George Soros has been the leading funder of the United States Democrats during the general elections for the past few years.

George Soros was born in Hungary during the Nazi Occupation. The Hungarian people formed the Nazi Occupation to eradicate the growing population of the Jews in Hungary. This is because they believed that the Jews came to take over their county with every business sector in the region. For this reason, few people achieved the benefits of this rule in a way that activates their intended political gain in the country. For the purpose of evading the harsh rule of the Nazi Occupation, George Soros secured false Hungarian Identities to help his parents stay in the country for an extended period. George Soros graduated from high school before they set off to the United Kingdom.

The first place they set their foot was in London. George Soros took knew that he had to stay there before he made his way out of the continent. He secured a job opportunity as a waiter at a restaurant at the National Railway Station to make money for his school fees at the London School of Business. After studying and working for three years, George Soros graduated from the London School of Business before he found his way to New York, United States. his first job in the United States was at the New York Hedge Fund Company.George Soros has also made the open Society Foundations the third-largest charitable foundation in the world. The financier George Soros, who was born in Hungary, has transferred more than $18 billion using the Open Society Foundations based in and out of the United States.

Rick Smith: Bringing Development to Prison Communication

Rick Smith is an American businessman an executive who is serving as the current chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, a telecommunication company operating inside correctional facilities. He was appointed into the executive position in 2008 by the company’s board of directors, and under his leadership, Securus Technologies improved the services they are providing to their clients. The company is headquartered in Texas, and they are one of the key players in the industry. Rick Smith worked previously as the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc., an independent telecommunications company, but he was hired by Securus Technologies because of the skills that he has in leading a company and his expertise in running a telecommunications company.

The prime product of Securus Technologies is the video calling system that they company have developed. Rick Smith is significant in the creation of the fast video calling system because he wanted to deliver great service to their clients. The prisons that are using the technology are happy about the video calling system because they are able to speak with their loved ones outside the prison and they are stating that it does not lag. Prison authorities are also considering a move to ban traditional face to face visits in exchange for the video calling technology, but they are still studying if it will be effective in protecting the security of the inmates. They are arguing that it will also save the prison a lot of money. Rick Smith also led the company in creating a biometrics system that will verify each prisoner, and it will transform each correctional facility into a manageable and organized institution.

There are thousands of correctional facilities using the product from Securus Technologies. They can be found all throughout the United States and Canada, and it was Rick Smith who extended the company’s effort to expand. They are also considering investing outside North America, to serve prisons around the world. Securus Technologies recently spent $600 million just for the protection of their inventions and patents, and the company stated that they are willing to spend more to protect their properties. Rick Smith wanted to show the public that the company he is working for will always make sure that their properties will not be duplicated without their consent, to prevent the dissemination of low quality products. The number of patents under the leadership of Rick Smith rose to 140, and he stated that Securus Technologies will be introducing more products in the future.

Rick Smith has been beneficial to the success of Securus Technologies. He is working hard to make sure that the company will keep its distinction as the most reliable tech company serving correctional facilities, and he has a vision to make the company known globally.


Fabletics One of the Pioneers in the World of Athleisure Products

For people who are conscious about their health and fitness, working out on a regular basis is an essential part of their daily routine. It is a well-known fact that while exercising or working out, comfortable clothing is required for the body to move freely without any obstruction. It helps with unrestricted blood circulation and also helps the person in getting the mobility and flexibility they need while running or exercising. Athleisure is the name of the apparel category that consists of fitness gear and comfortable workout clothing. One of the companies that have recently become highly popular among the women for providing top-notch athleisure wear at an affordable price is Fabletics. The association of Kate Hudson as the co-owner of Fabletics has made the brand even more popular across the globe.


At present, it has more than a million VIP members who pay membership fees each month to get selected products from Fabletics delivered to their home each month. The subscription-based business model of Fabletics has helped the company to gain the customers’ attention and loyalty as well as added considerably to the company’s revenue. At the time Fabletics was launched, no other athleisure brand was completely dedicated to athleisure wear for women, and some of the top brands that offered athleisure wear for women labeled the price too high. It made it difficult for the women to buy high-quality athleisure wear at low prices. It is the gap that was efficiently filled by the launch of Fabletics in 2013.


Fabletics was an instant hit with the people, and the reason why it continues to dominate the athleisure space is that the company hasn’t got complacent with its products, quality, service, and pricing. One of the reasons why Fabletics is so popular among the consumers is because the company listens to what the customers had to say. The company relies heavily on customers’ feedback and reviews and has a system in place to comb through the internet to find reviews and feedbacks posted online. It helps in understanding which products and marketing moves were popular among the consumers, and what is disliked.


Such data is extremely useful in making business and management related decisions that can help streamline the path ahead for the company. Whether it is the marketing campaign or a sales strategy, Kate Hudson, who is not only the Hollywood celebrity but also the co-owner of Fabletics, makes constructive use of the advanced Big Data strategy to make business-related decisions. It helps in improving the accuracy of the business decisions and helps in avoiding foolish mistakes, which can cost millions to the company.


Fabletics is a brand that is getting really popular across the globe, and the company has been opening stores in the countries that it already has the presence in. Opening physical stores in some of the developed nations has helped Fabletics penetrate the consumer market further. Take the Lifestyle Quiz at the official website of Fabletics to understand the personalized shopping experience offered by the company.

Rationale for the Surge of Healthcare Costs in the United States

Health is exceedingly becoming expensive in the United States. In 2013, Americans spent an excess of $933 billion on health care. According to a research finding published in JAMA, most of these resources were mainly spent on aging and population increase. In the recent past, the country has spent hugely on various diseases. For instance, diabetes prevalence increased considerably across the country, costing a total of $64 billion. More than $44 billion of this money was however spent on pharmaceuticals.

Research conducted on diseases is equally a potential cause of the increase in healthcare costs. The annual expenses on inpatient rose to $697 billion compared to its earlier cost of $258 billion. Notably, the increase came even with shorter hospital stays among many patients.

According to Dieleman, the health sector is particularly committed to lowering healthcare spending. Even then, the healthcare efforts have now been frustrated by the rising cost of drugs and hospitalization. The healthcare sector is conducting extensive research to minimize disease expenditure.

Joseph Newhouse who serves as the director of Harvard Division of Health Policy Research and Education identifies that the health sector is experiencing a rise in spending and purchasing. Any effort to stop this trend can only stop further increase. For instance, breaking down costs will promptly decline further increase in healthcare costs and restore normalcy in the sector.

Eric Lefkofsky serves as the chief executive officer at Tempus. Eric is the founder of this technology company that is specialized in cancer treatment. The main goal of Tempus is to build one the largest global library of clinical data, molecular, and operating system to readily avail resources and data with ease. As a result, physicians will be able to offer customized cancer care services to patients.

Eric first established Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 and is now one of the pioneering private charitable foundation. Eric currently serves at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as a trustee. He works at Accelerated Disruption as an author and a professor at the University of Chicago. Eric attended the University of Michigan where he earned his Juris Doctor.