The Helping Hand Of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is more than a swanky sounding ten gallon name. The CEDC is operated by dedicated people, with a documented track record where the businesses and the communities have prospered. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey with 20 communities dotting the landscape. The CEDC will assist beginners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs in finding the best locations, vendors and the communities where their business will thrive. Their plan is to increase the workforce of Newark, with expansion of existing and new companies.

The vacant buildings are not torn down and left as empty lots, they are renovated and used to promote and sell goods wanted by the community. The Community Economic Development Corporation helps minorities, which include the females, to become entrepreneurs in their small, medium or large sized business. The CEDC invites business owners to attend meetings that are geared toward helping business owners to increase the sales of their business.

Kevin Seawright has proven that multitasking is an essential but normal part of his work day in his current and previous positions as the Chief Financial Officer. He has shown exceptional skills in managing the finances for the heaviest populated city of Newark, New Jersey for the CEDC, as their Chief Financial Officer. His expertise in accounting, budgets, strategic planning, managerial finances, capital projects and financial reporting have aided him in the CEDC’s plans for the completion of Newarks’ successful plans in the economic development of the city.

His capabilities as a leader in the position of Facilities and Chief Financial Officer works for the Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland, earned Kevin the coveted Innovative and Leadership Talent Award, for lowering the state of Marylands’ deficit more than $600,000 dollars within a 12-month period, along with the Operator of the Year Award.

Kevin Seawright earned a Master degree in Business Administration and lives in New Jersey.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, founded in 2007. They have been successful in generating jobs for the populace, helping businesses and people relocate within and out of the state, and giving a well deserved facelift to buildings.

This past February 14, 2015 on Valentines day, the CEDC offered couples vacant lots for $1,000 to purchase, so they could build a home in Newark, New Jersey. Anyone from any part of the globe was welcome to take a bite of this sweet deal. The CEDC has shown its determination and used their innovations into making Newark, New Jersey the place you want to live and build a sucessful business.

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