Strong, Value-based Parenting Drives The Charity Of The DeVos Family

Parenting is one of the most important and honorable pursuits a human being can undertake. When you parent a child correctly, that child grows up and adds something to the world. That child becomes a productive member of society, but more importantly, that child becomes a shining example unto others; an inspiration to follow; a beacon of light in an otherwise grim world. There is no better example of what strong parenting, rooted in conservative values, can do for one person and the world around them than the DeVos family.

Dick DeVos is the patriarch and he grew up in Western Michigan. He was raised by strong parents who imbued a sense of social responsibility on the young man. Their strong conservative values gave Dick DeVos a moral compass as he set off into the world after graduating from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan ( And that moral compass would lead him to giving away over $1 billion of his own wealth in 2014.

Behind every great man is a great woman, and Betsy Devos stands as an example of this. Betsy was also raised by parents guided by strong conservative values in the state of Michigan. She attended a Christian college and went on to start a career in conservative politics, becoming a mover-and-shaker in Michigan’s Republican party. And when she met Dick, she knew that they both had a sense of social responsibility.

DeVos would go on to have a prosperous career in business, leading Amway International to record profits and becoming the President and CEO of the booming Orlando Magic in the early 1990’s during the beginning of the Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal era. Wealth came to the Devos family through the hard work of Dick and Betsy, but through it all they never forgot those deeply rooted values imbued upon them by their parents.

But the Devos family did not want the attention. Only after being hounded by the magazine did they divulge their charitable giving in 2014, totaling over $1 billion. Most of the givings have stayed in their home state of Michigan. The Devos’s, through five different family foundations, aim at giving to conservative leaning charities that will carry on the torch of promoting values to future generations.

Fox News Fails To Vet Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation, For Slanted Interview

A recent viral video has some people wondering what’s going on over there at Fox News. The clip in question lasts a little over three minutes but there is tense confusion throughout the clip. The conservative news network seemingly tried to do a segment to slam the liberal agenda of presidential hopeful and current Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The interview with Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), seem to go awry just as the interview starts.

The Fox News anchor hits Mr Halvorssen with a loaded question right off the bat, asking him why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Obviously socialism is tied to the independent Sen. Bernie Sanders who has long been outspoken and self-avowed democratic socialist. But Mr Halvorssen does not give in to the loaded question and steers the conversation to reasonable discourse about the efficacy of socialist and labor governments, some of which have been very successful, such as Denmark and Sweden. He holds these governments in high esteem saying that they are perfectly fine.

The human rights expert then explains that dictatorships are the problem, he even exposes the fact that he is a Bernie Sanders supporter and has shown his support with the maximum donation allowable to a presidential candidate under United States law — $2,700.  He claims that Mrs. Clinton takes large donations from authoritarian dictators in order to run her presidential campaign. The founder of the human rights foundation also slams Republican candidates for emulating Putin, the dictator of Russia.

The interview seem to go off the rails for Fox News who was apparently trying to use the segment to reinforce Republican ideals and to slam the ultra liberal Bernie Sanders. Some think that Thor deliberately misled Fox News before the interview to get a chance to advertise support for Sanders, but I do not think this is the case. You can see right when the interview starts that Thor looks a little stunned by the opening question.

Jon Urbana Updates Vimeo With Winter Videos

Villanova lacrosse alumni Jon Urbana recently updated his Vimeo page to include several videos made this winter. Jon, a Colorado native, has spent much of his life outdoors playing lacrosse and teaching youth at Jon’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He has also developed a passion for skiing, flying for the FAA, and making videos to show the world his love for the outdoors. The passion that Jon has for outdoor activities can be seen in the winter update of his Vimeo page and on his other social media sites. Jon has videos on WordPress, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Youtube.

On Jon’s Vimeo page, several new videos have been posted. The most recent video showed a short clip of Giraffes playing around in a warm natural outdoor setting.

Closer to Jon’s home, the next most recent video on his Vimeo page features the mountains of Alaska. In the video post Jon says, “I absolutely love the Rockies, but there are no mountains more beautiful than those in Alaska.”

Another outdoor focused video posted by Jon this winter features cross country skiing. The video was posted to Jon’s Facebook page shortly after being filmed in January 2016. The two minute long video’s footage was produced and filmed by Jon in Alaska and shows a person traveling through snowy wooded areas on skis.

Jon showed a different side of his passion for the outdoors and video on About Me, making in another winter video he posted to his Vimeo page in January. The video entitled “Stadium Scenes, by Jon Urbana,” features a view of a stadium during a cloudy evening. Jon’s artistic side is exposed in this video with different film making techniques used and coloration manipulation played with.

Jon melds together his passion for outdoor activities and filmmaking in the videos which are all available 24/7 for free on his social media sites.