Lime Crime Reaches Two Million Unicorns Across the Globe

The world revolves around both what you know and who you know. Additionally, the more people who know your name results in fame, affluence, and the conveyance of your cause. As social media continues to rule the manner in which people execute their businesses, certain companies gain positive exposure in all directions. Currently trending on social media as it celebrates its achievement of gaining two million followers is the makeup company, Lime Crime. Foregrounding the importance of being yourself by colorizing your face, Lime Crime’s Instagram followers are undoubtedly the most vibrant in both appearance and online presence.

Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime is a company that shaped the makeup industry to be more artistic and expressive. Shelves that were once adorned with nude and natural shades now share space with colors like Alien and Rave. Disproving the thought that you cannot wear green lipstick with hot pink eyeshadow, this brand of makeup is not for the modest individual. New palettes and lip shades are released regularly by the line, and each of them are fit for the current season. Encased in packages that are equally as vibrant, Lime Crime demands to be noticed from the start.

To finalize, the amount of followers a business has defines the level of respect people feel towards that particular company. Lime Crime’s fans happen to be called unicorns, and they wear that title proudly on Facebook. Especially with support from major retailers like Doll’s Kill, and even Urban Outfitters stores.

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  1. As the company continues reaching unicorns across the globe, their capabilities expand as well. It is safe to say that Lime Crime will be around for quite some time. It is so easy to complain about the best essays discount but I think it the best right now.

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