Dick DeVos Gives Back

When reading of some of the most influential individuals in the history of the United States, I read about the prominent DeVos family, a family that is not only a prominent political family that plays a large role in politics, but also the prominent business family that currently has a multi-billion dollar family business that continues to thrive into the future. At the head of this family is Richard DeVos who is not only the co-founder of this company, but is also an individual who believes in using his wealth to improve the community that he knows and loves. As the son of this prominent businessman, Dick DeVos has followed in his father’s footsteps and has worked hard to create a name for himself and to preserve the legacy of his family.

Dick DeVos, even at a young age, has been around the industry of business. Dick DeVos and his brother both have fond memories with playing games in the basement of his family home which was the headquarters of this business decades ago during his childhood. Even at a young age and without any formal training, Dick DeVos proved himself to be of great help to the family business. Even as a child, Dick DeVos helped the family out by running errands, stocking the shelves, and even giving product descriptions to the clients of the company.

After formally earning a degree in business administration, Dick DeVos became an official employee for Amway Corporation in 1974. Since 1974, Dick DeVos has dedicated over 40 years to continuously build this company forward into the future. One of his main goals with the company was to spread the company globally and to become involved with more and more countries all over the world. Thanks to the efforts and the leadership of Dick DeVos, this business will continue to thrive well into the future.

Like Richard DeVos, Dick DeVos is a believer in giving back to the community. Though Dick DeVos was recently voted in 2012 as being the 67th richest individual in the world, he believes that wealth should circulate through a community. For this reason, Dick DeVos has been involved with countless foundations to offer opportunities to young adults. As a hard worker himself, Dick DeVos will not give out money. Instead, Dick DeVos gives opportunities to become successful just by showing hard work as well as showing some initiative for learning.

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