Dr. Jennifer Walden Keeps Both Her Professional And Social Life In Balance

Jennifer Walden knew from a very young age what she wanted to start doing with her life. Luckily, she had a lot of support and encouragement from her parents, which came natural as they were both well to do as a dentist and surgical nurse respectively. Jennifer Walden ended up going to the University of Texas for her higher education to earn a degree in Biology. She later went to the University of Texas to achieve her MD. Once she had finally completed the schooling and training required, Jennifer Walden decided to move on to New York to accept a fellowship with the Manhattan Hospital. Jennifer ended up making the transition permanent for 8 years, where she became an associate for Dr. Sherrel Aston.


By this time, Jennifer Walden was a soon to be mother, which is why she ended up moving back to her home state, Texas. It was in 2011 that Jennifer moved back to her hometown in order t be close to her family and raise her children. According to Jennifer, this lifestyle has taught her the difficulty in managing a successful career and family life, and she enjoys the challenge. Jennifer has always faced challenges without giving up since she was a child, which is what enabled her to reach the point she is at today. This move not only helped her be close to family, but it also improved her career, as she is now one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Texas.


There are not that many women in her industry, especially ones that are so successful in the field. This is testament to Jennifer’s ambition and amazing work ethic. She takes a lot of pride in her work and dedicates all of her time to balancing her successful and demanding job as well as her connection to her family.

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