New Zealand is not Tax Haven –Geoffrey Cone

To be listed in the OECD, a nation must not impose or should impose a minimal tax on their citizens, lack transparency, and the government must follow regulations that hinder the exchange of data with other countries. New Zealand does not have the features to be described as a tax harbor. The 2002 OECD Model of Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the gold standard for transparency. The Model Agreement supports the global exchange of data to assist in the management or the implementation of domestic tax law.


New Zealand has been on the forefront in the demonstration of quality leadership when it comes to foreign n trustee. The country has been very transparent in how it handles the foreign trust and thus allowing other governments gain information on the tax trust. Recently Mike Cullen came with new rules that state every New Zealand residence trustee of a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure Form (IR607) as required by the IRD. The information must be kept in New Zealand to help the government for tax purposes and be stored in English.


After his High School Cone attended the University of Otago where he graduated with LLB honors as well as a postgraduate Diploma in tax and trust law. Immediately after his graduation Mr. Geoffrey commenced practicing his professionalism as a tax trust lawyer in Auckland New Zealand. His hard working spirit and his determination did not allow him to stay in the same place he started; instead, he moved to Christchurch where he served as a Partner as well as the Chairman of Partners in a famous law firm.


At the law firm Cone practice commercial litigation law and him also responsible for advising other companies on tax and trust issues. Cone also appeared in court and served as a chief counsel including Privy Council. For two years Geoffrey worked in British West Indies and later he moved back to Auckland where he founded his law firm in 1999, Cone Marshall Limited. Cone Marshall is the only law firm in New Zealand that offers International Tax trust services as well as trustee and trust administration services through its associated companies.


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