Short Hills New Jeresy Native Billy McFarland Has A New Social Scene And It’s Been Called Heaven By Millennials

Millennials have the world by the tail. That tail is not the same tail the Baby Boomers and the Gen-X generations grabbed when they first entered the business world. No. Millennials have developed their own set of rules when it comes to buying merchandise, doing business, and even relaxing. Millennials want the world to be true and real.

They want to hear the facts without distorted associations and influences. They are able to detect phonies and scams before they start, so trying to break into that market has been a real challenge for the major corporations that control the consumer world right now.

Some companies like Amazon have made an impact on Millennials, but the old guards of the consumer market are reaching out, and asking for life lines from some very unusual business people. One of those people is 24-year-old Billy McFarland.

If you haven’t heard Billy’s name before then you don’t have a handle on what’s happening in big cities around the country. McFarland introduced a new social scene. He calls it Magnises, and it is one of the rad new concepts in the world of Millennials.

Magnises is a social club that offers members perks that are usually reserved for the wealthy. For a $250 membership fee, Millennials can book trendy restaurant reservations or great seats at sporting events.

Members that live in New York or visit New York are welcome to hang out at Billy’s West Village townhouse. The townhouse serves as a Mecca for Magnises members. Members enjoy dinners, art shows, and special deals at the townhouse.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland started his first company at the age of thirteen. At 20, he dropped out of Bucknell, and he started Spling, the online ad platform. Spling has been growing rapidly for the last four years. Billy saw a void in the Millennial market so he raised $3 million in venture capital and started Magnises.

If you’re wondering how Billy McFarland came up with the Magnises concept, you’re not alone. Billy built the Magnises concept around a black metal card that resembled the black American Express card. Millennials in three big cities love that concept, and more cities are on the way.

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