Cotemar: Everything to Everyone

Cotemar is a company whose main operations are in the oil and gas sector. As a company that prides itself for quality service delivery, we are certified by the quality assurance authority. Staying ahead in the market requires professionalism in service delivery. Employees have a role to play in ensuring that we stay respected and revered in the industries in which we operate. Hiring competent and qualified employees is a good first step in guaranteeing satisfaction by clients. Cotemar services are summarized thus: engineering, maintenance, accommodation and catering. We also offer maritime support, offshore maintenance, offshore construction and specialized ships services.

Human Resource

Our employees are a priority to us since we appreciate that they are the ones that make the wheels turn. We are keen on helping our employees develop themselves and grow while on the job. It is not enough that they are paid competitively, we want to build them professionally as well. We organize workshops and training for our employees to help them hone their skills. At Cotemar, we believe that motivation is not just about a good salary, but also about good working conditions. When we train our employees, we emphasis safety since it is a core subject in this industry that we operate. Cotemar have a healthy relationship with institutions of higher learning in Mexico and as such we take interns.

Guest House Service

Cotemar offer accommodation along with catering services on our rigs. Catering, laundry, bedding and cleaning services are also offered in all our cabins. Each cabin can accommodate roughly 3 individuals. The recreation area is to die for as it has a modern gym. We also have a television room and a cinema where our guests can treat themselves to the best movies and music. A basketball court is also available. As for our offshore operations, these are supported at Hotel Ciudad del Carmen. Cotemar are equipped to handle close to 4000 people, that is, we can offer both catering and accommodation services without strain.

More Services

We also offer marine time support and offshore maintenance of vessels through our computer linked satellite operated machines. Light weight transportation of personnel and goods is also facilitated. Our offers on specialized vessels include: transportation services and firefighting. Under maintenance we have derricks to aid the repairs and service of vessels. We also offer construction storage areas. Since we are keen to uphold the law, we ensure there is compliance in all areas.


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