How to Plan a Successful Party without Stress

Planning a party is usually associated with a lot of stress. However, if you do it simple and right, you can easily plan a successful event without breaking a sweat. The following tips should help you in planning such a party.




You need to start planning in early advance. Keep a list of all things you need and keep it updated depending on changes such as your guest list dietary needs.


Theme Creation


The theme of a party is dependent on the type of party you are holding ranging from birthday parties to a bridal shower. There are endless possibilities, and you choose the one that suits your budget.


Remember Invitations


Although you can opt to send quick messages through the social media, there is nothing that will set the party tone and anticipation than a mailed card. You can design a card that matches the theme. Whichever the case, make sure you send them early.


Set a Self-Service Bar


Having a self-service bar where guests can mix their concoctions will increase the fun at a party. Make sure there are plenty of brands. You can also create a memory for the party by having a special concoction.


Simple Appetizers


Try to keep the appetizers as simple as possible but available in variety. Doing this will give the guest an opportunity to try different tastes and at the same time have a chance to mingle with each other.


Don’t Forget the Kids


Set a separate table for the young ones. You can use disposable bamboo plates and place cupcakes on the table to create more delight. You can also keep them busy by putting colored pencils that will help them utilize their artistic skills.


Keep the Setting Simple but Modern


The table setting doesn’t have to be complicated to make the party a success. Use the item you have as long as they are decent, you only need to ensure you haven’t left out anything crucial.


Show Appreciation


Show your guess appreciation for attending the party placing a small token on a gift wrapper; it may be candies or homemade chocolate cakes.


Relax to Create Party Atmosphere


Take like one hour before the guests arrive to relax. Wear a party dress and light candles to add the ambiance.


Twenty Three Layers


Twenty Three Layers is an NYC event planning company that incorporates inspiration, knowledge, and creativity. The company helps in planning all types of events whether private, business or social.


They offer event related services including entertainment, floral, design, catering, and photography among others.




Investor Jim Hunt Reveals His Secrets to Success

Jim Hunt is regarded as one of the top experts of stock investing. He has had a very long and successful career investing in the stock market and making very high profits on With his success, he has been able to find out what works and what methods will lead to making the highest possible returns on a consistent basis. Due to achieving a high level of success, Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put together a couple of systems that will be sure to allow any investor to make lots of money investing in the stock market. His two main systems are Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire. As well as being the developer of investment systems, Jim has also been part of VTA Publications. This company specializes in offering home study courses to investors. The Jim Hunt VTA Publications courses teach you how to invest in stocks, trade options and plan your retirement.

When looking to profit from the stock market, Jim Hunt was able to develop a system known as the Wealth Wave. This system consists of investors buying up stocks that are going down in value. The key to this strategy is to get stocks at rock bottom prices and then wait for them to go up in value in the future. Therefore, you will have to hold onto the stocks and once they increase in value, they will allow investors to make huge profits on Using this system has proven to be one of the best ways to make money through stock investing.

For investors looking to find other ways to profit from the stock market on, another system that will benefit them is Make Mum a Millionaire. With this system, investors will be in position to use a small amount of capital and make lots of money over time. The way this system works is having an investor put down about one thousand pounds and then waiting for it to increase in value over time. During this process, the small amount of capital will compound in which it regularly multiplies in value. Using this particular system enables investors to make increase their capital and put themselves in position to reach their long term financial goals.

How Shark Media helps you Improve your Digital Marketing

According to recent research, eighty percent of the people that surf the internet only visit their top three of their search results. If you are a website owner, this means that unless you are on the first page of search engine results, your traffic is greatly compromised. With almost all the businesses going online, getting millions of other businesses in your niche and sharing your keywords is the norm. However, with the help of competent web design and IT experts, it is possible to improve your rank, get more traffic and eventually get leas converted to sales.

When you contact a company like Shark media, the first things they do is look at your website and see how it is doing at the time. This diagnosis is what will help them determine what needs to be changed. They will look at the user interface, all the pages and all other components of the website to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. After this initial check, they will make their recommendations and give you a quotation for the same.

The other wonderful thing about the services provided by Shark Media media is the fact that they are greatly personalized and that their customer support is unmatched by no other team. They take their time and ensure that all the complaints and other issues raised by their customers are addressed in a timely manner. The communications lines are open 24 hours, which means that you can reach them any time you feel that you need their services.

They are the ideal partner for small and medium scale businesses that need to improve their online presence and at the same time improve their service delivery. The company has been in business a while and during this time, they have won quite a number of awards which goes to show the level of customer confidence they have won.

Executive Recruitment Power House, Julie Zuckerberg

What is an Executive Recruiter? Executive recruiters are professionals who fill top level positions with qualified competent individuals within companies. Including positions like doctors, lawyers, or high level management positions. Often they are referred to as headhunters, there are firms dedicated to executive recruitment or an executive recruiter may work with in a particular industry with one or more companies. This is a very small specialized market as there are very few executive leadership positions open with in Fortune 500 companies at any given time. Recruitment for general senior positions, those over 100K starting salaries, has a more lively market with a larger number of positions to fill. Recruiters, to be successful must use technology appropriately, maintain accurate records, grow a network, and understand several industries and how they may overlap.


One such executive recruitment leader is Julie Zuckerberg. Julie began her recruiting career with Hudson as a staffing and recruiting specialist. During this time she placed candidates with in law firms, corporations, and financial institutions. Filling positions like attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and support staff for both temporary and permanent positions. She worked to provide employees information pertaining to benefits, work conditions, and promotion opportunities. She continued this work for five years then moved to financial services with Citi.


During her time at Citi, she served as Vice President and recruiter. She hired for positions with in Citi as well as performed educational classes for Citi employees. She also advised senior leaders on strategies for better recruitment, how to be more competitive in the market, and keeping up with compensation trends. She took the lead on negotiating complex job offers, sourced talent globally and engaged with candidates from other regions. She enhanced the recruitment of Citi by introducing innovative methods such as internet searches, direct sourcing, social media, and the use of employee referrals.


Upon leaving Citi she became a senior recruiter and Vice President for New York Life Insurance Company. This position allowed her to manage the recruitment process outsourcing team which consisted of sources, recruiters, and team managers. She became an expert at analyzing clients needs and providing creative business solutions.


She currently is the executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. Where she collaborates with leaders to drive regional talent acquisition strategy and recruitment process improvements. Previously at Deutsche she partnered with hiring managers and business partners to lead and manage full cycle recruitment, determined appropriate strategies for sourcing, managed contract governance and business relationships with external firms for timely sourcing and establishing high quality hiring pools. Her business skills are not limited to recruiting, she also excels at leadership, interviewing skills, strategy, conflict resolution, coaching, and applicant tracking systems.


Julie attended the City University of New York Brooklyn College where she studied philosophy followed by the New York Law School where she studied law.


Julie Zuckerberg, enjoys running, increasing her technological knowledge, art and photography in her spare time. Additionally she holds animal welfare, human rights, civil rights, economic empowerment, and science close to her heart.


Thor Halvorssen Spreading Humanity Through Film

Thor Halvorssen is a hugely successful human rights activist. His work has been created to highlight the problems of populism and dictatorships. His work apart from being a businessman with many credentials has spread to define his success and dictate his way towards future endeavor. Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights foundation that is filled with intellectuals, Nobel Peace Prize winners and more.

Early Education

A graduate of the University of California, Thor Halvorssen would establish his views and philosophies from the teachings he would receive. Thus allowing Halvorssen to spearhead his work with companies to create policies that would influence global ethics. One such company was Lucent Technologies. Lucent took over the task of leading a campaign against slave labor, which was a huge problem in China. Through his position there, Halvorssen could shift the global agenda to be more favorable to abolishing poor working conditions.

Future In Film Making

The work that Thor Halvorssen would do at the Oslo Freedom Forum set the way for him to become a successful filmmaker. His activist views would be tooled an geared towards making progressive films such as Freedom’s Fury and Indoctrine U. Thor Halvorssen creates films meant to spur on thought and movement in regard to sensitive issues. With famous producers such as Quentin Tarantino supporting his films, he has established himself as one of the foremost leading human rights film makers.

Future Success

Through films such as Sugar Babies Thor Halvorssen has continued to be highly successful in his continued work pushing human rights issues through film. Sugar Babies was produced to demonstrate the devastating impact that human trafficking has on society. His work has continued to set the trend as to using the medium of film to set a precedence and create a dialogue in regard to important issues. This work has continued through his donations and charitable work making Thor Halvorssen one of the most interesting and dedicated humanitarians in modern society. His films and work with the Oslo Freedom Forum make him a shining example of what the successful can do to give back to the world.

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Wengie On Lazy Hacks To Lose Weight

Wengie is at it again! Wengie is a YouTube sensation that has many fantastic video blogs that offer life hacks and DIY ideas. In this video blog she discusses several hacks that will help you lose weight. Just about everyone is wanting to lose weight these days, so this will absolutely get you motivated!


Wengie begins talking about how important water is to losing weight. 2 cups of cold water on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism by 30%! Drinking water before each meal fills up your stomach so you don’t overeat. Even if you just do this and nothing else over a 12 week period, you can lose 4 pounds.


Eating from a smaller plate or bowl can make a huge difference. By doing this, it tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more. Also if you eat slower and chew your food well, this keeps you from eating more and feeling bloated later. If you like spicy foods this is for you! Eating spicy foods increases your metabolism! Another way to boost your metabolism is to eat smaller and more often. How great is that! Eating 6 small meals will bring that metabolism right up.


Wengie talks about how some people will exercise all week and not get much out of it. She explains that a 15 minute high intensity work out will do more good than 30 minutes of slow exercise. She also likes to wear her gym clothes around the house. This seems to make her move more and give her motivation to go to the gym. She recommends finding a hobby that makes you move like dancing. This way you’re exercising and not really noticing it because you’re having fun!


If you like to have something warm to drink at night, Wengie has the perfect suggestion. Drinking green tea at night before going to bed, helps burn calories while you sleep. Also, if you eat a teaspoon of peanut butter before you go to bed it will do the same thing.


Wengie also recommends eating the healthy part of your meal first. This way you fill up on the good things first and eat less of the not so good.


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