Arthur Becker Finds Investment Success by Constant Preparation

You can talk for a long time about the real estate industry in New York but you won’t be able to avoid discussing Arthur Becker at some point. Arthur Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC as well as the Chairman and CEO of the tech company Zinio. Becker’s focus for years has been on developing a solid base as an investor in the tech business but now he is starting to really stretch his wings and expand his horizon. Along the way Becker has graciously taken time out of his day in order to discuss the best ways to get into the business and how he has personally succeeded in being an investor and entrepreneur.

If you intend to learn anything it would probably be wise to start way back at the beginning. Arthur Becker says that his primary advice to a growing entrepreneur is, “Use your previous experience and go with it.” Becker knows that this isn’t always easy advice to follow, especially if you are just entering the work force, but it can definitely be counted upon for many people. Becker goes on to say, “I was lucky to have so much prior experience in the investment field that marketing strategies weren’t very necessary.” Arthur Becker was a known commodity when he went from Zinio to Madison Partners and that paid huge dividends immediately.

Outside of using your prior experience the next best thing you can be is prepared. Becker says that, “I knew what I had to do and which businesses and houses I needed to invest in.” He goes on to explain, “It’s easy to doubt yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.” In this way, Becker has offset the concept of self-doubt by being meticulously prepared for as many different situations that may arise. He truly counts on knowing the ins and outs of a business before he submits his work.

In a report by Curbed, Madison Partners is focused right now on a pair of investments but it seems like they are destined for so much more. As Becker continues to establish himself, and his brand, look for Madison Partners to gain more and more renown.

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