Adam Milstein: Sharing Wealth for a Better World

One of the unfortunate byproducts of the divided political atmosphere in the United States is a tendency to distrust the wealthy. People struggling with life at lower economic levels believe the rich are selfish, greedy, and focused only on self-interests; however, some of the wealthiest individuals in the world provide evidence to the contrary every day.

On Aprils 5, 2017, Business Wire published an article about Adam Milstein and his philanthropic generosity. The story highlights the entry of Milstein into the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200. The list represents the who’s who of influence in the world of philanthropy.

Several other recognizable names join Milstein on the top 200, names like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, the Clintons, and the Obamas. The list is filled out with many generous individuals from the worlds of business, entertainment, and politics.

These people contribute to causes they care about all over the globe. Usually, the wealthy contribute via foundations they’ve created to make charitable donations. For example, Mr. Milstein is a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council where he also serves as Chairman. The Milstein Family Foundation is active in many ways throughout the Jewish community working to affect positive change that keeps the Jewish state safe and secure, now, and for future generations.

AdamMilstien, his wife Gila, and their two daughters came to the United States from Israel in 1981 where he immediately began attending the University of Southern California. Milstein earned his MBA a couple of years later and began a career in real estate.

His most notable achievements are in the field of commercial real estate as managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties, a company whose portfolio totals over $2 billion. The Milstein family has expressed on many occasions that the work they are most proud of is supporting young people and teaching them about their Jewish history and helping them build a tight bond with Israel.

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