John Goullet Offering Business Technological Solutions to Businesses through Diversant

John Goullet is an IT entrepreneur keen to provide businesses with solutions and staff who meet industry requirements. He started his career as an IT consultant before establishing Info Technologies in 1994. As the Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies, John took an in-depth search on the corporate environment to establish varying business needs and matching them with solutions and staff. His services focusing on serving Fortune 500 companies across the United States. In five years, he managed to grow Info Technologies to a worth of over $30 million and later merged with Diversant in 2010.

Goullet works as the principle of the Diversant LLC. The company offers local and international industry players with varying IT solutions tailored for individual business. The solutions are tailored through an interactive platform with the client that establishes the individual needs on which solutions are crafted. Through this model, clients are treated as business partners ensuring all needs are addressed. Using expertise and experience, the company sources for qualified IT staff who match the clients’ requirements taking into consideration talent and skills. The company operates with a team of talented IT professionals who develop customized software in accordance to individual client needs.

John Goullet offers young professionals an opportunity to land the perfect jobs. He creates policies and standards that guide the new staff to gain skills required by employers. Having been an industry player with over two decades of experience, he matches the employee’s talents with appropriate companies giving them the right environment to practice and grow in the industry. He further mentors and provides candidates with information on skill required to attract employers. Diversant uses the STAR program for the purpose of vetting and identifying credible IT candidates to take-up responsibilities in client’s businesses.

Goullet works with different companies to solve technological needs. Working closely with IT departments in the companies, he undertakes regular evaluations of the hardware and software needs of client companies and advice on required upgrades to meet individual business requirements. This is alongside offering customized solutions and talented staff for the purpose. Keeping track with modern technology maintains John Goullet and Diversant as a leading technological solutions provider.

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