Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Bring Change To Border Issues

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was founded in 2007 but Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Jim and Michael are lifelong journalists and protectors of their first amendment right. They were arrested by the Maricopa Country Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, after they released some information about him. The two men were taken from their homes and detained unfairly.

They decided to sue the county and after nine circuits in the United States Court of Appeals, they won a settlement of over $3 million. Jim and Michael decided that they wanted to help other people who’s rights had also been violated.

That is why they decided to create the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund and dedicate the money they earned in the court settlement to helping human, civil, and migrant rights groups in the Arizona area. Since they are based in Phoenix, Michael and Jim are particularly involved in immigration rights along the United States and Mexico border.

They are working to bring light to the border killings that are becoming increasingly common. Michael and Jim are also co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

One of the groups that is funded by the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is the Colibri Center for Human Rights. They were actually one of the first organizations to receive the support of the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. Larkin and Larcey are based in Tucson, Arizona and are a family advocacy program that is also nonprofit.

They are mainly focused on the United States and Mexico border. They come at the issue from a human rights perspective, because the natural rights of these immigrants are being violated every day. They have three main programs that they run through their system.

One of the main things that they focus on is to build a bridge between the gap between the families of missing people and the medical examiners that work on the bodies. The Colibri group meets with families who are missing someone and help them create detailed missing persons reports. These reports go into the details that are usually not recorded.

Some examples of the information they gather are defining tattoos, belt buckles, and watches. They then provide the medical examiners with this information. This has proven successful and led to an increase in the number of bodies that are identified. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

The Colibri group is also beginning a revolutionary new DNA program. Since many of the dead migrants are found in harsh desert conditions, they often cannot be identified using the regular methods like photo identification and fingerprint matching. As a result, Colibri is gathering DNA samples from the families of missing people.

They deliver these samples to a genetics lab which then compares that DNA to the DNA that was gathered from the bodies. This will allow them to identify a much larger number of bodies. This will provide relief to the families who are left wondering what happened to their loved one. In addition, the Colibri group also provides services for the families and gives them the opportunity to connect and grief together.

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Michael and Lacey Approaching Journalism in an Outstanding Approach

Michael Lacey and Jim are well-known journalists, who established the Frontera Fund, a group which supports civil, human and migrant rights. Michael and Jim were sued by Sherriff Joe Arpaio after they published a case about the Sherriff that was still in proceedings. The journalists were arraigned in court in October 2007, and they were proved innocence. Then, they were given a court settlement of $ 3.75 million. They used the money to found the Frontera Fund to protect the rights of the people of Arizona and beyond.


The two journalists have been working together productively for years, and in 2015, they established the Front Page Confidential, a journalistic website which mainly concentrates on covering issues about the First Amendment. Michael and Jim publish Front Page Confidential and it covers most important news and historical aspects of free speech and encourages people on how to speak freely. The journalistic paper has been appreciated by many people especially those who have been denied the freedom of speech which was the first amendment. Many people have learned to speak their minds by reading Front Page Confidential articles. Moreover, many topics have not been given enough media play to have people get to know about it and have opinions, and they are always published on Front Page Confidential to air them out.


Michael and Lacey were also popular for being the founders of Village Voice Media (VVM) which they sold in 2012 but retained its online listing. However, there have been controversies claiming that is an online listing which promotes sex trafficking. The two newspapermen were arrested while investigations of other operators of the online listing were in the process. Senator John Mccain and his wife Cindy Mccain were happy that was being seized, with Cindy claiming she had warned them. John Mccain took it on Twitter to express his happy feelings, and he thinks that seizing was an essential step in the fight against human trafficking.


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