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Saving the Lake Sturgeon

Lake sturgeon are among the most interesting lake creatures. This unique breed of fish has existed in America’s lakes for millions of years, but it is now under serious threat of extinction due to water pollution and uncontrolled fishing. Sturgeon can outlive human beings, with mature ones having an approximate length of 7 meters and a weight of over 80 pounds. America and the world at large cannot afford to lose such wonderful creatures through extinction. As such, scientists must burn their midnight oil in order to come up with ways through which lake sturgeon’s population can be increased. David Sommerstein, a reporter with NPR News, reported that biologists are experimenting on turkey feathers and Fuller’s Earth as a way of accelerating sturgeon breeding. Fuller’s Earth is a special kind of clay. The biologists squeeze eggs out of a female sturgeon’s belly and sperms from a male sturgeon. The sperms and eggs are mixed in a test tube, and then Fuller’s Earth is added into the mix. The purpose of the turkey feather is to stir up the mixture. The eggs are then taken to a hatchery.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Great Lakes restoration is under threat of crumbling down if President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget plan goes through. Going by the plan, the funding that has been channeled to the restoration program will be scrapped. This may not auger well with the citizens who depend on the five great lakes for drinking water. The gradual pollution of Lake Superior by the steel making industries in Minnesota, for example, has led to the accumulation of extra thick contaminated sentiments under the water. This, among other cases of pollution, has necessitated the funding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Scrapping the fund will, therefore, bring a lot of heated discussions in and out of the Congress.

Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a director at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Mirna Therapeutics. A renowned scientist, Clay is the founder and current CEO of Seattle Genetics. He founded the firm after graduating with a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University. For the last 19 years, Clay has led Seattle Genetics in doing research and developing anti-cancer drugs. He has also had many drugs approved by the FDA.


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