Cancer Treatment Centers of America Innovative and Integrative

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, was founded in 1988 and has five locations across the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America at its website, says that it offers a patient-centered approach to cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Tulsa and metropolitan Atlanta. Cancer Treatment Centers of America since its inception has integrated state-of-the-art treatment regimens with supportive evidence-based protocols such as physical therapy, nutrition and natural-therapy.

Treatment is offered to patients who register at one of the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America centers. A team of experts that include nurses, oncologists, appointment managers and physical therapists are involved in aiding the complexities of cancer treatment; patient care may include appointment management, nutrition counseling, selecting treatment options and planning overall comprehensive care.

In February 2017, Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with Nanhealth and Allscripts launched an oncology treatment platform called Clinical Pathways. The system interface is called NANTOS, whose design and scope had input from numerous oncologists across the US. The platform in essence is a storehouse of evolving cancer care data. Moreover, treatment options are compatible with Cancer Treatment Centers of America treatment standards and are viewed as safe and efficient.

Treatment options in NANTOS include the following:
– Treatment regimen is customized to patient’s need.
– Comparable treatment options are listed as well as their estimated cost.
– Treatment regimens include supportive therapies.
– Treatment options list side effects of treatment and supportive therapies.
Cancer Treatment Centers of Americautilizes a patient-centered approach; two patients with the same diagnosed cancer may likely have distinct responses. The team approach to addressing the complexity of cancer is seen as a halmark, and NANTOS is seen as a means to further ensure Cancer Treatment Centers of America offering high-quality treatment.

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