Beneful Grain-Free Makes for Happy Dogs

A wagging tail, goofy grin, and you know your dog is happy. Even better when it is thoroughly enjoying the food that you have chosen for it. If your dog could tell you exactly what it thought of the food, what would it say? It might point out which of the wonderful flavors are its favorite or that it is happy to have more meat. Beneful Grain-Free dog food commercials let you hear what your dog might be saying, right from the mouths of other dogs. Giving a voice to our furry friends, Beneful lets dogs tell their thoughts on the delicious food that they have been given.

One dog is shown happily enjoying his food from his deck at home. Talking about chicken and pumpkin, he is quite happy. His owner is happy that it is grain-free, but the dog jut cares about the flavors. Another dog is enjoying hiking with her person. Her food is given to her and she happily eats it, glad that its mostly her favorite ingredients instead of grain.

And a final dog is enjoying spending time in the garden. She admits to having no idea what is in the dog food since she can’t read, but she is certain it must say yummy ingredients because she thinks it tastes awesome. Each dog is happy, and very happy with their humans. Beneful commercial may make your dog this happy too. And these commercials may give you an idea of the wonderful things that your dog might tell you about their food and about you.

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