The Success of Eric Pulier as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Introduction to Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. At such a young age, Pulier has made an impact in the American economy. Pulier is brilliant technologist, a generous philanthropist, a communist, published author and a columnist

Early Life

Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey. His early education sharpened his natural intelligence. Pulier started studying computer programming and its internal operations during his primary education. In the fourth-grade, he developed a complete and operational computer. Eric completed his high school education in 1984. At this age, Pulier had already started a small computer database management firm.

Eric Pulier applied and joined Harvard University after graduating from high school. He surprised many people when he decided to pursue a degree in English and American Literature. However, the course equipped him the necessary knowledge to tackle various challenges in entrepreneurial career. Eric Pulier became a columnist at The Harvard Crimson, the University`s daily newspaper. His educative and sensational articles are still available in his Harvard writer profile. He covered a broad range of topics in his articles, ranging from educational stigma to terrorism.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Eric Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988. After three years, Eric relocated to Los Angeles to start his businesses. He started People Doing Things, his first company, in 1991. Later, Eric started several firms. One of his most recognizable and revolutionary ventures was XPrize. The project was a prized competition for individuals who were willing to advance their business dreams. Eric Pulier founded other organizations such as Akana, Desktone, MediaPlaform and Media Interactive to learn more  a bout us: click here.

Philanthropic Participation

Painted Turtle, a camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses, is one of his most established philanthropy efforts. Eric Pulier is the organization`s VP, who deals with cloud operations. He has dedicated his money and time to help these children. Pulier has worked with Starbright to build a secure and specialized social media platform, for children suffering from chronic illnesses. In 1900, Eric Pulier worked with President Bill Clinton, in the cloud computing project, to establish low-cost solutions for needy communities in the U.S.

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