Highland Capital Management- Alternative investment options through Highland Alternative Investors

Highland Capital Management L.P. is an investment management firm based in Dallas, Texas. It provides alternative investment options for its clients. Through its Highland Alternative Investors platform, they manage liquid and non-traditional alternative funds. For the last three years, Highland Capital has established key funds which have enabled it to increase alternative AUM as well as creating a robust retail distribution channel. The Highland Alternative Investors platform is headed by Michael Gregory. He is the head and chief investment officer. For over 10 years Highland Capital has been offering liquid investment options to their clients. Highland Capital as its co-founder Mark Okada explains is aimed at providing customized solutions to its investors.

Michael Gregory has been tasked with another role of being the managing director and leader of Healthcare Credit and Equity at the Highland Capital Management, L.P. at the same time he retains his position as the portfolio manager of the Long/Short Healthcare fund (HHCAX). Another co-founder of the firm asserts that Michael Gregory will steer the firm into better and repeatable performance. He continues to say that consolidating their liquid alternative strategies under one platform will allow them to create and develop products that are well thought out such that they are released at the right time and they meet the needs of their clients.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, the firm has maintained their presence in the market by being a leader in providing alternative investment strategies. Highland Capital remains dedicated and committed to strengthening their organizational enhancements such that they are able to add more expertise to their investment platform. Highland Alternative Investors platform will enable them to expand their success by being able to meet their clients’ needs and demands.

About Highland Capital Management

It is registered with SEC as an investment adviser firm. Highland Capital has over $20 billion assets under their management. Highland Capital was established in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero. The firm is one of the most experienced firms in the industry and has spearheaded the establishment of alternative investment solutions for a long time. Highland Capital has a client base that includes wealthy individuals, corporations, governments, foundations and pension plans.

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