How Dr. Villanueva is Revolutionizing Dentistry Care at MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Villanueva is recognized in the dental field as one of the top innovators and leaders in the United States. He is the Chief Executive Officer, Dental Director and Practice Owner of globally known MB2 Dental practice. Although he now spends much of his time directing the Practice, mentoring other dentists and teaching or lecturing, he still makes time to work actively with patients in his office.

MB2 Dental is unique as it is one of just a handful of Dental Support Organizations owned by the dentists themselves. Of those dentist owned practices, MB2 Dental is one of the largest and most successful. It is not uncommon for people seeking dental work to travel from across the U.S. to see the expert trained dentists at MB2.

Dr. Villanueva has been a key asset in making MB2 what it is today. It was founded with the belief that dentists should work together as a team, rather than seeing themselves as working for a certain dental institute. This is the over arching mission of MB2 and it provides the guiding path that is revolutionizing the way dentists work together on behalf of their patients.

Dr. Villanueva recognized early on in his dental career that practicioners were often being given assistance after they graduated from school, yet that assistance came with hefty strings attached. These strings often led to a high rate of turn over in the dental community.

MB2 Dental also prides itself on having an incredible leadership program that builds great leaders in the practice and within the community as a whole. Their goal is to have a young, energetic company culture that gives the best to their patients and makes a trip to the dentist’s office as enjoyable as possible. This company culture is a direct result of Dr. Villanueva’s leadership style for the entire practice and he works dilligently with other team members to keep that company culture alive and thriving.

Since it’s founding MB2 Dental has grown rapidly. To date, over 500 employees work at MB2’s over 70 locations in six states that span across America. It is expected to continue to scale rapidly over the next several years.

Dr. Villanueva grew up living globally in Asia and South America, but was originally born in Ohio. He earned his bachelors degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida and eached his doctorate in dental from the world acclaimed Nova Southeastern University.

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