Free Screenings for Prostrate Cancer to Be Provided By Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Many men are suffering from prostate cancer. In fact, it is the most common form of cancer found in men. Fortunately, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, together with The National Football League Alumni Association and Labcorp, are teaming up to provide prostate cancer screenings. Over two thousand men who are over forty years of age and meet certain requirements can sign up for these free screenings. However, it is not limited to two thousand people. The rest will still be able to get screenings for almost free, at the extremely low rate of just twenty five dollars.

The American Cancer Society says that there will be more than one hundred and sixty thousand new cases of prostate cancer in the United States next year. It is highly recommended that people who have a risk for prostate cancer sign up for a screening. People over forty years of age have a higher risk, and people who are of African American descent are seventy percent more likely to develop prostate cancer than others.

There will also be a national Prostate Pet Talk campaign. Various famous former National Football League coaches will be giving public service announcements and raising awareness about the risks of prostate cancer. There will also be a press conference about it.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals that serve people who are suffering from cancer throughout the United States. They have a unique approach to cancer treatment. They use all the traditional methods, such as surgery and chemotherapy, to treat cancer, but at the same time, they use various innovative methods to ease pain and suffering, such as nausea and depression.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded by Richard Stephenson. He did so after his own mother lost the fight to cancer. He decided to open up a network that would provide more options for cancer victims.

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