MB2 Dental Solutions Connecting Dentists

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions. The doctor is an active dentist with experiences in both corporate dentistry and sole practice. He was inspired to establish the medical facility because of the challenges dentists face on both sides of the dentistry business. The idea of forming MB2 Dental Solutions developed after Dr. Chris graduation. He, therefore, created a business model that combines private practice and large group practice. MB2 provides clinical autonomy and less bureaucracy like private practices and economies of scale, state of the art technology and shared practices that are available in an extensive group practice. The dental solution is set to provide assistance to its members and maintain the integrity of the profession.

MB2 is currently operating in six states with over 70 affiliated locations. The firm has employed 533 employees headed by a team of professionals. Unlike the dental practice management networks that offer traditional dental practices that focus on creating profits, MB2 Dental is unique. Its uniqueness is based on the point that it concentrates less on making profits and more on ensuring proper dental care is provided.

The independent private firm focuses on maintaining autonomy, personal growth, support and having fun in the profession. MB2 assists in improving the dental care that benefits the patients. MB2DeNTAL Solutions is beneficial to both patients and dentists. One of the advantages it offers to dentists is the provision of a suitable working environment. Through communication and networking, dentists can assist each other in practice. Since work with play makes Jack a dull boy, MB2 takes its members to retreats twice in a year. The retreat provides and a platform where the dentists come together to share experiences, learn from each other and have fun all at the same time.

MB2 also provides guidance and personalized systems and knowledge that are non-clinical. This equips private practitioners with the technical know-how of managing and their businesses and at the same time provide high-quality dental care.

The medical facility is headed and managed by a team of young, energetic professionals. Dr. Chris Villanueva is not only the Chief Executive Officer of the firm but also its founder. He has served in practice on different levels. Dr. Chris served as an associate dentist, associate dental trainer and an advocate of the doctors’ practice model. The Chief Operating Officer of MB2 is Justin Carol while Justin Puckett is its president.

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