The Career of Investment Firm Founder James Dondero

James Dondero has been heavily involved in the finance industry as both an employee and an entrepreneur for many years. During his career, James has worked for investment firms as a traditional employee and later an entrepreneur. During his working career as an employee, he would specialize in managing credit based securities along with managing assets for top companies. After working as an employee for a number of years, James would co found his own investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. The firm serves as one that provides a wide range of financial services for both individuals and institutional investors. Along with being an entrepreneur in finance, James is a philanthropist as he regularly participates in numerous charitable activities to improve his community.

The career of James Dondero began when he first worked at an investment firm as a credit analyst. This position gave him the foundation necessary to succeed in the field as well as become an entrepreneur. While holding the position of credit analyst, James would spend his time evaluating financial securities that were backed by credit and debt. He would become very successful at this position and eventually take advantage of other opportunities later in his career. As an employee for an investment firm, James Dondero’s career would culminate when he attained the position of chief investment officer. This position entailed managing the assets for major companies. While at this position, James would gain valuable experience overseeing large sums of money. This experience would then convince James to start his own business which would be a full scale investment firm.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, James co founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada. Together, they established a reputable life insurance company. This company would quickly develop into a successful provider of life insurance policies and investment plans. While the company was very successful as a life insurance provider, James looked to make the company more diverse. He began offering a wider range of financial services for clients to take advantage of. The firm would begin offering products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. It would also provide services such as wealth and asset management for investors such as individuals and corporations.

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