Rocketship Education Committed to providing the Best Education to unprivileged community

Preston Smith is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of Rocketship which was established in 2007 in San Jose Califonia. The school has received a lot of attention nationally not only for its blended and personalized learning style but also for parental involvement in their programs. Rocketship runs 13 schools. In every campus, parents join interviews and sometimes some families undergo training to do panel interviews. Some other times, school plans for a community meeting in so that parents can meet job qualifiers. The parent takes their job with a lot of seriousness, and they examine every candidate closely.

Recently, Rocketship Education confirmed to have purchased about 25,000 square foot at 1700 Cavallo Road. They intend to build two school buildings for grades K to 5. In January, a nonprofit group based in Redwood City purchased a property worth $1.5 million. It controls 16 schools in Washington D.C. and three other states. Rocketship focuses on helping children from unfortunate neighborhoods who attend poor performing schools. Elise Hill, the marketing and communication manager, insists that even the kids from a bad neighborhood deserve a good school. She also highlighted that the economically depressed parts of the country produce less property thus less tax income and in turn, it affects the financing of education in that area.

In Rocketship, the support staff, the teachers, and the leaders are devoted to sharing gratitude. There are five core values in Rocketship school that are shared across all their networks. Four of them are persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect. These shared values are recited every day, and they live by them in school and the community and also it is in their Rocketeer creed.

Teachers and parents choose the fifth essential value in every school. This is the value that illustrates best the unique vision and character of the school which ranges from bravery to service to curiosity. Their central values fit their mission that is to prepare the students to succeed in school and outside by equipping them with suitable character skills. Since many students come from high poverty communities, the school creates a predictable, positive and consistent school experience which helps the student to develop emotional and social skills required to succeed in a classroom and life after school.

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