George Soros is at War with Trump

George Soros is the reason why democracy is spreading around the globe. That may come as a shock to hear. After all, is it not America that spreading the Democratic ideals throughout the world? Are we not the ones who have fought communism and put our men in uniform at risk in order to ensure that democracy never dies? Yes, it is true that the United States of America’s government has fought against communism and promotes democracy. However, you do not change someone’s ideals with guns, to change them with better thoughts.

George Soros began the Open Society Foundations with the purpose of empowering fledgling democracies around the world. This is done through financial backing, training, and political campaigns. The Open Society Foundations will also go further to ensure that the elected leadership will stay true to the people who elected them.

Over the past few decades, the Open Society Foundations has given over $400 billion to these other countries in order to grow their democracies. George Soros so firmly believes in this cause that in the year 2017 he gave $18 billion of his own money to this mission. Over the past few decades, he has given over $32 billion to democracies on the southern half of the cotton of Africa. However, George Soros does not only look to help countries around the globe. He is also looking to help the United States of America.

In the year 2016, the United States of America elected the most racist and fascist president any of us have seen in our lifetimes. This big it has gone out of his way in order to promote the worst of conservative policy and thus has negatively impacted this country and the world. This bigoted president is none other than Donald Trump, the typical conservative right-wing fanatic.

Donald Trump began his presidency by dealing with a women’s march the day after his inauguration. This protest saw women donning on pink hats and marching in the cities, not only here in the United States of America, but also around the world. What is not as widely known is that this protest was organized, funded, and promoted by the Open Society Foundations. They were able to use their global influence to gain the entire world’s attention to show that Donald Trump does not believe that women are equal.

George Soros has also used the Open Society Foundations to stop many of the policy changes that Donald Trump has tried to pass. Soros has paid for many super PACs that have fought Trump’s immigration reform. Many people wonder why Donald Trump was not able to get Congress to build a wall to stop Mexican immigration. The real reason is that George Soros has used his army of lobbyists in the super PACs to stop this change. George Soros has also decided to stop Trump by fact-checking the various lies the president tells and reporting them to the media to get the truth out and more

James Dondero Creates Change in the Boardroom and Among Charity Causes

Dallas businessman, James Dondero has built a reputation for himself as a man that is capable of creating change and building success in business and in the community around him. Dondero has been singled out in the past for his exemplary service to several different charities and philanthropic organizations. In addition, he has been noted for creating a business that is rated as one of the top businesses for employees in recent years. Follow James on Linkedin.

Dondero founded a capital management company in Dallas, a company that has seen plenty of growth and established itself. As the reputation of his business, Highland Capital Management has grown, so has the number of employees and the accounts that they manage. With as much growth as the company has seen, James Dondero has taken the lead to create change and introduce new avenues for revenue in ways that will best benefit the clients Highland Management has.


Dondero creates the same change in the community that he calls home through charitable donations and generational philanthropic work. Through partnerships and careful planning Dondero has made sure his contributions can create the largest amount of impact to the individuals that the charities serve. Not only does Dondero contribute to charities himself, but he works with charities to help them maximize their philanthropic programs and attract more charitable giving. These organizations are focused on education, increasing opportunities to families and children, and improving the lives of under served individuals in the communities around the Dallas area. The impact felt by those served is meant to be long lasting for both the community and individuals. Read this article at

4 Things You Need To Know About Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency is one of the most notable recruitment companies located in Texas. The modeling agency Wilhelmina Austin acquired the Texas-based company Heyman Talent-South. According to Market wired, this merge came with the rebranding of the two companies into one–the Brown Modeling Agency. If you are a company looking for talent, an interested talent wanting to apply, a media journalist, or somebody who might be curious about this recruitment agency, read on to find out more.

  1. Brown Modeling Agency has been around since 2010

The Brown Agency was founded in 2010 as Wilhelmina Austin, and has gained tremendous growth ever since. This allowed them to acquire Hayman Talent-South, which allowed for them to find an avenue to change their name and image, which is named after their current CEO, Justin Brown. Justin Brown believed that this move was aligned with their goals for the agency to find excellent talents for their clients.

  1. The Brown Modeling Agency has served big brands and high profile clients over the years

The company’s reputation has gained them recognition in recruiting qualified models for shows, digital and print ads for several known brands. These include Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota and Loreal, among thousands of other companies. Their models have also been featured in different high-profile fashion week events such as Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and many other shows that fashion enthusiasts and personalities in the industry participate in.

  1. You can easily book talents through their website

The Brown Modeling offers easy booking through their website. Their website features the model’s photo, available profile information and where the models were previously featured. If you’re a startup or a big company who is trying to look for models that fit your brand, you can look into their roster and easily inquire in their website for details. The Brown Modeling Agency presents you with a wide range of talent depending on your preferences through their official website.

  1. Their office is open to submit representation

If you are an aspiring model, you can submit your profile through their website. They accept both professional and amateur models, and do not require expert photography samples. They want a diverse profile of talents and models as they cater to several companies and brands that also represent a whole lot of different values and ideas. Models looking for an agency can also go to their Austin Office at 100 Congress Ave. #2000 every Thursday at 3-4pm.

The Brown Modeling Agency has indeed rebuilt itself and opened doors of opportunities for both aspiring models and companies to succeed. They are continuously bridging the gap between talents and building an effective brand strategy for their clients.

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Aloha Construction is a Family Owned Locally Operated Leader in the Construction Industry

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated construction business that prides itself on offering the best service and products that an Illinois based construction company can offer. CEO Dave Farbaky is a family man who lives in Lake Zurich Illinois, right in the heart of the region of Southern Wisconson and Illinois that this construction company serves.

Many homeowners are under the mistaken assumption that once the home is built, the construction company’s job is done. The truth is that there are many repairs and upgrades that will need to be made over the lifetime of your home and that a good company like Aloha will be there to help you with all the construction work you need, long after the last nail is hammered in and you move into your new home.


Roofing is one of the biggest repairs a homeowner will encounter over the life of their home. Over time, wind, water, snow and the rest of the natural environment cause roofs and roof tiles to become worn and weathered. Replacing worn and damaged roof tiles is a dirty, difficult, and dangerous job which is why it is essential to make sure that you hire a trusted construction expert to do the job right, the first time.


This is another part of your home that takes a great deal of daily wear and tear. Over time your gutters could become warped, causing them to become clogged and jammed. When this happens it is time to call a construction expert to have them repaired or replaced.


Whether you want to replace your siding because of fading or wear or you are looking for an upgrade, the experts at Aloha have the time, skills, and tools to make sure that your siding is done right.

Making your home repairs and upgrades into a DIY project but it’s also a way to end up with a sloppy half-finished project or run the risk of someone falling off your roof and getting hurt. Hiring a company like Aloha ensures that qualified, bonded and insured professionals get the job done right the first time.


Jay-Z Gets More Accomplished at Roc Nation with Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the powerhouse personality that is working behind the scenes to reset Roc Nation. She is helping people that are on the roster get great contracts, and her work is greatly appreciated by Jay-Z. Desiree Perez has been doing this for a long time, and she knows about different avenues of business because she has worked in different areas.Desiree Perez has her own nightclub, and she has also been a part of the business structure for Roc Nation Sports as well.

Desiree Perez has been putting forth a lot of effort to build a solid company with Roc Nation Sports. She wants this to be a company that stands out from the other entertainment outlets.The second best company for artists that are in entertainment. She aims for Roc Nation to be the best, and she is finding very good ways to build up this company. One of the best ways is by making sure that the artists that are on this label have the best possible contract negotiations. She has been working hard to make sure that happens.

A lot of people have been looking at her involvement with Roc Nation, and many people are amazed that she is so proficient when it comes to contract negotiation.For someone that has never made an album of her own she is great for getting music artists that are in the recording business good contracts.Desiree Perez has helped Rihanna when it comes to contracts, and there are a plethora of other artists that are on the rise that are also being helped by Desiree Perez. She knows her stuff, and artist that are trying to ink deals that are going to be lucrative should definitely take heed to her advice. Perez is a great resource for Jay-Z.

The Talented Investor and Speaker-Sahm Adrangi

The Yale University graduate, Mr. SahmAdrangi, is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has an undergraduate arts degree in Economics from Yale University. The knowledge and skills he acquired in school prepared him, and for the task, he would undertake in his later life as a leader and investor.

Sahm Adrangi made massive contributions to the Kerrisdale Capital Management, in various capacities. During his tenure, he contributes close to $100 billion funds that were channeled to the firm’s projects. As at the time, the amount was much higher than any amount ever contributed by the investors of the company.

Part of the money would be used by Adrangi together with Shane Wilson – an analyst at the Kerrisdale Capital Management to conduct a thesis which they had planned to present. The argument contained various issues among them the troubled energy firms and the residential mortgaged securities. They had prepared videos, a website and some presentations which they will use to convey their insights to the people adequately.

Apart from that, someone who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity revealed to reporters that the Kerrisdale Capital Management was planning to launch an unnamed company in Mid-May. The information was not yet public, but the plans were underway for the New York firm to invest in the yet to be named company.

In an email leaked to Reuters,Adrangi is quoted as saying the company had raised a significant amount of capital; within a short duration of time. As a result, they had struck a chord within the alternative community. Additionally, it is noted that the firm increased its worthiness to close to $10 billion and they had gotten many people to understand the underlying insights they had with them concerning the company. It was such a significant milestone for the company and Adrangi as an individual for the contributions.

Adrangi started off his career life at the Deutsche Bank where he served in various capacities as a credit-performing and a leverage loan debt financings. He then worked at the Chanin Capital Partners as a member of the advising committee in situations such as bankruptcy and restructuring. Before making investments in the banking industry, Mr. Sahm spent many decades at Longacre Management, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

Neurocore Reveals Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a serious matter. Many adults in America are suffering from depression. There are different kinds of depression symptoms. For example, the person may suffer from persistent feelings of sadness, numbness, a feeling of emptiness, and the lack of motivation to do anything. They may be easily frustrated, and they may get irritated and upset easily. Sometimes, there are physical symptoms, such as weight loss as a result of lack of motivation to eat properly, problems with falling asleep and staying asleep, and even physical pains such as back pain. However, not everyone who suffers from depression will show symptoms. For example, those with high functioning depression will go about their daily lives as if everything is normal, but they really will be battling negative thoughts throughout the day and when they are alone. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

There are physical symptoms that are associated with depression. Besides back pain, other physical symptoms include headaches, tension, stomach pain, and more. Tests that were done on the brains of those who suffered from depression showed that their brains look different than those who did not suffer from depression.

Suicide can be caused by depression. Those who are depressed sometimes feel that they have no other way out. Suicide is the number one leading cause of death among young people. There is another suicide death every 12 to 13 minutes in the United States. Fortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of suicide survivors. If you suspect that someone is considering suicide, make sure to call 911 and get help immediately. You should also call The Suicide Prevention hotline.


Neurocore has brain treatment centers where they do an analysis of your brain using the latest technology and updated proven methods. They use various methods to get a clear picture of what is really going on in your brain.

Once they do this, they can help you develop a plan of action that is customized for you to help you improve your performance. You will learn how to feel better, sleep better, and improve your mental health.

See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Josh Smith Reno Serial Entrepreneur and a Visionary in the Field of Wellness and Sustainable Technologies

The students at High Desert Montessori School were excited when they were gifted a brand new modular greenhouse by Modular Greenhouses in collaboration with the Great Full Gardens Café. It would help children know more about growing a variety of foods and be intricately involved in the food growing process. The children would learn to respect the food and would be more deeply involved in the overall health and wellness.

The school also received funds to purchase a variety of ancillary items used in the modular greenhouse, including seeds, soil, and planters. The Boys and Girls Club of Reno, Nevada, has also received a greenhouse from the Modular Greenhouse, which is a local and highly popular startup. One of the more ambitious aims of Modular Greenhouse is to make sure that all the local Washoe County schools in the region of Nevada have a modular greenhouse by 2020.

The CEO of Modular Greenhouse, Josh Smith, from Reno, Nevada, said that the company has an integrated program that is working towards facilitating a greenhouse to every local school in the Washoe County. The students believe that it would help the environment as well help to educate them and the youth of the region about food, plantation, and the tree growing process, which is the essential part of the overall student development. One of the sponsors, Great Full Gardens Café, said they hope that soon a day would come when they would be able to serve the food grown by students in their restaurants.

Josh Smith, from Reno, Nevada, has started many companies in the field of sustainable technologies and wellness industry. Smith is a visionary, and it is his vision that has helped his firm Modular Greenhouse grow in such a short span.

The idea of creating a company in this niche came when he wanted a greenhouse for his residence, but was able to have one only after a lot of struggle and hassles. It is when Josh Smith decided that having a company that offers products and services that would cut through all the local and legal barriers on the consumers’ behalf would impact the environment as well as ensure the growth of local organic produce by a significant margin.