James Dondero Creates Change in the Boardroom and Among Charity Causes

Dallas businessman, James Dondero has built a reputation for himself as a man that is capable of creating change and building success in business and in the community around him. Dondero has been singled out in the past for his exemplary service to several different charities and philanthropic organizations. In addition, he has been noted for creating a business that is rated as one of the top businesses for employees in recent years. Follow James on Linkedin.

Dondero founded a capital management company in Dallas, a company that has seen plenty of growth and established itself. As the reputation of his business, Highland Capital Management has grown, so has the number of employees and the accounts that they manage. With as much growth as the company has seen, James Dondero has taken the lead to create change and introduce new avenues for revenue in ways that will best benefit the clients Highland Management has.

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Dondero creates the same change in the community that he calls home through charitable donations and generational philanthropic work. Through partnerships and careful planning Dondero has made sure his contributions can create the largest amount of impact to the individuals that the charities serve. Not only does Dondero contribute to charities himself, but he works with charities to help them maximize their philanthropic programs and attract more charitable giving. These organizations are focused on education, increasing opportunities to families and children, and improving the lives of under served individuals in the communities around the Dallas area. The impact felt by those served is meant to be long lasting for both the community and individuals. Read this article at barrons.com.

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