Sheldon Lavin and The Leadership Skills He Offers For OSI Group

It is said by most experts that fear of failure is usually what makes people avoid starting a business and trying out new things. This fear can spread to areas of the personality of a business leader and transgress to their attitudes, behavior and approach to one’s business operations. When we overcome this fear, understand the damage they cause us and their imminent hidden threats, we reach a higher level of success. One of the few people today that show the leadership that is required for any business is Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman, and CEO of OSI Group.

The Work Background

It might be essential to iterate here the work history of Mr. Lavin to understand how he was able to bring up the company he handles, and how he has faced the unfettered challenges brought upon his leadership. For starters, he is able to elicit the kind of quality leadership from himself because of his work experience. Sheldon Lavin was one of the most successful business leaders at Northeast Bank, of which he is the Director.

Being also the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC also gives his skill for handling big responsibilities a rotund and holistic sense. It is also great that Mr. Lavin is able to generate through his decisions the creative and marvelous practical solutions that could address the grave threats and competition against the company he has been running.

Improving Workforce

The workforce of a company can do a lot if the leadership is sound, impressive and admirable. In the case with Mr. Sheldon Lavin, he is able to deliver the most sophomoric leadership because of his educational background, which was able to help him build the high profile reputation of OSI International Foods Ltd.

OSI Industries right now is able to lead in the competition, and that’s also because of Mr. Lavin’s ebullient activity and dedication for the company that he is running. With the help of Lavin, he is also impugned with the right form of strength that was also the reason why he was able to serve as the General Trustee at the Rush University Medical Center. He is also right now the executive leader and director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, which is the reason right now that could also sustain his company’s consistent lead in the future. With such strengths, Mr. Lavin is also able to trudge the challenges of being affiliated with the different other charity programs that he supports.

5 Tips to Becoming a Topnotch Investor with Jose Hawilla

Starting a business is not an easy task. One needs focus and commitment to make it work. Some factors may help one become successful and get to the top. Here are some tips to help you;


Start Now


What are you waiting for to get started? If you have a valid idea stop waiting for that big breakthrough to start the business. Accept where you are at the moment and move on from there. There is no good time to begin a business. Procrastination always ends up with doing nothing most times.




Be Conscious of Your Spending


Most people have the temptations to change their lives after they begin achieving success. This involves changing your closet and upgrading your car.


While this is a great idea, it is wise to save for the cases when your business may need to be saved from any risk.


Employ Freelancing Websites


This may not be the ideal way of running your business. However, you need to find ways to minimize your costs. Virtual employees are cheaper compared to employees who come on a daily basis.


The freelancing programs offer services, e.g., graphic designs, website designs and other services at minimal prices, and still offer equally good services.


They are Consistent


Consistency is the mother of success. One thing that successful individuals do differently is ensuring that the psyche that they have when starting a venture is maintained throughout the lifetime of a business.


Where many average entrepreneurs go wrong is becoming lazy and missing to complete their tasks in time as the time goes by and they begin becoming successful.


Persistence in Business


Developing the art of persistence is important. This ensures that one keep working despite the storms that affect the business. Check out



You got to keep pressing on to make a difference in the company. Giving up when something discouraging occurs will adversely affect your business.


Jose Hawilla was able to overcome all the challenges of a business and come out a successful individual. Jose began his entrepreneurship shortly after he was terminated from his ten years job.

He followed his passion for sports and made it his career through the Traffic Group.

Paul Mampilly Uses Social Media To Educate Others

There are a number of ways that a person can use social media in their life. There are some who use it only to post personal things for their family to enjoy and there are others who use it to make an influence on others. Paul Mampilly uses his social media accounts to educate others and help them grow. This man knows about investing, and he has shared various articles on his Twitter account that help other people learn about which investments would be good ones to make. Mr. Mampilly shares about new opportunities for investing as well as overall investments that he feels are smart to make as they come up. The Facebook profile of Paul Mampilly shares basically the same kind of information that the Twitter account shares, allowing this man’s followers to see what he posts on either platform without the need to be a part of both social media networks. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Paul Mampilly is the Founder of Capuchin Consulting. This firm was something that he created so that he would be able to help out professional investors. The firm is one that offers consulting and assistance to those who are making investments and hoping to gain through them. Capuchin Consulting helps those who turn to it for help to find unique investment opportunities that can help them be successful. Meet the experts on

Paul Mampilly received his education through a number of schools before he got started in the investing world. He was first educated through the Montfort Boys School in India. From there, he attended the Indian High School in the United Arab Emirates and then the State University of New York at Albany. Some of the other schools that helped to educate Paul Mampilly include the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering and the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.


Sussex Healthcare

The elder population in the UK continues to rise in age. People are living longer partly due to the advances in medicine. Some seniors will need extra help when their health deteriorates over time. Fortunately, there is an award-winning residential senior living care opportunity that many are taking full advantage of. Sussex Healthcare was the source of an informative article posted in the respected Medical Daily Times this April. The article chronicles some of this healthcare provider’s many achievements through 25 solid years of always delivering superb patient care with a respectful attitude that all seniors are deserving of.

The recent news article also highlights some of the best Sussex Healthcare drawing points. These stellar living care facilities are geared to enable every single one of the many elders living there to participate fully in activities designed to stimulate their minds, bodies and spirits. While cutting edge medical care and topnotch advanced technology is freely used by Sussex Healthcare, this care provider also keeps that old fashioned idea of delivering personalized healthcare perfectly suited to each valued resident. For 25 long and satisfying years, Sussex Healthcare has been making a huge positive difference in the lives of all of their residents and community located seniors and disabled individuals that depend on them.

Sussex Healthcare insists on respect and compassion from all of their employees. This includes those visible direct care employees like nurses, aides and therapists and the behind the scenes staff members working in accounting, computer specialist departments, administrative positions and hospitality workers. Everyone works in close cohesion with other team members to assist each cared for person to live out their lives doing things that make them feel happy and productive. Community and family involvement is a huge part of the way that this healthcare provider operates.

The stunning locales of the now 20 different residential care homes are often noticed by families and visitors. Some of this southern UK’s best historical buildings have been transformed to now house seniors, dementia patients, disabled adults and learning impaired individuals in a beautiful home-away-from-home environment. The interiors inside any Sussex Healthcare facility are readily noted to be warm and welcoming to visiting friends and family members. Spectacular outdoor gardens bloom with vivid displays of color giving the residents a front seat view. Daily groups include exercise, games, current events, art lessons, music appreciations and more.

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Bob Reina: He Sees Something Special In Everyone

Bob Reina is someone that sees the potential in every single person out there, and he is incredibly positive. He is not looking to just fill people’s heads with lies. It is why he is big on making sure people understand Talk Fusion to the fullest and they know what they are getting out of it and what to expect. He does not want anyone to be caught off guard or not entirely sure what he or she is doing with the video technology company. He wants every single customer to understand the ins and outs of Talk Fusion and to really grow to love the product.

He believes in it and he has seen what it can do for people out there when they fully commit to it, but he doesn’t want to force it down anyone’s throat. He will talk about the virtues of it and talk about how it can help people and all of the perks. After that, it is up to the customer to decide. If they are still on the fence and not completely sold, Bob Reina will allow them to try it out for 30 days, risk free, and see if it’s a good fit for them. Quite frankly, he believes it is a good fit for everyone.

However, he wants people to come to that conclusion on their own time and be happy with it. He is not a forceful personality. He is very persistent when it comes to working hard and running a business, but he is all about making sure the other person is comfortable and feels like it is right for them. Sometimes people can take a little longer to decide what they want to do and how they want to do it. Bob Reina understands that. He tries his best to understand everyone’s perspective. Learn more:

It is one of his numerous strengths as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He knows how to listen to the people, get their input, and go from there. He fully trusts every single person that is working for him and part of Talk Fusion.






The Long History Of The American Institute Of Architects

Currently, the American Institute of Architects is headed up by Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy has worked in the architectural profession since the early 80s. He started out working at national architectural publications like Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy. Robert Ivy also had an illustrious career as an architectural critic.

In 1996, he left that career behind and became Editor in chief at what is now the most popular architectural journal in the world, Architectural Record. After Robert Ivy took over, Architectural Record dozens of Jesse H. Neal Awards, 7 Ozzies, some Folio Design Awards, and a Website of the Year.

If anyone is interested in learning about the American Institute of Architects, they should visit its headquarters in Washington, D.C. For those who can’t or won’t travel that far; the American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 as the New York Society of Architects.

There were 29 original founding members, but 16 of them didn’t official join until after the organization’s first meeting. With all 29 prominent architects in the same room, they drafted and signed an original version of their constitution on March 10, 1857. Less than a month later, Thomas U. Walter suggested they change the name and the American Institute of Architects was born.

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On April 15, 1857, they all signed the new and final constitution, cementing their claim. When they first met, the original 13 decided their mission was to promote scientific and practical perfections of the profession. They decided this after realizing that anyone could call themselves an architect at this point in history. There were no schools of architecture or any laws regulating architecture back then. At time went on, their mission expanded to including helping one another and creating outreach programs to communicate better with common people and the government.

By the 1880s, there were several American Institute of Architects chapters all over the country; today, there are more than 300 chapters. The current building the American Institute of Architects is headquartered in had quite the struggle to becoming a real building.

First, the building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola in the 1960s during an American Institute of Architects competition, but it didn’t met approval by the United States Commission of Fine Arts. Later, they collaborated with the newly founded The Architects Collaborative (TAC) and designed a new building.

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The Facts Behind Freedom Checks

Many people have seen the ads featuring Matt Badiali holding a giant freedom check stating that it too can be yours, while it isn’t free money, you too can receive a freedom check. Freedom checks are not government hand outs, in fact, they don’t come from the government at all. It isn’t just a free check either, it’s an investment and a legitimate one at that. Visit the website to learn more.

Freedom checks, plain and simple, are investment opportunities. You commit your capital and have the opportunity for future returns. This investment opportunity is possible due to one simple law, Statute 26-F. Basically, this law allows companies to operate in a tax free manner if they meet two requirements. First, 90% of their revenue must come in the form of storage, production, process and the transportation of both gas and oil within the United States of America. Secondly, they must agree that they will pay out these freedom checks to their shareholders. The companies that fit this criteria and issue these checks are called master limited partnerships, more often referred to as MLPs. Most commonly in the United States, these MLPs are often companies that operate oil and gas pipelines.

For those who decide that freedom checks are for them, Matt Badiali includes a newsletter that helps people decide which freedom check providers are right for their investments. His guidelines are fairly simple, a company should have at least $1 billion of in demand assets at their fingertips, and they should be involved in oil, gas, earth minerals or silver, a resource that is in high demand. Badiali also goes on to outline a few other key factors like companies that are profitable enough to yield high payouts, a proven history of paying large proceeds to investors, and finally, incredibly strong and unquestionable financial records.

For those who are interested, this isn’t just for the rich and those who have been playing the market for decades. Some of the MLPs that are currently trading are going for under $10 per share meaning this is an investment many average American’s can take advantage of and enjoy.

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Dr. David Samadi takes over cancer treatment with a storm

Dr. Samadi is a renowned doctor, and his work is recognized around the world, Dr. Samadi studied medicine and specialized in urology. His need to provide better solutions inspired the innovation of robotic surgery for patients with prostate cancer.

David has worked in several hospitals and performed many robotic surgeries; his dedication and hard work have made him one of the most outstanding doctors in the urology field. His work has not gone unnoticed, Samadi received several awards, in 2014 he was recognized one of the best doctors since 2004, a year later he appeared in the New York list of best doctors. His exceptional work has helped him gain a lot of trust from his patients as well as people who closely work with him.

Apart from performing surgery and conducting research on methods that would treat prostate cancer, Dr. David also highly advocates for prostate cancer awareness. He aims at introducing preventive measures, educating people on signs to look out for so at to detect the condition at an early stage and also offers free services and meets with men who seek medical advice. Dr. Samadi is also a professor and specializes in teaching about prostate cancer.

One would wonder, with all the activities and the busy schedule, how does Dr. Samadi mange and remain productive?

David Samadi explains his ideal day, he wakes up at around 4.30 am and gets to the office around 6 am, Samadi says that morning hours are his most productive and it is at this time that he plans upcoming activities. In a week David performs surgeries 2 to 3 times and before leaving the office, David checks up on his patents to ensure they are okay.

How Dr. Samadi brings his ideas to life, during the day, ideas and thoughts may appear to him. One way he ensures the ideas do no vanish is by creating a sketch in his mind. After creating the sketches at the most convenient time, Samadi can retrieve the ideas and put them down on paper. He has an excellent memory and is thus able to store a lot of information.

One book that Dr. Samadi recommends to readers is “anything is possible “a book assembled by Elizabeth Strout. This collection displays David’s belief in people’s ability and it’s a great inspiration mainly because he is the real definition that anything is possible despite the background or upbringing.

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The Role Barbara Stokes Plays In Sheltering Disaster Victims

Green Structure Homes Delivered is a company located in Huntsville, Alabama. It is construction firm known for its disaster relief services. GHS partners with various government agencies and also with FEMA to construct temporary homes or structures for disaster victims. When a disaster such as tornados and hurricanes strike, most communities are left homeless. GHS comes in to construct some temporary shelters for the affected communities. Temporary housing has been a huge demand for GSH and it has continued to meet this demand with the help of the $28.5 million it won through FEMA contract. It has used this money to hire more workers and expand its operations. Construction products from Green Structure Homes have been in high demand especially when wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, as well as, other disasters come. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes happens to the innovative leader in GSH (Green Structure Homes Delivered), which she founded in 2008. Barbara studied at a Macon-based Mercer University in Georgia where she studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She went further and studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Material Properties, Management and Manufacturing at Mercer University and graduated in 2001. Her vast experience from Boeing and Pisces Corporation helped her to become the Chief Executive Officer of GSH in Huntsville. Having obtained incredible experience in government contracts, Barbara has supported the US government and FEMA in constructing temporary relief homes.

The kind of project management that Green Structure Homes provides is in-house. Green Structure Homes has more than 30 years’ leadership and experience in overall inspection, installation, development, foundation, and planning. Through GSH, Barbara Stokes has managed to construct steel and wood structured homes, particularly in North America. She is known to build high standard and innovative modular and mobile structures. Her structures are resistant to mildew, pests, and mold and they are easy to customize. She knows how to design the family structures into one, two or multiple bedroom units with customizable baths and kitchens.


Besides being the GSH CEO, Barbara is also a wife to Scott Stokes and a mother of three. Though a busy contractor and family woman, she still finds time to actively volunteer in her Huntsville community. Her commitment to the community, especially in times of disaster, is unmatched. In addition to building temporal structures during disaster times, Barbara’s aim is also to offer the local business community adequate support. She also looks forward to seeing indirect and direct job growth in the neighboring regions accelerated. Innovation and safety are her main concerns when constructing temporary homes of families. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.