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The elder population in the UK continues to rise in age. People are living longer partly due to the advances in medicine. Some seniors will need extra help when their health deteriorates over time. Fortunately, there is an award-winning residential senior living care opportunity that many are taking full advantage of. Sussex Healthcare was the source of an informative article posted in the respected Medical Daily Times this April. The article chronicles some of this healthcare provider’s many achievements through 25 solid years of always delivering superb patient care with a respectful attitude that all seniors are deserving of.

The recent news article also highlights some of the best Sussex Healthcare drawing points. These stellar living care facilities are geared to enable every single one of the many elders living there to participate fully in activities designed to stimulate their minds, bodies and spirits. While cutting edge medical care and topnotch advanced technology is freely used by Sussex Healthcare, this care provider also keeps that old fashioned idea of delivering personalized healthcare perfectly suited to each valued resident. For 25 long and satisfying years, Sussex Healthcare has been making a huge positive difference in the lives of all of their residents and community located seniors and disabled individuals that depend on them.

Sussex Healthcare insists on respect and compassion from all of their employees. This includes those visible direct care employees like nurses, aides and therapists and the behind the scenes staff members working in accounting, computer specialist departments, administrative positions and hospitality workers. Everyone works in close cohesion with other team members to assist each cared for person to live out their lives doing things that make them feel happy and productive. Community and family involvement is a huge part of the way that this healthcare provider operates.

The stunning locales of the now 20 different residential care homes are often noticed by families and visitors. Some of this southern UK’s best historical buildings have been transformed to now house seniors, dementia patients, disabled adults and learning impaired individuals in a beautiful home-away-from-home environment. The interiors inside any Sussex Healthcare facility are readily noted to be warm and welcoming to visiting friends and family members. Spectacular outdoor gardens bloom with vivid displays of color giving the residents a front seat view. Daily groups include exercise, games, current events, art lessons, music appreciations and more.

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