Fox News Fails To Vet Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation, For Slanted Interview

A recent viral video has some people wondering what’s going on over there at Fox News. The clip in question lasts a little over three minutes but there is tense confusion throughout the clip. The conservative news network seemingly tried to do a segment to slam the liberal agenda of presidential hopeful and current Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The interview with Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), seem to go awry just as the interview starts.

The Fox News anchor hits Mr Halvorssen with a loaded question right off the bat, asking him why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Obviously socialism is tied to the independent Sen. Bernie Sanders who has long been outspoken and self-avowed democratic socialist. But Mr Halvorssen does not give in to the loaded question and steers the conversation to reasonable discourse about the efficacy of socialist and labor governments, some of which have been very successful, such as Denmark and Sweden. He holds these governments in high esteem saying that they are perfectly fine.

The human rights expert then explains that dictatorships are the problem, he even exposes the fact that he is a Bernie Sanders supporter and has shown his support with the maximum donation allowable to a presidential candidate under United States law — $2,700.  He claims that Mrs. Clinton takes large donations from authoritarian dictators in order to run her presidential campaign. The founder of the human rights foundation also slams Republican candidates for emulating Putin, the dictator of Russia.

The interview seem to go off the rails for Fox News who was apparently trying to use the segment to reinforce Republican ideals and to slam the ultra liberal Bernie Sanders. Some think that Thor deliberately misled Fox News before the interview to get a chance to advertise support for Sanders, but I do not think this is the case. You can see right when the interview starts that Thor looks a little stunned by the opening question.

Jon Urbana Updates Vimeo With Winter Videos

Villanova lacrosse alumni Jon Urbana recently updated his Vimeo page to include several videos made this winter. Jon, a Colorado native, has spent much of his life outdoors playing lacrosse and teaching youth at Jon’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He has also developed a passion for skiing, flying for the FAA, and making videos to show the world his love for the outdoors. The passion that Jon has for outdoor activities can be seen in the winter update of his Vimeo page and on his other social media sites. Jon has videos on WordPress, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Youtube.

On Jon’s Vimeo page, several new videos have been posted. The most recent video showed a short clip of Giraffes playing around in a warm natural outdoor setting.

Closer to Jon’s home, the next most recent video on his Vimeo page features the mountains of Alaska. In the video post Jon says, “I absolutely love the Rockies, but there are no mountains more beautiful than those in Alaska.”

Another outdoor focused video posted by Jon this winter features cross country skiing. The video was posted to Jon’s Facebook page shortly after being filmed in January 2016. The two minute long video’s footage was produced and filmed by Jon in Alaska and shows a person traveling through snowy wooded areas on skis.

Jon showed a different side of his passion for the outdoors and video on About Me, making in another winter video he posted to his Vimeo page in January. The video entitled “Stadium Scenes, by Jon Urbana,” features a view of a stadium during a cloudy evening. Jon’s artistic side is exposed in this video with different film making techniques used and coloration manipulation played with.

Jon melds together his passion for outdoor activities and filmmaking in the videos which are all available 24/7 for free on his social media sites.

The Investment Tips You Need To Learn About: Brought To You By Mr. Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler recently sat down with Reuters to discuss some investing strategies. Now if anyone knows about money and investing it’s Brad. Brad is the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. He has been doing this for a very long time.

In this interview that I came across Brad went over some essential tips to making the most out of your money and your investment. Follow me below as I give you a brief summary of some of his points.

1) It’s necessary to take stock of your investments so far. Look at your bank account. Decide if you can invest. Some really want to invest in some stocks or mutual funds. Only problem is that the bank account will not allow us. Opening up a stock or mutual fund requires a certain amount of money. If you don’t have that money, than it makes it more difficult to cover the investment. The bottom line is you need to be able to do it first.

2)According to Brad, you also have to be responsible for your money. You need to be held accountable for your own actions. if you make an investment, than you need to make sure you carry it all the way through.

3)Investing in the stock market as sole means is not a good choice to make. You need to have other options. Take a look at some savings plans in your bank. Look into a mutual fund that is completely separate. Look into some sort of Roth IRA. The point is you need to keep things diversified.

4)Get to know your investor. Develop a relationship with him or her. This is the person who is going to be helping you make those important decisions. If you don’t feel you can trust this person, you need to find someone new.

A Last Thought to Consider

When you begin any kind of investment you need to come up with some goals. The more goals you develop, the more clear your objectives will be. Figure out why you are investing. IS it going to be long-term? is it going to be short-term? It’s best to know this kind of stuff upfront.

Go slowly. See if something works first. Once you find something is working, then you can add more money in. It’s all about trial and error. Sometimes you have to make these mistakes to find the right solution.

Revolution in the Health Care Industry

This industry is rejuvenating and changing itself speedier than some other segment. In fact, it has surpassed different sectors that were viewed as the most productive industries in the later past, for example, vehicles industries. As the health services industry advances, social insurance organizations of assorted types, for example, health care center groups, drug-making companies and health care backup plans such as insurance companies have been wildly hovering to make certain they are not left out of the most recent free for all of arrangement making. With the fast change in the medicinal services focus, human services improvement and administration are considerably more vital to the achievement and maintainability of all social insurance associations. Medicinal services are ready with an open door for financial investors and business people. Medicinal services advancement and administration, Mobile health, complex health-care expectation, information straightforwardness at a level expense have introduced a class of organizations that are at the forefront in upsetting of the heath care segment and changing the way most organizations work. The human services administration industry offers an assortment of chances for profession changers over an extensive variety of business claims to fame. Accomplishing extra training and securing related accreditation can make the move smoother and give an extensive variety of encounters and mastery that top bosses are searching for in today’s focused occupation market. A portion of the health services associations that have upset the industry incredibly is Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health gives benefits that incorporate: health – care integrated marketing, management that include particular infection state and condition awareness, Recognition of manifestations and Availability of treatment alternatives, concentrated surgical services and administration and operational services such as Financing, Licensing and Accreditation, Management and Operations, Benchmarking, Strategic Planning and Legal. As per the organization’s site, this is a full administration social health-care improvement and services organization that is traded on the stock market on the New York Stock Trade heath care section. With an aggregate authority encounter that incorporates creating and overseeing over various surgical hubs. Nobilis continually endeavors to give predominant therapeutic consideration, expanded patient fulfillment, and lower prices for human services delivery. It additionally possesses and oversees mobile and intense consideration offices to convey medicinal services management.

Skilled Fiscal Entrepreneurs

The world of finance is one that requires people to demonstrate many kinds of skills in order to be able to enjoy fiscal success. Someone needs to be able to show that they are able to read the markets closely, work with others easily and also spot opportunities that are not always readily apparent. Many people find that someone who can do this is also someone they should consider working with closely in order to help them expand their own portfolio. Such an adviser can also show them how they can have investments they can rely on as they look to their own fiscal future and consider starting a new business or expanding an already existing venture.

One such person is Brad Reifler. Reifler is business expert with many years of experience in the field of venture capital and business start-ups. His work here has helped him spot many kinds of business opportunities including those that pertain to a business that has already been started as well as a business that only exists as yet as a good idea in the mind of a creative person. He has spent a great deal of time learning to listen closely to the ideas of people who know what a customer might want and are prepared to give it to them.

Reifler is a graduate of Bowdoin College. After graduating, he realized that finances were his calling. He quickly started his first capital firm, a venture that enjoy a great deal of success. His first company was so successful that it was purchased by another company, enabling Reifler to move on to his next venture where he has done much to help assist others and continue his own history of excellence in this field. He knew that a business venture in the world of capital marketing would be ideal for his needs and helpful for his many clients.

This is one of many reasons why he founded Pali Capital, a capital firm dedicated to helping people locate proper sources of funding for their needs as well as helping provide the kind of fiscal advice that many businesses need to be able to flourish in today’s business climate. Since his enormous success with this firm, Reifler has continued to devote his time and effort towards helping his many clients continue to work with him to help expand their businesses and provide the kind of assistance necessary to do well in today’s highly complex business world.

Great Real Estate Agent Coaching Produces Great Results

The field of real estate sales is a very competitive. Many people are interested in becoming real estate agents. However, the marketing savvy, real estate knowledge, and persistence needed to become successful in real estate sales is generally too much to overcome for many real estate agents. Even though many people take the time to prepare, train, and pass the real estate exam to earn a real estate license, only a small percentage of these real estate professionals actually become successful real estate agents.

While there are a variety of reasons why many real estate agents never become top selling agents, one of the primary reasons is the lack of coaching by a successful real estate professional. Great coaching has proven to be one of the major differences for some real estate agents who become top selling agents or at least productive real estate sales agents.

When looking closely at the reasons why great coaching helps real estate agents, there are numerous reasons that can be pinpointed. Some of the main reasons include:

1. Great coaching establishes a level of accountability to someone other than the agent and this accountability serves an important role.
2. Great coaching provides agents with the opportunity to learn from someone who is already a successful real estate agent. This helps to ensure that agents will learn proven success tips and actually have a good opportunity to make some sales.
3. Great coaching generally involves some form of learning in a real estate sales team environment that includes other sales agents. This team environment can create a culture of friendly competition, help foster an environment where agents will help other team members, and provide opportunities to learn from other agents.

Great coaching cannot be provided by just anyone. Therefore, the real estate professionals who provide coaching should be considered very carefully. Some of the best real estate people to provide coaching are often the top sales agents in an organization. Also, real estate mavericks should be considered as a source for great coaching. These real estate professionals understand what is required to become a successful real estate agent and just as important they can motivate agents to become top sales professionals.

As with many sales related positions, the way to become successful in real estate sales is through daily efforts that produce steady results. Many agents never get pass this point in the process because they become frustrated and quit. Great coaching helps to reduce the number of real estate agents who quit prematurely by providing proven methods to produce sales.  However, real estate mavericks can provide a different prospective to the sales process because these professionals offer a perspective that is uniquely different from in-house real estate professionals.

Great coaching is usually an essential part of becoming a successful real estate agent, but great training is also needed.

The Helping Hand Of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is more than a swanky sounding ten gallon name. The CEDC is operated by dedicated people, with a documented track record where the businesses and the communities have prospered. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey with 20 communities dotting the landscape. The CEDC will assist beginners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs in finding the best locations, vendors and the communities where their business will thrive. Their plan is to increase the workforce of Newark, with expansion of existing and new companies.

The vacant buildings are not torn down and left as empty lots, they are renovated and used to promote and sell goods wanted by the community. The Community Economic Development Corporation helps minorities, which include the females, to become entrepreneurs in their small, medium or large sized business. The CEDC invites business owners to attend meetings that are geared toward helping business owners to increase the sales of their business.

Kevin Seawright has proven that multitasking is an essential but normal part of his work day in his current and previous positions as the Chief Financial Officer. He has shown exceptional skills in managing the finances for the heaviest populated city of Newark, New Jersey for the CEDC, as their Chief Financial Officer. His expertise in accounting, budgets, strategic planning, managerial finances, capital projects and financial reporting have aided him in the CEDC’s plans for the completion of Newarks’ successful plans in the economic development of the city.

His capabilities as a leader in the position of Facilities and Chief Financial Officer works for the Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland, earned Kevin the coveted Innovative and Leadership Talent Award, for lowering the state of Marylands’ deficit more than $600,000 dollars within a 12-month period, along with the Operator of the Year Award.

Kevin Seawright earned a Master degree in Business Administration and lives in New Jersey.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, founded in 2007. They have been successful in generating jobs for the populace, helping businesses and people relocate within and out of the state, and giving a well deserved facelift to buildings.

This past February 14, 2015 on Valentines day, the CEDC offered couples vacant lots for $1,000 to purchase, so they could build a home in Newark, New Jersey. Anyone from any part of the globe was welcome to take a bite of this sweet deal. The CEDC has shown its determination and used their innovations into making Newark, New Jersey the place you want to live and build a sucessful business.

An Amazing Plastic Surgeon And Much More

DR. Jennifer Walden is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. There is definitely a reason why doctor Walden is such of a well known plastic surgeon. Doctor Walden is a Board certified plastic surgeon. She was originally born and raised in Austin Texas. She went to the University of Texas in Austin and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Later on she went to the University of Texas Medical Branch; There she was able to receive her Doctorate and she graduated with Honors. At the same time she began her externship at the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Later Walden moved to New York and their she began to pursue her passion for aesthetic surgery. It was a huge privilege for her because she was able to get her fellowship at The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. While she was working on her fellowship there, she was able to gain a lot of knowledge from some of the worlds top doctors in aesthetic plastic surgery. She was able to get the highest and newest education when it came to cosmetic surgery for the breast, face, and body.

After finishing her fellowship, Walden became the associate to the world-renown plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston. While working with doctor Aston, Walden was able to receive the training and the techniques that helped her to perfect her skills. Walden later went on to set up her own practice in New York. Because of the high quality of her work along with her professionalism, she soon became well known as an amazing and talented plastic surgeon. After working for a time in New York, Walden decided to establish a practice in her home town of Austin Texas. Now Walden lives in Walden lives and works in Austin Texas.

She has been able to help hundreds of people to look and feel better. Walden gives assistance to a program in which she helps low-income individuals to fly in and get cosmetic surgery. Apart from her practice, Walden is also a philanthropist. She has set up many programs to help people that are less fortunate in her hometown and around the United States. Walden offers her support to victims of domestic violence, child abuse, individuals that have cleft palates, and elementary school children. Doctor Walden is truly a giving and unique individual; she has achieved much in her own life, and she is dedicated to the people and the communities in which she serves.

The Exceptional Performance Of Kevin Seawright

Competence, confidence and proven success are attributes that are well sought out in both the public and private sectors for those who deal with funds and accounting systems. Kevin Seawright is a man that has an established record of successes in not only successfully managing millions of dollars in funds, but also in making the changes necessary to generate capital and establish successful practices.

Mr Seawright is presently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the city of Newark’s Economic Development Corporation. In the capacity for this position he helps to enhance economic development for the city. He is doing this by growing the business district, retaining businesses as well as boosting the real estate development of the area.

The many accomplishments of Kevin Seawright include positions and educational attainments that have aided in his unique understanding of both the fiscal areas of human resources and economic development as well as the unique understanding of the business process and growth. He holds a Masters degree in Accounting from Almeda University. This was his humble beginning that has been the catapult to his rich successes.

Notre Dame Mendoza School Of Business has also awarded him with an Executive Leadership Certification in 2015. He has also served as the Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. Baltimore has also had him serve as the Payroll Director of the City’s Housing Authority, Finance Director of Homeless Services, Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks, as well as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Education Sector.

his experience also reaches into the political and governmental realms. Mr. Seawright aided with the financial and management of a political capaign with the state of Maryland. Between 2012 and 2014 he served as Maryland’s Executive Director of Operations based on his success in managing campaign funds and volunteers.

The private sector has also been a lucky recipient of his services at Tito general Contractors outside of Washington, D.C. Between the years of 2011-2013 Mr Seawright was their Vice President of Operations and Human Capital.

Mr Seawright has overseen the operations of a wide variety of operations in both public service and private sectors. His expertise offers executive level financial advice, human resources, and capital operational management.

Jaime Garcia Dias Has Transformed the Art of Writing

Who is Jamie Garcia Dias? People in the United States may or may not be familiar with this individual, but virtually every individual that has any connection with the country of Brazil knows exactly who he is. In fact, there is a good chance that even those who have lived in a different country all their lives knows who Dias is, especially if they have any real interest in writing or journalism.

Dias is a Brazilian author that has overcome a number of hurdles in order to become one of the most renowned authors that has ever existed. In fact, the seed to be a writer was planted early on, when Dias was just a young boy. Much of it can be credited to the influence of his father, who wanted him to become a successful writer and use his talents to the best of his abilities. A naturally gifted writer, he eventually made the decision to do exactly that and thanks to his efforts, other writers that come after him also have a chance to benefit from methods and techniques that did not exist before he transformed the way that education for writers was presented.

He began teaching literature and writing in 1993 at a relatively small school in Brazil. Eventually, his methods were so well received that he became vice president of the school at which he had spent years teaching. He remained in the position for a decade and his methods completely transformed the school into the largest and most prestigious school for writers in Brazil. Today, the school focuses on journalistic writing and it helps authors of all types refine their techniques in order to realize their full potential, something that did not exist before Dias came into the picture.

In 2001, he won an award for his many literary pieces. Today, he is one of the most well known and most widely recognized authors in Brazil. Even more importantly, he is well respected among colleagues, students and fans alike. In fact, Jaime Garcia Dias has proven that anyone that has a gift with words is capable of transforming the world and making it a better place for other individuals that might choose to follow in their footsteps.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of students that are now professional writers that probably would have never made it past their first year had it not been for the unique teaching methods of this man. Even after he stopped teaching, his influence remained strong at the school. As a result, those who might not have found success without his efforts were able to take full advantage of them and find their own voices well.