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Creating community is critically important when it comes to your child’s education. Parents go to work every day, leaving their children in the care of educational institutions and instructors that mold their mind in shape their future. Because of this, many parents would like to get information about how their child is doing in school, what course work is being covered and how the child is performing. For some busy parents, the only time that they are able to find the source of things out are during PTA meetings or back-to-school night — or worse, if a teacher calls a meeting due to a child’s poor performance.

In this day and age, technology is in a Renaissance period, creating ground up change for the way that teachers communicate with parents. One such evolution in this regard has manifested in the form of ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a tech venture that spawned due to $21 million and fundraising efforts. It is a digital platform that gives parents and teachers a bridge to communicate on a regular basis. This platform gives parents up-to-date information on their child’s behavior, their productivity in the classroom and any other updates that the teacher and parent deem necessary. This is an important tool that supports and supplements both the parent and teacher’s role in shaping the child’s education.

This application was founded in the year 2011 and is currently used by close to 90,000 different school systems throughout the nation. Teachers enjoy this platform because it allows them to seamlessly communicate with parents. It has gained traction in all sorts of school systems, including public schools, private schools and charter schools.

One of the benefits of this application is that it is truly educationally focused and does not use shady tactics that allow the developers to build revenue based on user data. This is critically important since minors are involved and their privacy is of the utmost importance. You could compare the growth of this system to that of some of the most popular social media networks. Right now, the company is all about providing the service and monetization is a little ways off. In the future, parents might be able to purchase supplemental content for their children’s education which helps deepen the impression of the lessons given during the school hours.

As you can see, this is a great tool that parents, children and teachers will be able to find great use with.

New CEO Appointed At Award Winning Assited Living Facility

Assisted living facility, The Manse On Marsh, has appointed a new chief executive officer. He is Farron Bernhardt. Mr. Bernhardt has decades of experience as an executive in senior housing facilities. His most recent position was serving as VP at the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development organization. This is a non-profit organization that helps senior citizens with low incomes find affordable and comfortable living arrangements for themselves.

Farron Bernhardt is known for bringing a collaborative and engaged approach to managing senior living facilities. This approach fits right into the bill of the Manse on Marsh’s belief that its residents and staff should be engaged and collaborate together.

Mr. Bernhardt has said that he is honored to become part of the team at the Manse On Marsh. He said he is also eager to meet the residents of the facility and begin working upon improving the services offered at the Manse. Farron Bernhardt also stated that he will work diligently to make sure that the Manse continues to maintain the high caliber of service that it is now known for. The Manse is known as the leader in assisted living care in the Central Coast of California and that will continue under my leadership states Bernhardt.

The Manse On Marsh is an award winning assisted living facility. The awards include two back to back Caring Star Awards. This award is given to senior care facilities who have a high level of customer satisfaction and no negative complaints or open issues. In 2016, The Manse was also featured on as one of the best of 2016 on their website. This places the facility at the top 1% of all senior care facilities in the United States.

Chris Skiff, the owner of the Manse, says that addition of a Farron Bernhardt to the Manse On Marsh Team shows the commitment we have to ensuring out residents have the very best level of service and facilities to meet their needs so that they can retire in comfort. Mr. Skiff says that he is looking forward to seeing the positive changes and improvements that Farron will create at his assisted living facility.

The Manse is located in San Luis Obispo, California. It gives seniors the choice of a flat or private home living arrangement. Residents choose the services they need and do not pay for any services they do not use. Transportation, dining, care givers, discreet personal assistance and on staff medical personnel are available and provided to residents.

Short Hills New Jeresy Native Billy McFarland Has A New Social Scene And It’s Been Called Heaven By Millennials

Millennials have the world by the tail. That tail is not the same tail the Baby Boomers and the Gen-X generations grabbed when they first entered the business world. No. Millennials have developed their own set of rules when it comes to buying merchandise, doing business, and even relaxing. Millennials want the world to be true and real.

They want to hear the facts without distorted associations and influences. They are able to detect phonies and scams before they start, so trying to break into that market has been a real challenge for the major corporations that control the consumer world right now.

Some companies like Amazon have made an impact on Millennials, but the old guards of the consumer market are reaching out, and asking for life lines from some very unusual business people. One of those people is 24-year-old Billy McFarland.

If you haven’t heard Billy’s name before then you don’t have a handle on what’s happening in big cities around the country. McFarland introduced a new social scene. He calls it Magnises, and it is one of the rad new concepts in the world of Millennials.

Magnises is a social club that offers members perks that are usually reserved for the wealthy. For a $250 membership fee, Millennials can book trendy restaurant reservations or great seats at sporting events.

Members that live in New York or visit New York are welcome to hang out at Billy’s West Village townhouse. The townhouse serves as a Mecca for Magnises members. Members enjoy dinners, art shows, and special deals at the townhouse.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland started his first company at the age of thirteen. At 20, he dropped out of Bucknell, and he started Spling, the online ad platform. Spling has been growing rapidly for the last four years. Billy saw a void in the Millennial market so he raised $3 million in venture capital and started Magnises.

If you’re wondering how Billy McFarland came up with the Magnises concept, you’re not alone. Billy built the Magnises concept around a black metal card that resembled the black American Express card. Millennials in three big cities love that concept, and more cities are on the way.

New Zealand is not Tax Haven –Geoffrey Cone

To be listed in the OECD, a nation must not impose or should impose a minimal tax on their citizens, lack transparency, and the government must follow regulations that hinder the exchange of data with other countries. New Zealand does not have the features to be described as a tax harbor. The 2002 OECD Model of Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the gold standard for transparency. The Model Agreement supports the global exchange of data to assist in the management or the implementation of domestic tax law.


New Zealand has been on the forefront in the demonstration of quality leadership when it comes to foreign n trustee. The country has been very transparent in how it handles the foreign trust and thus allowing other governments gain information on the tax trust. Recently Mike Cullen came with new rules that state every New Zealand residence trustee of a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure Form (IR607) as required by the IRD. The information must be kept in New Zealand to help the government for tax purposes and be stored in English.


After his High School Cone attended the University of Otago where he graduated with LLB honors as well as a postgraduate Diploma in tax and trust law. Immediately after his graduation Mr. Geoffrey commenced practicing his professionalism as a tax trust lawyer in Auckland New Zealand. His hard working spirit and his determination did not allow him to stay in the same place he started; instead, he moved to Christchurch where he served as a Partner as well as the Chairman of Partners in a famous law firm.


At the law firm Cone practice commercial litigation law and him also responsible for advising other companies on tax and trust issues. Cone also appeared in court and served as a chief counsel including Privy Council. For two years Geoffrey worked in British West Indies and later he moved back to Auckland where he founded his law firm in 1999, Cone Marshall Limited. Cone Marshall is the only law firm in New Zealand that offers International Tax trust services as well as trustee and trust administration services through its associated companies.


Norka Luque Grows Her Music to Become a World Sensation

Norka Luque has rapidly grown her music career to become a Venezuelan sensation. She is ready to fit celebrity positions like Shakira. She always portrays her talent, ambition, and motivation to become a top recording artist and performer. Before starting her music career, she never believed that she would one day achieve her goals in music. The challenges she experienced continued to shape her life in a great detail.

Norka was naturally born to become a singer, her love for music was witnessed at a very young age. At a young age of eight, she joined a cast in music which was entirely based on Shakira’s music. She developed her vocals after going to the United States where she improved her vocals with the help of the Piano. At one point in her life, she sought for a break in her music career. She traveled to France where she attended her college education where she earned a degree in Business Administration. Norka developed a passion in other areas such as culinary arts and marketing. She eventually gave up the whole idea to pursue a career in finance.

The ambition of Norka Luque and her resilience in her music has made her achieve success in her music. She has been singing since she was a child and now pursues music as a career. She brings her personal story through a message of belief and never giving up on one’s dreams. Norka Luque found her first musical success in Latin America within the United States. She hopes to continue achieving such significant success in 2016 with her latest releases and albums.

Norka Luque is currently preparing for the releasing of her song titled Tomorrowland. The song is expected to be as successful as her previous releases. The anticipation is based not in just the talent of music, but in also her ability to produce music that appeals to everyone. Her music is today showcased in many famous places such as the Billboard Bash, her work has been immensely popular and loved.

For those that find Latin music interesting, they should look in music by Norka Luque. She is a must-listen artist whose nature of work is both exciting and transformative. Her music is today available for download at multiple places such as iTunes and any other music store. Give yourself a chance to listen to one of her albums, and you will understand why she among the most celebrated musical artists.

My Experience With Securus Confirms Accredited Status

I have a cousin in prison. He’s been bounced around a few prisons over the last few months so calling him has been a nightmare. Most of the prisons that he has been in have been serviced by a telephone company called Global Tel-Link. They have been the worst. Their calls are terrible, like a bad connection over the internet, and the calls often drop.


But he has recently been put into a jail serviced by a different telecommunications company and it’s made all the difference. I can actually even video chat with him now which is awesome. And the crazy thing is that I had to pay a cancellation fee to Global Tel-Link when I closed my account with them. Good riddance.


But talking to my cuz through Securus is a massive upgrade. Setting up an account with them was super easy. I just went to their website and setup an account online. I can even schedule our video chats through the online account. And when I had some questions, their customer service was incredible.


I was so impressed that I went looking the company up on the internet. Turns out that they recently built this massive customer service call center that has 220 seats. They answer calls in an average of 11 seconds and most complaints are solved on the first call, like 99.9% of the time. And it is this customer service that has earned them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


The BBB also accredits companies but the company has to volunteer and pay for the inspection. Turns out that Securus went through this process and was accredited in March. I wish Global Tel-Link would go through something like this. It might actually change them for the better. They should follow Securus’s awesome lead.


How Lovaganza Is Coming Out To Unite The World

As a leading entertainment company, Lovaganza has come up with a new strategy that will see the company champion the fight against division across the world. Through the entertainment franchise of Lovaganza, the company is arranging for celebrations to be held in 2020 featuring cultures from around the world and displaying the uniqueness that defines each community. The need to enhance unity has motivated the company to organize global celebrations that will include all the countries in the world and offer people an opportunity to interact with each other.

The celebrations will be aired across all countries and the latest technological features in the entertainment industry will be used to enable the execution. Lovaganza has promised an event that is unique and beyond any other that has ever occurred across the world with such magnitude.

There are several reasons that led to the selection of 2020 as the right date for the celebrations. First, you have to understand that the celebrations were supposed to happen in 2015 but due to time constraints and lack of proper technological features, the moderators thought it would fare well if pushed to 2020. With this, there will be enough time to gather all the materials that will be needed to make it a success.

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The technology used will also be superior and will add some taste to the presentations. Lovaganza has also factored in marketing, another reason they are creating more time to ensure the whole world learns about the event.

The Traveling Show
To effectively create awareness and reach more people across the world, Lovaganza has applied new measures that will include the use of the Traveling Show to market the celebrations. The show will tour different places of the world to share a preview of what people should expect during the main celebrations and will use trilogies to help people understand the logic behind the celebrations. Additionally, this will offer a chance for the world to enjoy some entertainment that will be offered on immersive 3D screens.

More about Lovaganza
Lovaganza is a big company with different sections and one of the roles they have embraced is to unite the world through the sharing of diversity and cultures. Additionally, the company is planning to establish the Lovaganza Foundation in 2018 targeting to help the world offer children and other marginalized groups access to basic amenities. Their vision is to ensure that by 2030 all children in the world have access to clean water, sufficient and quality food, security, health, education and shelter to mention a few.

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How The Kabbalah Centre Presents the Obscure Zohar

Kabbalah likely began around 1290 in Castile, which is now part of Spain, by Moses ben Shem-Tov de León. He claimed that he had copied a second century manuscript in his possession that was penned by Rabbi Shim’on bar Yohai. De León distributed the manuscript that centuries later became known as SeferHaZohar or The Book of Radiance. The work, also called The Zohar, became a central point in the study of Kabbalah. The Zohar is obscure, full of esoteric concepts about God, creation and the universe that invited translation and commentary by scholars of Jewish mysticism.

The Kabbalah Centre was started by Rabbi Philip Berg, who began translating the Zohar. He soon discovered that wanted to share the wisdom contained in the text, which was traditionally reserved for male Jewish scholars. Encouraged by his wife, Berg decided that he would make Kabbalah accessible to everyone by revising the wisdom to make it fit modern life. Berg’s presentation of Kabbalah, not as a religion, but as a spiritual supplement, resonated with people looking for meaning in their lives. Today, while Berg is no longer alive, his dream lives on through his wife and sons, who operate the Amazing Centre International, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, with branches in major cities throughout the world.

The Kabbalah Centre received an enormous amount of publicity when celebrities began showing up at the Los Angeles headquarters, however, there was little mention in the press about the spiritual tools Kabbalah offers. Basically, Kabbalah teaches that the human ego is the source of much of the negativity in a person’s life. The Centre stresses getting closer to the Light, which means different things to different people, including the divine, the creator or the source of all goodness. To connect with the light, a person must share, do good works and treat others with dignity, which are life lessons that apply to everyone, regardless of their faith.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Keeps Both Her Professional And Social Life In Balance

Jennifer Walden knew from a very young age what she wanted to start doing with her life. Luckily, she had a lot of support and encouragement from her parents, which came natural as they were both well to do as a dentist and surgical nurse respectively. Jennifer Walden ended up going to the University of Texas for her higher education to earn a degree in Biology. She later went to the University of Texas to achieve her MD. Once she had finally completed the schooling and training required, Jennifer Walden decided to move on to New York to accept a fellowship with the Manhattan Hospital. Jennifer ended up making the transition permanent for 8 years, where she became an associate for Dr. Sherrel Aston.


By this time, Jennifer Walden was a soon to be mother, which is why she ended up moving back to her home state, Texas. It was in 2011 that Jennifer moved back to her hometown in order t be close to her family and raise her children. According to Jennifer, this lifestyle has taught her the difficulty in managing a successful career and family life, and she enjoys the challenge. Jennifer has always faced challenges without giving up since she was a child, which is what enabled her to reach the point she is at today. This move not only helped her be close to family, but it also improved her career, as she is now one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Texas.


There are not that many women in her industry, especially ones that are so successful in the field. This is testament to Jennifer’s ambition and amazing work ethic. She takes a lot of pride in her work and dedicates all of her time to balancing her successful and demanding job as well as her connection to her family.

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How Norka Luque is Helping Her Fans to Overcome Adversity

Millions of people all over the world are faced with difficult situations every day. How we handle such difficulties determines how fulfilling our lives will be. Sometimes, all we need is someone to offer us inspiration. Venezuelan songbird Norka Martinez Luque, has been using her global stardom to encourage her fans to put on a brave face regardless of the situations facing them. Most of her songs have inspirational lyrics, something that has helped her become a global superstar.

Norka uses her own story to encourage her fans. Her path to musical success was long and winding. At some point, she contemplated giving up altogether so that she could focus her energies elsewhere. However, she decided to hold onto her dream. Her resilience and tenacity has gone a long way in helping her chart a successful career in the music industry. Very few people actually believe that she rose from relative obscurity into global stardom within a short time.

Why Norka’s Career is Inspirational

When Norka made it known to her parents that she wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts, they fully supported her decision.  After completing high school, she joined a French University to pursue a degree in catering, fashion and business management.

Living, studying, and working in France gave her the opportunity to kick start her professional music career. The industry back home was not fully developed and thus, couldn’t provide a suitable launching pad. In France, Norka was fortunate to join a travelling band that held weekly shows in clubs and other social events. She distinguished herself as the standout member of the band, something that won her many fans. However, getting spotted by veteran producer Emilio Estefan Jr. turned around her career.

Emilio’s experience and in-depth understanding of the music industry has been of great benefit to Norka. She has been molded into a global phenomenon that she always dreamt to be from a young age. She has particularly cut a niche for herself by being among the few artistes whose music bears a message of hope and positivity. Under Emilio’s guidance, she has equally managed to overcome challenges that threatened to derail her career. In the four years that she has been in the limelight, Norka has shared the stage with some of the most prominent music icons.