Avi Weisfogel: A Man of Many Interests

You may have heard of Anvi Weisfogel, who began as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care in his home state of New Jersey, from his numerous Best Dentist titles or for his innovative work with his Dental Sleep Masters Seminars, where he advises individuals on treating their sleep apnea disorder. A closer look at Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s activities shows a wide range of interests spanning well beyond dental work and sleep apnea.

Charity Work

Dr. Weisfogel helped found the Healthy Heart Sleep program in order to teach other doctors doctors how to best treat individuals with sleeping problems. He is also known for starting Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients which advises fellow dentists on how they can play a role in helping patients better their sleeping habits. He also works with Smile, which is dedicated to helping children born with deformities in the Philippines.

Musical Ventures

Dr. Weisfogel also happens to be a musician who has built up many thousands of followers on Soundcloud with his hip-hop sounds. This has led to coverage ranging from MTV to notoriously tough-to-please hip hop blogs, all of whom have praised his beats. With a growing following and continued coverage, it appears as if this musical dentist is well on his way to a successful music career as well.

Video Production

Along with his charity and musical work, Dr. Weisfogel is also a passionate and talented video production specialist. His videos have been viewed many thousands of times and have caught the attention of many followers on Youtube and Vimeo. Focusing on everything from professional videos for the medical field to creative and comedic videos, Dr. Weisfogel displays an impressive range with his video making.

You would be hard pressed to find a medical professional with more charity and artistic interests than Avi Weisfogel. As his musical and video followers continue to grow, more and more individuals are sure to exposed to these artistic endeavors. When you add this to his long and successful career in the dental and medical industry and his immense contribution to aiding sleep apnea patients, it is easy to see that this is truly a man making a difference.

George Soros is Going Bearish on Global Economy and Investors are Taking Notice

For most investors, the global economy has come a long way from distressed financial conditions experienced in 2008. Perhaps, existing conditions are ripe for investment. However, the re-entry of billionaire George Soros in the investment circles is not a good sign for investors who are keen to invest in their future. Those who are aware of the name know that billionaire George Soros is known for successful bearish predictions. For instance, in 2007, people took notice when the billionaire invested in bearish stocks at the height of investment boom. Soon, the markets turned bearish netting George Soros nearly $1 billion in profit.

For someone who has invested nearly $30 billion in his own fund, Soros Fund Management Inc., gaining $1 billion is nothing remarkable. Instead, what makes George’s predictions remarkable is the success of such predictions. According to the family sources close to George Soros, the billionaire is once again taking a keen interest in directing his investment funds. It is noticeable that George Soros did not actively directed his investments after 2008 as he moved towards philanthropic and political activities. His return and investment in bearish financial assets may be a sign of global distress in the near future. In addition, source also claim that Soros has started investing in precious metals, which is yet another indication of the confidence in his actions.

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George Soros Trading Again

According to analysts, George Soros thinks that that slow economic growth of China coupled with problems in the European Union are enough to apply breaks to the current recovery. He strongly believes that the Chinese government and other local political parties are not interested in tackling the depleting foreign reserves of China. In fact, China is the only major Asian economy that is not doing enough to safeguard its foreign reserves. On the other side, European Union is also facing huge troubles in tackling immigration crisis. The recent exit of Britain may also be the first sign of disintegration among other members.

Interestingly, recent moves by George Soros to invest in precious metals proved his theory that investors are looking to safeguard their interests by investing in Gold and Silver, instead. A recent investment in Barrick Gold Corporation netted George $90 Million in the first quarter. Similarly, he profited 28 percent from investing in Silver Wheaton Corporation in just six months. If the trend continues, George Soros may offer more surprises for financial pundits.

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How Global Tel Link Is Robbing Telecommunications Customers

Provision of communications services to inmates is a noble undertaking and I wonder what happens when a company charged with such a responsibility is involved in serious breaches and wrongdoings. Global Tel Link (GTL) has been doing just that. My gratitude goes to leading civil and criminal justice technological solutions provider, Securus Technologies, for taking a selfless step highlighting the negative impact the irresponsible company had on the inmates it was supposed to serve as well as the taxpayers who met the cost of GTL’s wrongdoings.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) reveals the irresponsible actions by GTL when thousands of inmates incarcerated at the Louisiana Department of Corrections relied on them for provision of telecommunications services. With every call, Louisiana taxpayers paid for an extra 15 or 36 seconds as a result of wrongful and deliberate programming of the telephone clocks by provider GTL. In addition, the rates for the calls were much higher than those recommended by the PSC rate caps or allowed under GTL’s own tariffs. The company also maliciously billed single calls more than once with no authorization whatsoever for such gluttonous practice. In the end, Louisiana taxpayers paid an extra $1, 243, 000 to GTL.

According to Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, GTL has not stopped at the wrongdoings committed almost 18 years ago. He insisted that customers deserve much better than GTL has done. He particularly focused on the highest level of integrity as opposed to deliberate robbery such as clocks programming with the intent of charging for more time than was actually used during the call.

Securus Technologies has been offering exemplary service in technology solutions in the fields of investigation, public safety, as well as corrections and monitoring for years. The company’s decision to reveal the selfish actions by GTL is a show of how much value they attach to their relationship with not only customers in telecommunications services but also taxpayers. I only wish we had more companies like Securus Technologies.

Michael Zomber: Boy Scout Turns Into Gun Expert

Michael Zomber can vividly recall the experience that inspired him to become an expert on weapons. As a child, he often embarked on many exciting adventures that were sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. One day, the young Zomber entered a general store and noticed a model 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield that was proudly displayed by the owner. After carefully examining this iconic rifle, Zomber developed a keen interest in American history and firearms. He spent most of his adult life collecting various types of weapons that have been used in armed conflicts by the U.S. military.

Eventually, Zomber also expanded his interest in weapons on an international scale. He has extensively toured specialty museums and other facilities that have unique firearms and armor. In fact, Zomber has developed a particular fascination with oriental weapons. He even has a personal collection of Samurai swords and other relevant accessories that have been used by traditional Japanese warriors and other members of Japan’s elite classes. With decades of experience in studying and collecting firearms, Michael Zomber was surely the ideal candidate to appear on the History Channel’s shows about American and international firearms. For example, he has provided interesting commentary during his appearances on Guns of the Famous and Million Dollar Guns. These specific programs are about the firearms that have been used by celebrities, notorious criminals and other prominent people in history.

Michael Zomber has also gained quite a solid reputation as an author. His portfolio includes several notable novels such as Sweet Betsy That’s Me and A Son of Kentucky. Told through the perspectives of ordinary folks, these books take readers back to the antebellum era and the U.S. Civil War. Park Avenue is a title that slightly allowed Zomber to shift the focus away from violence.

Zomber developed his professional writing skills as a student at numerous colleges and universities including Villanova and UCLA. He studied English literature along with psychology, which are essential subjects for anyone who’d like to enter the competitive niche of book publication.

George Soros Warns British Government To Vote No On Brexit

George Soros is known as ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’ because of his savvy investing strategy. These days it seems like he wants to be known as the man that saved England from financial ruin. Soros is warning the British government that if they follow the Brexit strategy and leave the European Union, the country could suffer dire financial problems. In a recent piece in the Guardian newspaper the billionaire investor said voting to leave the EU will cause disaster in the British currency and the stock market. Soros predicted the pound could lose 15% to 20% or even more of its value following the British government’s proposed Brexit strategy which is set to be put to a final vote soon.

George Soros went on to say leaving the 28-nation EU would lead to a severe downturn in living standards for people living in the United Kingdom. He predicts the value of the pound will drop further than it did 24 years ago on Black Wednesday. Brexit is a contentious issue for the Brits. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, as well as many other influential people, have joined with Soros to encourage Parliament to vote no on the country’s plan to withdraw from the European Union. Soros and others have warned that future generations will pay a high price if the UK leaves the European Union.

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How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit’s ‘Black Friday’

The investment maven has a solid track record for predicting currency fluctuations. He made over $1 billion when his Quantum Fund said the British pound was overvalued compared to the German Deutsche mark using the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and the British government was forced to take the pound from the system.

This has made his opinion highly respected in investment circles. While the average Brits are evenly split about whether the country should remain in the EU, stocks around the globe were up based on rumors England would remain in the European Union.

Born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary and educated at the London School of Economics where he earned BSc and MSc degrees, George Soros has a net worth in excess of $25 billion and is one of the world’s 30 richest people. A citizen of both Hungary and the United States, he’s chairman of both the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. Soros is also advisor and founder of the Quantum Fund. The thrice married father of 5 is a business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist whose investment opinions are widely respected.

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Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Foundation

Sanjay Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital. It is an international boutique financial services company which has its headquarters in London, England; and regulated in the United Kingdom. It was incorporated in 2011, and is also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. He did not start out as a businessperson. He went to King’s College to pursue medicine, but decided against it and instead became an accountant. His first job was at Marril Lynch. He has also worked at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank, when a financial crisis in 2003 brought an end to his career as head of training.
Nikhil, Shah and Usha’s son could not hold down food. When he was taken to hospital in Dubai, was put on a drip, and the doctors suggested that they take their son to a child psychologist to see if he had a behavioral disorder like autism or attention deficit disorder (ADHD). They took Nikhil to a child psychologist at Portland Hospital (one of London’s top women and children’s private hospitals) who confirmed that his food allergies were consistent with autism. When they returned to Dubai, The Dubai Autism Centre told them that Nikhil would not receive treatment until five years were up, because there was a very long waiting list. Shah could afford three full-time therapists to take care of his son on rotation.
Due to his medical background, Shah is more interested in finding the causes of autism, in addition to helping families with autistic children, which is why he founded Autism Rocks. This organization was formed, because as a trustee on the board of the Autism Research Trust, he could not over-step its mandate, but with his charity organization, he could organize concerts to generate donations and raise autism awareness.
While at the university, Shah spent lots of time and effort as a deejay running night clubs during the week, and it is this experience that enabled him to partner with Done Events in Dubai (his new business venture) thus organizing a Jazz festival called Blended; which took place on a weekend in May and targeted the over 40 demographic. This was after his idea to have a reggae festival was turned down.
At the moment, Sanjay Shah still supports the Autism Rocks Foundation and organizes many concerts to help children from all over the world and to create awareness and promote research on the same.


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Unmasking the Life of a Financial Leader

The dropping fuel prices have left some countries in Latin America managing well than others according to a report published earlier in the year on The National. In Colombia and Mexico, they are oriented more to the free-market and hence they have not been left in a crisis due to the dropping oil prices due to their economic policies’ flexibility. These countries have a floating currency type of a system that allows them the chance of adjusting their economies accordingly when external shocks rock the world economy. According to David Osio, a financial advisor at Davos Financial Group, countries that do not have such economic and political systems that allow for flexibility will face a liquidity crisis.


Venezuela is one of the countries that has been affected by the dropping fuel prices as its systems are not flexible to adjustments and hence it is facing a liquidity crisis. This has created a negative spiral in the country which has affected its domestic economy and economies, thereby affecting its future guarantees. David opined that the decline in the prices of oil have a huge impact on the macroeconomic. Venezuela is suffering more than any other country as oil constitutes about 95% of all the exports it has and 50% in tax revenues. David Osio warned that this drop in oil prices would seriously impact the economy of Venezuela thereby affecting their ability to go on servicing its external debt.


About David Osio


David Osio is a proficient professional in the industry of financial services and is the current CEO of the Davos Financial Group. He focuses on delivering expert financial advisory and asset management services. Davos Financial Group serves a select clientele and is touted as the first comprehensive firm to offer financial advisory services in Venezuela. Prior to founding the Davos Financial Group, David Osio, was the Vice President Banco Latino International, Commercial Banking based in Miami. He supervised all the corporate departments, management of customer acquisitions and defining of market strategies.


He helped this company experience a significant growth in its portfolio to enable it gain a strong international position. He gained his leadership experience during his stint as the Director of Escritorio Juridico MGO, Caracas, Venezuela. He studied at Univesidad Catolica Andres Bello and graduated with a degree in Law (Hons) in 1988. He furthered his training at the New York Financial Institute and Instuto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos. Apart from Finance, he offers charity support to Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital based in Venezuela.

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Redefining Crisis Management

When Status Labs’ own reputation took a hit last year, a cooler head prevailed helping the online reputation and crisis management firm bounce back better than ever. Darius Fisher, owner and president of Status Labs recalled the last year in which an executive with the company made bad public decisions that negatively impacted the reputation of the whole firm.

Mr. Fisher took a novel team approach rebuilding the company’s reputation. His employees asked for the executive who caused the damage to resign, which he did. From that point on all employees of Status Labs, including the owner, started working with nonprofit organizations and charities. These actions helped raise morale almost instantly and helped flood the online media firm with positive feedback. He gave employees the option of bringing their pet to work. Mr. Fisher also started a monthly newsletter so that all employees will be informed of any company changes or new business.

Status Labs are now doing better than ever thanks to a close knit team of thirty employees who have handled their own in-house crisis better than ever and feel more equipped to understand what good online reputation repair and crisis management can do for their clients.

Mr. Fisher graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University and has been handling client’s online reputation and crisis management since 2012. At that time, he changed careers from working as a political consultant and copywriter. Mr. Fisher’s business, Status Labs, handles over a thousand clients in 35 countries. He has expanded to three offices. His original office in Austin, one in Sao Paolo, and another in New York.

Darius Fisher has built a great reputation helping clients worldwide by controlling negative issues and increasing the amount of positive press around that client. It is this “can do” attitude that has helped Status Labs grow in size and come back stronger than ever.

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Having a Great Party For Your Kids

There are a lot of ways to have a great party, but getting some help can make all the difference. You may be wondering what you can do in order to make sure you have the best party possible and everyone has fun.

What Can Make a Party Fun?

There are several things that can make a party fun for anyone that is interested in making this party the best it can be. One of the biggest things is planning. You can set up a party with some things that are usually seen at a party and call it good, but that doesn’t make it a fun time always.

How Can Twenty Three Layers Help?

There are a lot of reasons to look at the company Twenty Three Layers for helping with the parties you are planning. This company is good at putting together the perfect party. They know what props and what items are going to make a party look and feel fun. They also know how to put together a desert bar that will make the party itself fun.

Twenty Three Layers also wants to give you a great experience that will be remembered for a long time to come. You can plan with the company and they will show you what you can do or do it themselves for you. That will be up to you and what you want to do. Twenty Three Layers is a great company that makes sure the party is as good as it can be and there is enough fun for everyone.

Why Have a Party?

Maybe you’re thinking, why even go through all this? These parties are normally done when there is a birthday that you want to be great or other type party that is a once in a lifetime deal. That is when it’s time to call in the big guns that will plan your party for you. They may even have an idea as to what you can do in order to make your future parties even better than the one they helped you with.

Take your time and make sure you are ready for a party and you will have the best one you could ever want.


The Other Side of Frustration with Dating Apps

While men have the frustration of not being able to get dates, women have to worry about weeding through the bad matches in order to find someone that is a good match to them. Then there are the types of people that would submit false information about themselves in order to lure people into a relationship with them. Online dating apps are filled with scammers that will trick and trap women. Therefore, women have to work very hard to make sure that the person that they accept an invitation from is a safe person to deal with. Even dishonesty is a potential danger. Fortunately, there are dating apps that will protect women and men from these potential problems.

Skout is one of the dating apps that makes sure that people are protected from the potential issues that could arise from fake profiles. Skout is also a social network that allows people to connect with each other. There is in fact a lot of diversity when it comes to methods of connecting. There is a lot of different activities that people could do with the help of Skout. Therefore, Skout can be considered one of the more creative apps that people could use in order to meet other people and make friends.

Skout has a travel app that makes it easier for people to find activities in other areas that they are planning on traveling to. This is especially good for people that want to find a date. They could look at different activities that they could enjoy with their date. They could also look for different activities that they could enjoy with their friends.

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