The Facts Behind Freedom Checks

Many people have seen the ads featuring Matt Badiali holding a giant freedom check stating that it too can be yours, while it isn’t free money, you too can receive a freedom check. Freedom checks are not government hand outs, in fact, they don’t come from the government at all. It isn’t just a free check either, it’s an investment and a legitimate one at that. Visit the website to learn more.

Freedom checks, plain and simple, are investment opportunities. You commit your capital and have the opportunity for future returns. This investment opportunity is possible due to one simple law, Statute 26-F. Basically, this law allows companies to operate in a tax free manner if they meet two requirements. First, 90% of their revenue must come in the form of storage, production, process and the transportation of both gas and oil within the United States of America. Secondly, they must agree that they will pay out these freedom checks to their shareholders. The companies that fit this criteria and issue these checks are called master limited partnerships, more often referred to as MLPs. Most commonly in the United States, these MLPs are often companies that operate oil and gas pipelines.

For those who decide that freedom checks are for them, Matt Badiali includes a newsletter that helps people decide which freedom check providers are right for their investments. His guidelines are fairly simple, a company should have at least $1 billion of in demand assets at their fingertips, and they should be involved in oil, gas, earth minerals or silver, a resource that is in high demand. Badiali also goes on to outline a few other key factors like companies that are profitable enough to yield high payouts, a proven history of paying large proceeds to investors, and finally, incredibly strong and unquestionable financial records.

For those who are interested, this isn’t just for the rich and those who have been playing the market for decades. Some of the MLPs that are currently trading are going for under $10 per share meaning this is an investment many average American’s can take advantage of and enjoy.

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Dr. David Samadi takes over cancer treatment with a storm

Dr. Samadi is a renowned doctor, and his work is recognized around the world, Dr. Samadi studied medicine and specialized in urology. His need to provide better solutions inspired the innovation of robotic surgery for patients with prostate cancer.

David has worked in several hospitals and performed many robotic surgeries; his dedication and hard work have made him one of the most outstanding doctors in the urology field. His work has not gone unnoticed, Samadi received several awards, in 2014 he was recognized one of the best doctors since 2004, a year later he appeared in the New York list of best doctors. His exceptional work has helped him gain a lot of trust from his patients as well as people who closely work with him.

Apart from performing surgery and conducting research on methods that would treat prostate cancer, Dr. David also highly advocates for prostate cancer awareness. He aims at introducing preventive measures, educating people on signs to look out for so at to detect the condition at an early stage and also offers free services and meets with men who seek medical advice. Dr. Samadi is also a professor and specializes in teaching about prostate cancer.

One would wonder, with all the activities and the busy schedule, how does Dr. Samadi mange and remain productive?

David Samadi explains his ideal day, he wakes up at around 4.30 am and gets to the office around 6 am, Samadi says that morning hours are his most productive and it is at this time that he plans upcoming activities. In a week David performs surgeries 2 to 3 times and before leaving the office, David checks up on his patents to ensure they are okay.

How Dr. Samadi brings his ideas to life, during the day, ideas and thoughts may appear to him. One way he ensures the ideas do no vanish is by creating a sketch in his mind. After creating the sketches at the most convenient time, Samadi can retrieve the ideas and put them down on paper. He has an excellent memory and is thus able to store a lot of information.

One book that Dr. Samadi recommends to readers is “anything is possible “a book assembled by Elizabeth Strout. This collection displays David’s belief in people’s ability and it’s a great inspiration mainly because he is the real definition that anything is possible despite the background or upbringing.

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The Role Barbara Stokes Plays In Sheltering Disaster Victims

Green Structure Homes Delivered is a company located in Huntsville, Alabama. It is construction firm known for its disaster relief services. GHS partners with various government agencies and also with FEMA to construct temporary homes or structures for disaster victims. When a disaster such as tornados and hurricanes strike, most communities are left homeless. GHS comes in to construct some temporary shelters for the affected communities. Temporary housing has been a huge demand for GSH and it has continued to meet this demand with the help of the $28.5 million it won through FEMA contract. It has used this money to hire more workers and expand its operations. Construction products from Green Structure Homes have been in high demand especially when wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, as well as, other disasters come. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes happens to the innovative leader in GSH (Green Structure Homes Delivered), which she founded in 2008. Barbara studied at a Macon-based Mercer University in Georgia where she studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. She went further and studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Material Properties, Management and Manufacturing at Mercer University and graduated in 2001. Her vast experience from Boeing and Pisces Corporation helped her to become the Chief Executive Officer of GSH in Huntsville. Having obtained incredible experience in government contracts, Barbara has supported the US government and FEMA in constructing temporary relief homes.

The kind of project management that Green Structure Homes provides is in-house. Green Structure Homes has more than 30 years’ leadership and experience in overall inspection, installation, development, foundation, and planning. Through GSH, Barbara Stokes has managed to construct steel and wood structured homes, particularly in North America. She is known to build high standard and innovative modular and mobile structures. Her structures are resistant to mildew, pests, and mold and they are easy to customize. She knows how to design the family structures into one, two or multiple bedroom units with customizable baths and kitchens.


Besides being the GSH CEO, Barbara is also a wife to Scott Stokes and a mother of three. Though a busy contractor and family woman, she still finds time to actively volunteer in her Huntsville community. Her commitment to the community, especially in times of disaster, is unmatched. In addition to building temporal structures during disaster times, Barbara’s aim is also to offer the local business community adequate support. She also looks forward to seeing indirect and direct job growth in the neighboring regions accelerated. Innovation and safety are her main concerns when constructing temporary homes of families. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

LimeCrime And Their New 100% Vegan Makeup Products

LimeCrime Cosmetics is a successful beauty brand that has taken social media by storm. All of their makeup products and hair dyes are certified 100 percent vegan and cruelty- free. A product is certified vegan if it does not include ingredients of inedible parts of animals or byproducts. By products such as whey, lanolin, beeswax or carmine can be found in many beauty products. A brand is considered cruelty-free if all of their ingredients have not been tested on animals. Lime Crime is certified by The Leaping Bunny Program and the PETA organization.

The Leaping Bunny Program created the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics to help protect animal rights. They require strict background testing to ensure that all beauty products are not tested on animals. They have verified that all of LimeCrime cosmetics and products are guaranteed to be cruelty-free. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or (PETA), is a widely known organization for animal rights in the United States. Their website includes a database of companies that are certified cruelty-free, including Lime Crime Cosmetics. LimeCrime and their employees are dedicated to the fair treatment of all animals. Each individual committed to creating only the best animal-friendly products.

What makes this company stand out above the rest is their line of Unicorn hair dyes. This easy to use hair color washes and fades out gradually. If you’re looking for natural hair dye, the Unicorn line isn’t for you. This ultra-conditioning, full coverage color comes in a wide variety of shades such as purple, hot pink, mint green, and grey. Unicorn Hair color is so gentle that it will never damage your hair. Their formula contains the purest vegan ingredients that never include bleach, ammonia, peroxide or PPD.

Recently, they came out with a gorgeous makeup product called the Venus XL Palette. It comes with 18 long-lasting vibrant shades with 4 different finishes including, matte, matte sparkle, glow and metallic. Every shadow is highly pigmented and goes on silky smooth.

Master Juggler – Ara Chakerian, A Man of Many Talents

Ara Chackerian’s successful career spans decades. With a focus mainly on healthcare technology, he has founded multiple companies throughout his career. Along with his involvement with many companies as a member of the board and his entrepreneurship not including his work with nonprofit organizations one can think of Ara Chackerian as a master juggler with a Midas touch.

Graduating with a marketing and business management degree from Florida State University in 2001, the San Francisco-based entrepreneur began his professional career after graduation by founding BMC Diagnostics, a company that provides MRI and other non-invasive diagnostic services. He served for six years as the company’s CEO. Ara Chackerian was able to lead the company through a successful acquisition to Health Diagnostics in 2007. After the successful sale of his company, he went on to create ASC Capital Holdings in 2007. Through ASC, Ara began to invest in innovative healthcare startups.

But he never lost the entrepreneur bug, and he continued to build up companies over time. One of his endeavors, Limonapa Teak, resulted from his family’s time traveling in Nicaragua. During his travels, he gained interest in sustainable organic community farming. The farm, one thousand acres previously used as cattle grazing land, is currently in its beginning stages and not presently selling any teak. However, it has been successful at helping the local community to understand sustainable farming and has produced a harvest of fruits and vegetables. It is also supporting the local community as they are able to earn a living wage working on the farm. Check out norluyce

Ara is able to juggle all of this while continuing to hold executive and board positions at many other healthcare and investment related firms. He is currently a board member at Hatlen Center For the Blind, Pipeline Healthcare, Juma Ventures, Mint Medical Education, and TMS Health Solutions. You can visit their Facebook page.

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Agreements With Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has been around since 2012 and is a finance company that lends money in return for stock. They base who they are going to lend to on the person or business personal and financial goals. During their year of globalization, Equities First Holdings opened an office in London and this office has been very successful. The French Tribune wrote an article about the major deals or loans that Equities First Holdings has been involved with. Like one of the public deals that Equities First Holdings made with Paysafe Group PLC, in which they paid back all of the collateral in the agreement; Meaning that the loan was paid off. This was accomplished due to strict agreements made between the two companies. This gives people an inside on Equities First Holdings loan agreements. One of the most interesting things is that while they hold on to your shares, they still let interest collect on them. Meaning after the loan and you get your shares back, they could be worth more.

How To Choose The Best Financial Institution For Your Needs

If you are on the lookout for a good bank for your business or personal needs, you need to do your research. It is extremely important to find a reliable financial institution like Nexbank before opening your bank account.

NexBank is a reputable and successful financial institution in Dalles, Texas. Nexbank announced the completion of a $54 million deal with certain investors. This bank stated that the transaction involved private placement of its subordinated notes.

Nexbank has been around for decades and is considered one of the leading financial institutions in the country. This renowned bank has a team of highly qualified financial advisors, money management experts and investment advisors.

Choosing a bank for your company or personal needs requires careful thought and planning. You don’t just select any bank out there and hope that they will meet your needs. It is advisable to check out the background and reputation of the bank and then decide if they are suitable for your situation.

In Dallas, many people turn to Nexbank for high quality financial products and services. Numerous residents of this area are satisfied with services they receive from this reliable bank.

Nexbank knows that many people desire to own their home and change their life. There is a lot of top quality real estate properties in Dallas, Texas, but the average person cannot afford it. Dallas Neighborhood Homes focus on making sure that low income people in Dallas have a nice home.

Nexbank is happy to work with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to ensure that financial capital is available for this venture. Non-profit mortgage provides a huge assistance to low income residents so they can have a place to stay.

Nexbank cares about the well-being of residents of this area and takes steps to help the community, by getting involved in fund raising activities for college students, through real estate deals, or providing a safe capital foundation.

NexBank also approaches lending from a partnership perspective. Their experienced team works closely with customers to develop financial solutions that meet their specific needs.

Equities First Holdings News: Gathering Partnerships

With many of us caring as to how many people die, how many bombs went off, how many people went hungry, etc. we can not have the peace of mind that we need to keep the world seeming like a good place. However, this article might help with that. This article only contains the news you want on Equities First Holdings. The EFH company has created a business standard that every company should go by. They have now started a relationship with the ETC company where they will be funding the bigger projects that the company has.

About EFH

There are many ways that a company could run their business, but there are only a few ways that are good ones to go by. Equities First Holdings is a great example of how to run a business the good way, with the amount of one-on-one attention that they give each client and the overall way they treat their clients.

What You Thought About Banks. …

We hate to be so forward with you. The reason your money is suffering has nothing to do with outside forces. We all have control over the money we earn, and no one can direct us in how to best spend it. Consider a bit more responsibility if you’re seeing money leave your hands without ever realizing it.

We have to admit, however, that it’s easy to say your money should be better managed. This is why the NexBank agency has also done something special for you. We’ve developed effective banking options that give you a perfect overview of the money you’re spending and the potential of it when you hold on just a bit longer.

Who NexBank Is And What We Provide?

NexBank began within the financial field of Wall Street. The founders are financial professionals who operate A leading international bank. These professionals set and meet the high standards of Wall Street and earn a lot of money in the end. We share these details with you because you should know about who’s handling your money.

Giving your money to a national bank is dangerous. We stand as a local option in Dallas, but one that bridges your financial future to the best prospects in money. The objective of a bank is to protect, provide access to and allow the growth of money. Considering NexBank is about you reconsidering better control over your finances and rewards.

Bringing Dallas, Texas To Your Feet

Dallas, Texas is a booming economy and shows no signs of stopping. This agency works as a local bank provider for a good reason. You are the inspiration. The development being seen in Dallas is a result of the work you and others in your community are accomplishing. This makes the future of the city and your finances a local matter.

NexBank works to accommodate the needs of the city. We’re able to better understand your resources, needs and challenges by being in the same locality. The great news we have is that Texas is showing U.S. States what it means to enterprise. This innovation is an impact on your money, and the transformation occurs through NexBank.

Todd Lubar: Helping Fellow Entrepreneurs

When a person decides to become an entrepreneur, there can be many pitfalls along the way. One of the biggest can be securing financing for their business, which is often a process that takes plenty of time and effort. Unfortunately, despite their time and effort, many budding entrepreneurs get turned down time after time. However, businessman Arthur Becker is not one of those. Widely regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation, Arthur has started many unique businesses along the way, in addition to being a successful real estate investor. Much like Arthur, Todd Lubar has found great success as an entrepreneur, as exhibited in a recent interview.


With a long career in real estate and finance, Todd Lubar has as much knowledge of these areas of business as anyone working today. Honing his craft while working as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage and Legacy Financial, Todd built up a vast network of contacts that included accountants, insurance agents, real estate brokers, and many others. Having been involved in thousands of transactions over the course of his real estate career, Todd has amassed a level of knowledge that has helped client after client gain the financing needed to pursue a variety of self-employment opportunities. Check out his page.



With his current company TDL Ventures, Todd works with clients who have big dreams, but few sources of financing. In this capacity, he taps his numerous business contacts to find alternative sources of financing for his clients. Whether speaking with real estate brokers or insurance agents, Todd and his clients almost always come away with numerous options to obtain the funding needed for their business opportunities. For more details visit Inspirery.


Striving to provide his clients with the best possible service, Todd has gained a reputation for always going the extra mile for his clients. Whether advising them on the best sources for financing, giving them advice on potential business opportunities, or helping them navigate the complex paperwork that comes with obtaining financing, it’s clear Todd knows his business inside and out. With his determination and knowledge, Todd will continue to be a driving force in business. You can visit his website