The Career of Investment Firm Founder James Dondero

James Dondero has been heavily involved in the finance industry as both an employee and an entrepreneur for many years. During his career, James has worked for investment firms as a traditional employee and later an entrepreneur. During his working career as an employee, he would specialize in managing credit based securities along with managing assets for top companies. After working as an employee for a number of years, James would co found his own investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. The firm serves as one that provides a wide range of financial services for both individuals and institutional investors. Along with being an entrepreneur in finance, James is a philanthropist as he regularly participates in numerous charitable activities to improve his community.

The career of James Dondero began when he first worked at an investment firm as a credit analyst. This position gave him the foundation necessary to succeed in the field as well as become an entrepreneur. While holding the position of credit analyst, James would spend his time evaluating financial securities that were backed by credit and debt. He would become very successful at this position and eventually take advantage of other opportunities later in his career. As an employee for an investment firm, James Dondero’s career would culminate when he attained the position of chief investment officer. This position entailed managing the assets for major companies. While at this position, James would gain valuable experience overseeing large sums of money. This experience would then convince James to start his own business which would be a full scale investment firm.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, James co founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada. Together, they established a reputable life insurance company. This company would quickly develop into a successful provider of life insurance policies and investment plans. While the company was very successful as a life insurance provider, James looked to make the company more diverse. He began offering a wider range of financial services for clients to take advantage of. The firm would begin offering products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. It would also provide services such as wealth and asset management for investors such as individuals and corporations.

MB2 Dental Solutions Connecting Dentists

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions. The doctor is an active dentist with experiences in both corporate dentistry and sole practice. He was inspired to establish the medical facility because of the challenges dentists face on both sides of the dentistry business. The idea of forming MB2 Dental Solutions developed after Dr. Chris graduation. He, therefore, created a business model that combines private practice and large group practice. MB2 provides clinical autonomy and less bureaucracy like private practices and economies of scale, state of the art technology and shared practices that are available in an extensive group practice. The dental solution is set to provide assistance to its members and maintain the integrity of the profession.

MB2 is currently operating in six states with over 70 affiliated locations. The firm has employed 533 employees headed by a team of professionals. Unlike the dental practice management networks that offer traditional dental practices that focus on creating profits, MB2 Dental is unique. Its uniqueness is based on the point that it concentrates less on making profits and more on ensuring proper dental care is provided.

The independent private firm focuses on maintaining autonomy, personal growth, support and having fun in the profession. MB2 assists in improving the dental care that benefits the patients. MB2DeNTAL Solutions is beneficial to both patients and dentists. One of the advantages it offers to dentists is the provision of a suitable working environment. Through communication and networking, dentists can assist each other in practice. Since work with play makes Jack a dull boy, MB2 takes its members to retreats twice in a year. The retreat provides and a platform where the dentists come together to share experiences, learn from each other and have fun all at the same time.

MB2 also provides guidance and personalized systems and knowledge that are non-clinical. This equips private practitioners with the technical know-how of managing and their businesses and at the same time provide high-quality dental care.

The medical facility is headed and managed by a team of young, energetic professionals. Dr. Chris Villanueva is not only the Chief Executive Officer of the firm but also its founder. He has served in practice on different levels. Dr. Chris served as an associate dentist, associate dental trainer and an advocate of the doctors’ practice model. The Chief Operating Officer of MB2 is Justin Carol while Justin Puckett is its president.

Finance Entrepreneur James Dondero

James Dondero is currently the co founder and president of the financial services company known as Highland Capital Management. Over the course of his career, James has proven to be an expert in the field of finance. He regularly monitors the markets, looks for quality investment opportunities and also looks to take advantage of unique opportunities that can lead to high profits. As the president and co founder of Highland Capital Management, James has built his firm into one of the leading credit and debt backed securities management firms in the world. He was the first to introduce collateralized loan obligations outside of the banking industry. Before starting up his own firm, James worked as an employee of an investment firm where he would gain the experience necessary to become knowledgeable about the financial services industry.

Like a number of other professionals in finance, James Dondero first went to college and attained a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and finance. He finished college as one of the highest ranked students and would quickly get his first job at an investment firm. When he first began his career, he would specialize in analyzing credit backed securities. During his career, he would gain more experience evaluating securities. He would eventually become the chief investment officer of an investment firm. At this position, James oversaw large sums of money for major corporations such as American Express. This experience provided James with the expertise necessary to start up and manage a successful investment firm of his own.

After working as an employee for his entire career, James decided to start up his own company in 1990. He would collaborate with Mark Okada and together found a financial services firm. When Highland Capital Management started out, it was a company that specialized in providing life insurance policies. During its brief history, the company would establish itself as one that provided a number of quality life insurance policies that met the needs of many consumers. However, James looked to innovate his firm by offering more financial services in order to meet the growing needs of consumers. By the end of the 1990’s, Highland Capital Management would offer many other services such as hedge fund management and collateralized loan obligations.

Equities First Holdings UK

Looking for financial solutions and possible opportunities? Look no further! Equities First Holdings in the UK is the way to go. Loans, traded stock, and other financial services are offered by Equities First Holdings UK. Equities First was previously known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Continuing to maintain after the constant growth of technology, this company has been operating over fifteen years. The techniques this company use have allowed them to offer customers lower rates to achieve their financial goals no matter the size or reason for the loan. Equities First Holdings have grown tremendously regardless of the monetary crisis the company once had to face.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

Equities First Holdings at Wikipedia

Equities first Holdings is a finical institution that was made for the people and by the people. The company has made sure to cultivate a large staff of strong, educated, and dedicated individuals who can help the people with all of their finical hard aches. If you are looking to invest your money and need help doing so then Equities first Holding is a nice place for you to go and checkout. There corporation stared to do business in 2002 and since has made sure to skip all of their customers empowered and ready for tomorrow. The company with give you help with any finical issues you might come across. The company is even willing to offer out loans, so there is no need to get advice at one place then go somewhere else for the loan. You finical adviser at Equities First Holding will be your one and only consultant you will need for money related issue.,34.htm

How Vinny Parascandola Has Contributed Towards the Remarkable Growth of AXA Advisors

Vinny Parascandola is one of the most reputed corporate executives with remarkable track records. As the senior vice president of AXA Advisors, Vinny focuses on recruitment of senior position individuals, retention and management of sales and developing financial professionals. Vinny graduated with a bachelor of science degree from the Pace University.

Why Was Vinny Parascandola The Best Candidate For The Position?

Vinny has been ion the financial sector for over 25 years making him the best fit for the position. His career began in 1987 when he worked at Prudential as an agent. During his time in Prudential, he was crowned the National Rookie of the Year. Winning this award at his young age gave him the motivation to work hard to achieve more, which is evident with the milestones he has accomplished 30 years later.

After his career at Prudential, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 where he held several senior regional management positions. In this insurance company, he worked until 2004 when he joined AXA Advisors. At AXA Advisors, he served as the chairman of Advantage Group, A unit of AXA Equitable. It was his achievements at this position that he earned his appointment as the senior vice president of the world leading financial service provider. For more details visit Brightscope.

Vinny Parascandola’s Achievement

With over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, Vincent Parascandola has been able to scoop several awards. Among the awards include GAMA’s Career Development Award and Master Agency Awards. His outstanding management skills have also earned him an opportunity to speak with many insurance companies, including GAMA’s National Lamp Conference and LIMRA’s distribution conference. As an alumnus of the Pace University, he was invited to give a commencement speech at the 2014 graduation.

AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors is multinational insurance company specializing in global insurance, investments management, and other financial services. The firm has its headquarters in Paris, France. The company has regional offices in Western Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Under the leadership of Vincent Parascandola, the company established AXA Research Fund in 2008. This organization supports research aimed at understanding the risks that affect the environment and human life as well as developing solutions. Check out Wallethub for more.

Rick Smith Building Stronger Systems to Ensure Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a top provider of tech solutions for criminal and civil justice. The company utilizes advanced technologies to provide monitoring investigation, public safety, biometric analysis, communication, and corrections services to public law and correctional facilities. With an experienced team and 800 product offerings, the company hopes to deter crime and other social problems. The company’s CEO, Rick Smith appointed a new Vice President of Sales, John Bell in 2015 to strengthen the company’s pursuit to reach more users. Between 2012 and 2015, Rick Smith initiated investments of up to $600 million for product development and acquisitions. John’s primary role was to help in the marketing of the new products and create teams that can drive the sales. The new vice president would work with the sales vice president to roll out the new products, make comparisons of the Securus products, develop detailed marketing plans and develop and train sales teams.Rick Smith’s focus was to make the corrections and public enforcement agencies comprehend the products fully to enable Securus to win more contracts.

Securus Technologies products had expanded to include payment services, prisons monitoring and investigations services, communications, and other inmate based services. With the acquisition of JPay in 2015, Securus wanted to reach a broader segment of the market.Rick Smith received emails from public facilities and criminal agencies officers that acknowledge the company for the efforts to make the public safer. Rick has since reiterated his belief of Securus Technologies as a substantial investment. Further, the product development process at Securus is a continuous process with proposals being fronted at least once a week to enhance the fight against social problems and crime. Securus has also enabled families to keep in touch with the incarcerated members to ensure a smooth transition to the community and reduce recidivism.

At Securus, Rick Smith prioritizes safety and social responsibility. The company offers its services to over 3450 facilities across North America and serves more than 1.2 million.Until his appointment at Securus in 2008, Rick Smith was the Chief Executive Officer of Eschelon Telecom. He had joined the telecom company in 1998 as the chief financial officer before being promoted to chief financial officer in 1999 and later president in 2000. The first years of his career, Rick worked with Frontier Corp and rose to become President. Rick also serves on the board of Securus.Rick Smith attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned an associate degree in electrical engineering. At the State University of New York, Richard received an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in electrical engineering at the Brockport and Buffalo campuses. He pursued an MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick Smith hopes to continue engaging the communities and other stakeholders as Securus innovates to make the process of criminal and civil justice efficient.

Eating and Connecting With Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen

There is a shift in the mindset of the world. Among the shifts that are being experienced is an awakening. Just a few years ago, all that really mattered was indulgence and gratification. This is one of the reasons that fast food companies like McDonalds and Burger King were always popular. They had all of the great taste. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

However, there is a common issue with fast food companies. This issue is that there is a lot of harm being done to the health of the individuals. There is also another issue that has come as a result of the indulgent society. This is the issue of isolation.

Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru and a couple of other people are working very hard to bring forth a new age that involves health and connection. They are not only bringing forth a fast service company that offers healthy items in place of the usual processed items but are also bringing forth an environment where people can eat and connect with one another.

This is a far cry from the grab and go method of eating fast food. Even though many fast food restaurants have areas where people can eat, they are encouraged to just grab their meals and go.

One of the ways that Nathaniel Ru is changing the fast food industry with Sweetgreen is offering people the chance to enjoy some really good shows at some of the locations. This is one idea that he and the other owners of the company had when they have seen that some of the locations are not performing as well as they wanted.

Among the things they did was reach out to the community and get information of what they are into and thought about ways to provide it to the audience. This has resulted in certain concert shows.

Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen is an example of a business that is going to change society as a whole. This is made possible in part because Nathaniel Ru’s philosophy that everything someone does should last longer than he himself does. This type of philosophy brings forth a lot of innovation.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden-Empowering Women on Personal and Professional Levels

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is an American accredited plastic surgeon who has amassed a great amount of wealth solving people’s problems in the industry. For more than one decade of professional experience in the medical world, Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has achieved to help more than 300 patients in all her private practices located in major cities in the country. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has also decided to take on a new endeavor to achieve paralleled business internationally. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has also developed a private practice based in London and Canada. This is because she feels that her business would assimilate better business values in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has also amassed a great amount of wealth as a media commentator and as a plastic surgeon in the United States. This is because he has a straightforward way of doing business that raises trust among her clients. Because she always takes her time solving the problems their clients face in the industry, they are working towards developing the most sophisticated business capability in a manner that depicts better business values. This is the reason why her services are regarded as better in the plastic surgery world in the United States.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a media commentator and American plastic surgeon who has achieved so much for her patients for over two decades of excellence and professional experience. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden commencer her career as a plastic surgeon in Manhattan. During that time, she had little experience solving the main problems associated with plastic surgery. However, Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has amassed a great base of skill with the help of Dr. Harper Bazaar based in Manhattan. For this reason, her experience has played a major role in making business solutions achieve the directed path in the business world. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is also the CEO and Founder of the Walden Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center based in New Jersey. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is also the CEO and Founder of the privately-held Walden PLC Company. Her excellence in the industry denotes better business.


The Role and Strategies of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is usually referred to as CTCA. The headquarters of the company is situated in Boca Raton. It is a countrywide network consisting of the five hospitals offering services to the adult patients concerning cancer-fighting. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is prominently known for its offer of an approach that entails an integrative strategy. The objective, in this case, is to enhance the combination of advancements related to genomic testing together with precise cancer treatment, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. This is inclusive of therapies that are well supported, and their design is meant to assist patients both emotionally and physically. Such is done through the facilitation of quality life in the course of managing the side effects after and during treatment.

It is remarkable that Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives service to patients from the rest of the globe. Such services are offered through its hospitals located in Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Atlanta. In the reflection of their strategy that is patient-centered towards cancer care, their patient contentment is continually high thus putting it among the best countrywide regarding the provision of cancer cares.
The rating also categorizes it among the most desired hospital systems countrywide regarding the consumer surveys nationally.
It is worth acknowledging that each of the centers is under the management of cancer experts capable of using the best-edge technologies together with advanced cures in delivering care that is personalized. This is what keeps it outstanding compared to the others.
Richard Stephenson facilitated the establishment of Cancer Treatment Centers of America after the death of his mother. The latter had died of cancer. His first creation of Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital took place in 1988 following his dissatisfaction with the then present treatment options. The opening of the first center took place at Zion, Illinois. It is referred to as the Midwestern Regional Medical Center. The opening of the other four started in 2005 and progressed until 2012.