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While Market America Unfranchise is not a franchise, it does have some of its elements. Market America Unfranchise does give the ability to have up to date managing technologies, systematized production and provides the capability of owning several locations for your business. In contrast to franchises, there are no fees, royalty payments, or territorial boundaries. There is also smaller risk than those associated with franchises; and any startup costs are considerably smaller. Market America Unfranchise gives you the ability to gain income with the option of working part-time and with the hours of your choosing. This can be done via Market America Unfranchise by offering products through the owner’s Market America Web Portal. With just 10 to 15 preferred customers, anywhere from 30 to 50 percent gross profit can be earned withMarket America Unfranchise’s business model. And this can easily doubled by creating additional retail partners. Market America Unfranchise gives owners a plan with specified details and a custom web portal and the controls to customize it. Market America even provides the items for sale and advertising tools. One of the stand out products offered is nutraMetrix. NutraMetrix allows healthcare professional to initialize nutritional plans specific to the individual patient. One of the many truly groundbreaking products available only through Market America Unfranchise.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage – A Progressive Leader in the Healthcare Niche

Dr. Scott Rocklage has been described as a revolutionary in the field of medicine. He is currently a managing partner at 5AM Ventures and an authoritative figure in the industry.

Education Background

Dr. Scott attended the University of California, Berkley where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He went on to further his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry.

Dr. Scott Rocklage was very notable during his time at MIT. He was under the mentorship of Richard R. Schrock, a renowned Nobel Peace Prize winner in Chemistry in 2005. Rocklage used to conduct his research at Schrock’s laboratory at the esteemed institute.

Dr. Scott Rocklage Career

Dr. Scott Rocklage has been a managing partner at 5AM Ventures since 2004. He joined the company in 2003 as a venture partner and quickly moved up the ranks thanks to his experience and reputation.

Under his leadership, 5AM Ventures has risen up the ranks to become one of the biggest companies in its niche with several patents under its belt.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has worked for several companies since the start of his career. He was the chairman and Chief Operating Officer at Cubist Pharmaceuticals before joining 5AM Ventures. Before that he was the CEO of Nycomed Salutar where he also held several Research and Design (R&D) positions.

He has also served as the Chairman of Board at Novra Therapeutics, Inc. as well as the Chairman of Board at Cidara Therapeutics, Inc. Other positions that he has held include the CEO and President of Amercham Health as well as the Executive Chairman and Co-President at Ilypsa, Inc.

A Progressive Leader

Several factors combine to make Dr. Scott Rocklage one of the most progressive leaders in the healthcare industry. To start with, he has over three decades of experience working in different companies and in varying positions mostly revolving around leadership.

Additionally, he places great emphasis on working with the best professionals in his niche as is evident in the team of employees at 5AM Ventures.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has been so successful that he has managed to get FDA approval for three new drugs: Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan.

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The Success of Eric Pulier as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Introduction to Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. At such a young age, Pulier has made an impact in the American economy. Pulier is brilliant technologist, a generous philanthropist, a communist, published author and a columnist

Early Life

Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey. His early education sharpened his natural intelligence. Pulier started studying computer programming and its internal operations during his primary education. In the fourth-grade, he developed a complete and operational computer. Eric completed his high school education in 1984. At this age, Pulier had already started a small computer database management firm.

Eric Pulier applied and joined Harvard University after graduating from high school. He surprised many people when he decided to pursue a degree in English and American Literature. However, the course equipped him the necessary knowledge to tackle various challenges in entrepreneurial career. Eric Pulier became a columnist at The Harvard Crimson, the University`s daily newspaper. His educative and sensational articles are still available in his Harvard writer profile. He covered a broad range of topics in his articles, ranging from educational stigma to terrorism.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Eric Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988. After three years, Eric relocated to Los Angeles to start his businesses. He started People Doing Things, his first company, in 1991. Later, Eric started several firms. One of his most recognizable and revolutionary ventures was XPrize. The project was a prized competition for individuals who were willing to advance their business dreams. Eric Pulier founded other organizations such as Akana, Desktone, MediaPlaform and Media Interactive to learn more  a bout us: click here.

Philanthropic Participation

Painted Turtle, a camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses, is one of his most established philanthropy efforts. Eric Pulier is the organization`s VP, who deals with cloud operations. He has dedicated his money and time to help these children. Pulier has worked with Starbright to build a secure and specialized social media platform, for children suffering from chronic illnesses. In 1900, Eric Pulier worked with President Bill Clinton, in the cloud computing project, to establish low-cost solutions for needy communities in the U.S.

Richard Mishaan’s Homer Design Takes New York by Storm

Richard Mishaan Design, based in New York, and founded by its namesake, Richard Mishaan, has added another piece to its design and interiors portfolio with Home Design. This online shopping experience is filled with custom and carefully curated items that will complement many varied design styles. Homer Design offers book shelves and other case goods, seating, lighting, and accessories. Richard Mishaan Design is the perfect brand to offer stylish pieces for a reasonable price that will make your house feel like home.

Richard Mishaan Design has been a major player in the Manhattan design world for many years, and ultimately the firm has clients the world over. The unique way that Richard Mishaan Design is able to translate each client’s individual tastes into a high-end design statement is remarkable. Through Homer Design the team is able to bring this eclectic style to even more people that are looking to make a design statement without losing their own personal nuances.

The client’s of Richard Mishaan Design have come to expect top service and products, and the growth and longevity of the firm speak to its success in meeting these needs. Those wanting to learn more about how they can incorporate their own pieces and personality with today’s top design trends may enjoy Mishaan’s two publications, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. These two volumes offer insight and examples of how the old and the new and be combined to great a memorable design statement that remains unique.

Mishaan has also been featured in industry periodicals such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Design Magazine. The continued evolution of this group while adhering to their principles and core beliefs make them a firm that we believe will continue to prosper and delight. We look forward to seeing the direction that Homer Design takes.


The Immense Contribution of CEO Rick Smith to the Growth of Securus Technologies

Following the retirement of Richard Falcone in 2008, Rick Smith was chosen in June 2008 as the successor of Securus Technologies. Rick was chosen due to his exemplary background, entrepreneurial skills, business skill as well as educational skills.Previously, he served Securus in various departments such as finance, operations, ICT, business development. Coupled with significant experience in telecoms, he has steered Securus to become an industry leader in the prisons communication industry.With an outstanding educational background, Rick has a science degree in Electrical engineering and an MBA in Mathematics from Rochester University.

Rick has proved to be a money maker as demonstrated when he previously worked in Eschelon Telecom as a CFO and progressed to CEO in the year 2003 during which he increased company revenue by over $320 million. This was very impressive by business standards which are no easy feat to achieve.Based in Texas Dallas, Securus was founded in 1986. It has branches in parts of Georgia and Texas. Securus is an American profit prison technological firm. It employs well over 1000 people and has approximately 2,600 contracts in US correctional facilities as well as serving 2,200 contracts in Canada and US states.Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus has been able to invest well above $600 million in three years in patents and technological advancement. This goes to prove that Rick Smith has been able to boost Securus to achieve its targets. Securus has thrived exponentially.

Global Tel Link is their biggest competition and Securus has been able to constantly outperform Global Tel Link by:

  • Having a large differentiated set of products and services for marketing such as video visitation services
  • Targeted signal blocks to eliminate cell phone usage in prisons thus protecting inmates and citizens.
  • Training field technicians and creating one of the world’s largest VOIP Corrections platforms for callers.Establishing a localized call-center manned by staff who outperform its competition by 600%

Securus has so far been able to provide the following services:

  • Providing the corrections community with Technology and incident management services.
  • Emergency response.
  • Monitoring of communication
  • Biometric analysis
  • Public information
  • Investigation as well as inmate self-services.

With Rick Smith’s drive and laser focus, his leadership skills have set him apart and enabled him to move the company forward with quality services and products which make them an undisputed leader in the correctional industry.With its specialized commitment under Rick’s watch, Securus has continuously exceeded expectations in the history of time and it strives to maintain their reputation by working hand in hand with their customers, communities surrounding them by creating a safer environment, giving back to the community through empowerment.

Cameron Clokie’s revolutionary invention in Toronto

Cameron Clokie is a surgeon, lecturer, scientist and a serial entrepreneur and he lives in Toronto. Currently, he is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc, a company that deals with musculoskeletal reconstruction through the use of regenerative treatment.

He graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from McGill University located in Montreal, Canada. He also earned a diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the same university. While here, Dr. Cameron established a bone research group.

Dr. Cameron Clokie worked in clinical practice and academic dentistry for three decades and has been in many leadership positions in Health industry. He has also had appointments as an advisor to boards of some companies.

In 1998, Dr. Cameron was given the head position of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The university he used to lecture, Toronto, also awarded him a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. And he retired from academics in 2017.

Dr. Cameron written work has contributed to the world of research, especially in medicine. His papers have been featured by big publishers both nationally and internationally. His main topics have been on reconstruction medicine and bone regeneration; which happens to be his primary area of practice and research now.

Dr. Cameron’s successes

In 2003, Dr. Clokie hit the news headlines when he helped a 60-year-old man, Mr. Peter Russel, regain his lost cheek. The man had undergone surgery to remove a tumor that had grown on his cheek, and in the process, he lost his cheek born. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Dr. Cameron applied his long years of research in bone regeneration to help Mr. Russel regrow the lost cheek. The process involved use of specialized proteins known as bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) to transform stem cells into bone tissues. And the jaw started to grow, filling the gap.

The groundbreaking surgery took place at Mount Sinai Hospital and Toronto General Hospital.

This invention will revolutionize medicine industry especially joining dislodged spine. Though the protein can result in uncontrollable growth, it is worth the risk in every way.

Dr. Cameron main objective is to develop affordable yet effective bio implants that will help reduce dependence on natural regrowth of bones.

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Greg Secker’s Inspiration Behind Founding Knowledge To Action Group

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur. He was born in 1975. Moreover, he is a master trader, philanthropist, and international speaker. In 2003, Secker established the Knowledge to Action Group. It comprises different companies that include Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, and The Greg Secker Foundation. These organizations focus on teaching people how to trade with the objective of enhancing their livelihoods.

Secker’s started his remarkable career by rendering his services for Thomas Cook Financial services prior to joining the foreign exchange field to run The Virtual Trading Desk. The new business was the first of its type to provide an online forex trading system. The platform enables traders to receive quotes for foreign exchange transactions in real-time.

After having success with The Virtual Trading Desk, Secker was appointed to serve as the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, a renowned Fortune 500 investment bank. This position allowed Secker to work and travel to international trading centers. His expertise in the field grew rapidly. Within three months, he established Learn to Trade, a worldwide leader in trading education. Subsequently, the firm expanded to London, South Africa, and Australia. For the past 13 years, Learn to Trade has educated more than 200,000 individuals on how to trade via workshops and seminars.

In an interview with Inspirery, Greg Secker noted that he was inspired to start his business after realizing that many people struggled to engage in forex trading. At the time, trading education was limited and the stakes of joining the trading industry were high, especially for individuals who did not have a sound educational background. Secker said that he wanted people to have the essential trading tools and be able to deal in foreign transactions.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a respected businessman. He is based in London. In his twenties, Secker was already a multi-millionaire. He established and managed one of the most successful trading firms in Europe. The company created a path for common people to gain financial freedom. He owns a leading trader coaching company. In addition, he is passionate about facilitating people to learn how to trade.

Through the Greg Secker Foundation, Secker works on enhancing people’s lives across the world. His foundation collaborates with various youth programs to enhance education, life, and leadership skills in communities. In March 2017, Greg was appointed to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.


Beneful Grain-Free Makes for Happy Dogs

A wagging tail, goofy grin, and you know your dog is happy. Even better when it is thoroughly enjoying the food that you have chosen for it. If your dog could tell you exactly what it thought of the food, what would it say? It might point out which of the wonderful flavors are its favorite or that it is happy to have more meat. Beneful Grain-Free dog food commercials let you hear what your dog might be saying, right from the mouths of other dogs. Giving a voice to our furry friends, Beneful lets dogs tell their thoughts on the delicious food that they have been given.

One dog is shown happily enjoying his food from his deck at home. Talking about chicken and pumpkin, he is quite happy. His owner is happy that it is grain-free, but the dog jut cares about the flavors. Another dog is enjoying hiking with her person. Her food is given to her and she happily eats it, glad that its mostly her favorite ingredients instead of grain.

And a final dog is enjoying spending time in the garden. She admits to having no idea what is in the dog food since she can’t read, but she is certain it must say yummy ingredients because she thinks it tastes awesome. Each dog is happy, and very happy with their humans. Beneful commercial may make your dog this happy too. And these commercials may give you an idea of the wonderful things that your dog might tell you about their food and about you.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Forty-seven years ago, Sheldon Lavin had a successful career as an investor, owner of a consulting practice, and an executive in the banking industry. Lavin also owned a financial consulting firm when Otto Kolschowksy offered him an ownership position in Otto & Sons which was a successful domestic food processing company. Sheldon Lavin did not accept the position but said that he would serve as a consultant until such time that if he ever did become a partner, he would receive certain monetary investments.

By 1975, Lavin became more involved with Otto & Sons began searching for overseas investments. Otto & Sons changed their name to the OSI Group which continued to produce and sell protein items and other food products to foodservice and retail brands. Otto Kolschowsky retired from the business and Lavin joined as a partner with Otto’s two sons – Arthur and Harry. Also, the McDonald Company asked Sheldon Lavin to join the company so that the companies could grow together for more info about us: click here.

During the 70s and 80s, the OSI Group expanded throughout North America, Europe, South America, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India, and South Africa. During the late 1980s the Kolschowsky sons retired from OSI Group handed complete control of the company to Mr. Lavin. Currently, the OSI Group is in over 17 countries and has acquired the Baho Food Dutch company.

With the acquisition of Baho, the OSI Group gained more subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands. Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has received multiple awards such as the Global Visionary Award in the early part of 2016. This honor recognizes worldwide CEOs for their perseverance and continuance in accomplishing their management goals.

Sheldon Lavin has been married for over 55 years and has three children who are married with children. The OSI Group is highly successful due to the management talents and skills of Sheldon Lavin. Even at the age of 80+ he has taken the OSI Group from domestic food processor to a global multi-billion-dollar food purveyor. Other business and non-profit recognitions have included: Trustee for Ronald McDonald House, Goodman Theater Board member, Rush University Medical Center Board member, President, and Director of The Sheba Foundation.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Innovative and Integrative

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, was founded in 1988 and has five locations across the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America at its website, says that it offers a patient-centered approach to cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Tulsa and metropolitan Atlanta. Cancer Treatment Centers of America since its inception has integrated state-of-the-art treatment regimens with supportive evidence-based protocols such as physical therapy, nutrition and natural-therapy.

Treatment is offered to patients who register at one of the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America centers. A team of experts that include nurses, oncologists, appointment managers and physical therapists are involved in aiding the complexities of cancer treatment; patient care may include appointment management, nutrition counseling, selecting treatment options and planning overall comprehensive care.

In February 2017, Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with Nanhealth and Allscripts launched an oncology treatment platform called Clinical Pathways. The system interface is called NANTOS, whose design and scope had input from numerous oncologists across the US. The platform in essence is a storehouse of evolving cancer care data. Moreover, treatment options are compatible with Cancer Treatment Centers of America treatment standards and are viewed as safe and efficient.

Treatment options in NANTOS include the following:
– Treatment regimen is customized to patient’s need.
– Comparable treatment options are listed as well as their estimated cost.
– Treatment regimens include supportive therapies.
– Treatment options list side effects of treatment and supportive therapies.
Cancer Treatment Centers of Americautilizes a patient-centered approach; two patients with the same diagnosed cancer may likely have distinct responses. The team approach to addressing the complexity of cancer is seen as a halmark, and NANTOS is seen as a means to further ensure Cancer Treatment Centers of America offering high-quality treatment.