A Positive Classroom Experience With ClassDojo

Everyone knows that education is extremely important for every child in the world. In this current technological climate, there are many things that are coming up in terms of education. These applications are making education more accessible to students, they are making parents and teachers communicate better, and they are making the education industry a better place. There is an app that promises to make communication between parents and teachers better. This app allows parents to be involved in the daily activities of their students in regards to their schoolwork. They will be able to know what their student is doing at every part of their daily life. This app is called ClassDojo. ClassDojo started as a technology startup to better the educational process.

ClassDojo is a revolutionary communication platform that ties together daily school work, parenting, and being a teacher all in one. This application has generated quite a buzz with not only people in the educational industry but with people all over the world. ClassDojo is really in a class by itself by finding ways to better students’ lives and entice parents and teachers to have a solid professional relationship. This application has generated capital from venture capitalists, as well as angel investors. They have been able to get media attention which generates more buzz for the application.

ClassDojo is solving a problem that many people in the educational industry have. One of the great things that ClassDojo have done has been to listen to the parents, the students, and the teachers to find out what they really need from this application. Throughout the process of developing the application, the company really researched schools, they researched what students do on a daily basis, and they researched how teachers teach. They also went out in the world and spoke to the parents and asked them the questions that they really needed to know. They wanted to know how parents interact with their child’s teachers, they wanted to know how they learn about their students work. With all this information they were able to compile an application that not only worked for teachers and parents but it really worked for students.