Robert Ivy Noticeable Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is a trendsetter in the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His leadership in this institution as the CEO and EVP of AIA has enabled it to be leading globally. Currently, the Institute has over 90,000 members in the United States and others in Europe, Asia and Canada. However, Robert Ivy will receive Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is offered by Mississippi Institute of Arts and letters (MIAL). The efforts and achievements of Mr. Robert are the ones that led to that awards and is the first architecture to be awarded.

It is crucial to note that the award was previously given to Eudora Welty, Walter Anderson, Morgan Freeman and but no architecture ever received it. That is when the hard work of Robert Ivy was noticed by the MIAL since he even made architecture to be a firm discipline for Mississippians. The achievement and awards winning of Robert motivate other architectures in the industry to work hard so that they can be rewarded. He is the ambassador in the industry.

Also, Mr. Robert worked as the chief editor for Architecture Record where he executed his responsibilities appropriately and awarded by the National Magazine Awards. He has contributed in the Fay Jones as the primary author, and his works can be found from there. And for this reason, the Fay Jones School of Architecture honored Robert with the Dean’s Medal.

The Polk Award is usually given to those artists that have significant connections to Mississippi, and their works should be evident and recognized by the MIAL. Mr. Robert showed the ability to transform the architecture and making it more accessible to the public. The pace that has been set by Robert Ivy is worth following since it will lead one to success and a bright future. The business entrepreneurs and architectures that have a passion for their business look for advisory services from Ivy. Since the desire of Ivy is for every person to prosper he do all the best to assist that want to excel.

The official honoring of Robert Ivy with Polk Award by the MIAL is scheduled to happen in June. Another that will get the reward alongside Ivy is Cary Young from Pearl River Glass Studio. Therefore, those members that work in the same organization should as well put more efforts to be honored with lifetime achievement awards. Robert deserves this significant award, and that marks the beginning of a bright future for him and know more

The Long History Of The American Institute Of Architects

Currently, the American Institute of Architects is headed up by Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy has worked in the architectural profession since the early 80s. He started out working at national architectural publications like Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy. Robert Ivy also had an illustrious career as an architectural critic.

In 1996, he left that career behind and became Editor in chief at what is now the most popular architectural journal in the world, Architectural Record. After Robert Ivy took over, Architectural Record dozens of Jesse H. Neal Awards, 7 Ozzies, some Folio Design Awards, and a Website of the Year.

If anyone is interested in learning about the American Institute of Architects, they should visit its headquarters in Washington, D.C. For those who can’t or won’t travel that far; the American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 as the New York Society of Architects.

There were 29 original founding members, but 16 of them didn’t official join until after the organization’s first meeting. With all 29 prominent architects in the same room, they drafted and signed an original version of their constitution on March 10, 1857. Less than a month later, Thomas U. Walter suggested they change the name and the American Institute of Architects was born.

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On April 15, 1857, they all signed the new and final constitution, cementing their claim. When they first met, the original 13 decided their mission was to promote scientific and practical perfections of the profession. They decided this after realizing that anyone could call themselves an architect at this point in history. There were no schools of architecture or any laws regulating architecture back then. At time went on, their mission expanded to including helping one another and creating outreach programs to communicate better with common people and the government.

By the 1880s, there were several American Institute of Architects chapters all over the country; today, there are more than 300 chapters. The current building the American Institute of Architects is headquartered in had quite the struggle to becoming a real building.

First, the building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola in the 1960s during an American Institute of Architects competition, but it didn’t met approval by the United States Commission of Fine Arts. Later, they collaborated with the newly founded The Architects Collaborative (TAC) and designed a new building.

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Richard Mishaan’s Homer Design Takes New York by Storm

Richard Mishaan Design, based in New York, and founded by its namesake, Richard Mishaan, has added another piece to its design and interiors portfolio with Home Design. This online shopping experience is filled with custom and carefully curated items that will complement many varied design styles. Homer Design offers book shelves and other case goods, seating, lighting, and accessories. Richard Mishaan Design is the perfect brand to offer stylish pieces for a reasonable price that will make your house feel like home.

Richard Mishaan Design has been a major player in the Manhattan design world for many years, and ultimately the firm has clients the world over. The unique way that Richard Mishaan Design is able to translate each client’s individual tastes into a high-end design statement is remarkable. Through Homer Design the team is able to bring this eclectic style to even more people that are looking to make a design statement without losing their own personal nuances.

The client’s of Richard Mishaan Design have come to expect top service and products, and the growth and longevity of the firm speak to its success in meeting these needs. Those wanting to learn more about how they can incorporate their own pieces and personality with today’s top design trends may enjoy Mishaan’s two publications, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. These two volumes offer insight and examples of how the old and the new and be combined to great a memorable design statement that remains unique.

Mishaan has also been featured in industry periodicals such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Design Magazine. The continued evolution of this group while adhering to their principles and core beliefs make them a firm that we believe will continue to prosper and delight. We look forward to seeing the direction that Homer Design takes.