The Facts Behind Freedom Checks

Many people have seen the ads featuring Matt Badiali holding a giant freedom check stating that it too can be yours, while it isn’t free money, you too can receive a freedom check. Freedom checks are not government hand outs, in fact, they don’t come from the government at all. It isn’t just a free check either, it’s an investment and a legitimate one at that. Visit the website to learn more.

Freedom checks, plain and simple, are investment opportunities. You commit your capital and have the opportunity for future returns. This investment opportunity is possible due to one simple law, Statute 26-F. Basically, this law allows companies to operate in a tax free manner if they meet two requirements. First, 90% of their revenue must come in the form of storage, production, process and the transportation of both gas and oil within the United States of America. Secondly, they must agree that they will pay out these freedom checks to their shareholders. The companies that fit this criteria and issue these checks are called master limited partnerships, more often referred to as MLPs. Most commonly in the United States, these MLPs are often companies that operate oil and gas pipelines.

For those who decide that freedom checks are for them, Matt Badiali includes a newsletter that helps people decide which freedom check providers are right for their investments. His guidelines are fairly simple, a company should have at least $1 billion of in demand assets at their fingertips, and they should be involved in oil, gas, earth minerals or silver, a resource that is in high demand. Badiali also goes on to outline a few other key factors like companies that are profitable enough to yield high payouts, a proven history of paying large proceeds to investors, and finally, incredibly strong and unquestionable financial records.

For those who are interested, this isn’t just for the rich and those who have been playing the market for decades. Some of the MLPs that are currently trading are going for under $10 per share meaning this is an investment many average American’s can take advantage of and enjoy.

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