How Global Tel Link Is Robbing Telecommunications Customers

Provision of communications services to inmates is a noble undertaking and I wonder what happens when a company charged with such a responsibility is involved in serious breaches and wrongdoings. Global Tel Link (GTL) has been doing just that. My gratitude goes to leading civil and criminal justice technological solutions provider, Securus Technologies, for taking a selfless step highlighting the negative impact the irresponsible company had on the inmates it was supposed to serve as well as the taxpayers who met the cost of GTL’s wrongdoings.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) reveals the irresponsible actions by GTL when thousands of inmates incarcerated at the Louisiana Department of Corrections relied on them for provision of telecommunications services. With every call, Louisiana taxpayers paid for an extra 15 or 36 seconds as a result of wrongful and deliberate programming of the telephone clocks by provider GTL. In addition, the rates for the calls were much higher than those recommended by the PSC rate caps or allowed under GTL’s own tariffs. The company also maliciously billed single calls more than once with no authorization whatsoever for such gluttonous practice. In the end, Louisiana taxpayers paid an extra $1, 243, 000 to GTL.

According to Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, GTL has not stopped at the wrongdoings committed almost 18 years ago. He insisted that customers deserve much better than GTL has done. He particularly focused on the highest level of integrity as opposed to deliberate robbery such as clocks programming with the intent of charging for more time than was actually used during the call.

Securus Technologies has been offering exemplary service in technology solutions in the fields of investigation, public safety, as well as corrections and monitoring for years. The company’s decision to reveal the selfish actions by GTL is a show of how much value they attach to their relationship with not only customers in telecommunications services but also taxpayers. I only wish we had more companies like Securus Technologies.

Michael Zomber: Boy Scout Turns Into Gun Expert

Michael Zomber can vividly recall the experience that inspired him to become an expert on weapons. As a child, he often embarked on many exciting adventures that were sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. One day, the young Zomber entered a general store and noticed a model 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield that was proudly displayed by the owner. After carefully examining this iconic rifle, Zomber developed a keen interest in American history and firearms. He spent most of his adult life collecting various types of weapons that have been used in armed conflicts by the U.S. military.

Eventually, Zomber also expanded his interest in weapons on an international scale. He has extensively toured specialty museums and other facilities that have unique firearms and armor. In fact, Zomber has developed a particular fascination with oriental weapons. He even has a personal collection of Samurai swords and other relevant accessories that have been used by traditional Japanese warriors and other members of Japan’s elite classes. With decades of experience in studying and collecting firearms, Michael Zomber was surely the ideal candidate to appear on the History Channel’s shows about American and international firearms. For example, he has provided interesting commentary during his appearances on Guns of the Famous and Million Dollar Guns. These specific programs are about the firearms that have been used by celebrities, notorious criminals and other prominent people in history.

Michael Zomber has also gained quite a solid reputation as an author. His portfolio includes several notable novels such as Sweet Betsy That’s Me and A Son of Kentucky. Told through the perspectives of ordinary folks, these books take readers back to the antebellum era and the U.S. Civil War. Park Avenue is a title that slightly allowed Zomber to shift the focus away from violence.

Zomber developed his professional writing skills as a student at numerous colleges and universities including Villanova and UCLA. He studied English literature along with psychology, which are essential subjects for anyone who’d like to enter the competitive niche of book publication.

The Investment Tips You Need To Learn About: Brought To You By Mr. Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler recently sat down with Reuters to discuss some investing strategies. Now if anyone knows about money and investing it’s Brad. Brad is the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. He has been doing this for a very long time.

In this interview that I came across Brad went over some essential tips to making the most out of your money and your investment. Follow me below as I give you a brief summary of some of his points.

1) It’s necessary to take stock of your investments so far. Look at your bank account. Decide if you can invest. Some really want to invest in some stocks or mutual funds. Only problem is that the bank account will not allow us. Opening up a stock or mutual fund requires a certain amount of money. If you don’t have that money, than it makes it more difficult to cover the investment. The bottom line is you need to be able to do it first.

2)According to Brad, you also have to be responsible for your money. You need to be held accountable for your own actions. if you make an investment, than you need to make sure you carry it all the way through.

3)Investing in the stock market as sole means is not a good choice to make. You need to have other options. Take a look at some savings plans in your bank. Look into a mutual fund that is completely separate. Look into some sort of Roth IRA. The point is you need to keep things diversified.

4)Get to know your investor. Develop a relationship with him or her. This is the person who is going to be helping you make those important decisions. If you don’t feel you can trust this person, you need to find someone new.

A Last Thought to Consider

When you begin any kind of investment you need to come up with some goals. The more goals you develop, the more clear your objectives will be. Figure out why you are investing. IS it going to be long-term? is it going to be short-term? It’s best to know this kind of stuff upfront.

Go slowly. See if something works first. Once you find something is working, then you can add more money in. It’s all about trial and error. Sometimes you have to make these mistakes to find the right solution.