Investing in Your Business: Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based international investment firm, offering a variety of services from financial advisory services to merger and acquisition services. They have offices in North America, Asia and Africa to serve their global clients needs. This investment firm, which was established in 2011, has an annual revenue of 130,000. Currently, this lucrative company has 100 deals under in house exclusive contract. Recently, this company reports that 2016 could be a record year in terms of hedge fund M and A transactions, if the upward trend continues.

To make this company grow and be profitable, they place the client first. They make sure they analyze each clients’ unique needs in order to match the best buyer and seller to maximize profitable transactions. This firm helps both private and public companies who seek to increase capital and make their money work for them. Their process allows management to still run the daily operations, while working towards transactions that can increase company capital.

Whether the company is seeking to increase capital or complete a merger transaction, they are able to gain the most from their MSC deal structure. The structure allows for realistic expectations along with the a process that allows each party to gain the most from the transaction.

Their other financial services include: tax compliance, restructuring services, share based compensation,and financial sponsor coverage. This company truly offers every aspect of the financial service needs of a company. They not only believe in investing in the company and growth but also in the community. MSC is a proud sponsor and collector of donations for the United Way Campaigns, which serves numerous types of charities.

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