Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi To Replace Lazaro : New Executives Will Be Selected

Banco Bradesco will experience some unique and significant changes in the coming years. They are facing unique diversification of leadership in recent times. This is due to the stepping down of Lazarao Brandao, the long standing President of the organization. At the age of ninety one he has decided to take time off and much to the pleasure of his family this decision is eminent.

While he has held this position for so long, he has recently appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to hold the office of President. Presently, this executive is the CEO of the organization. Because there will be a transfer of power it has become necessary that another candidate is selected to maintain the office of CEO.

The culture of leadership that has been established at Bradesco is unique from other organizations. This is because Bradesco has been an important financial institution ranking as the second most valuable in Brazil based on market value. Selecting talent to maneuver this giant in future times is an important decision. Based on the existing standards it is clear that the person who will take office will be selected from within the organization itself. There are seven of the most highly ranking officials that will be in the running for the position. Each has presented valuable skills as well as diversified standards of operation. Their continual efforts as well as steadfast improvements to standards within the organization have led to meaningful changes throughout.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a steadfast leader and has made meaningful change in the organization. He has multiple degrees on University of Sao Paolo and has been with the organization for a number of years started as clerk. This experience as well has interest in the company at large have led him to the present role. It is not surprise that the person who will succeed him must have similar competencies as well as expertise.

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Seven of the top ranking executive officers have been selected and announced publicly. While the decision itself will take place behind closed doors it is interesting to see the diversified standards of operation that each has. Their track records are amazing and show skillful leadership in various areas throughout Bradesco.

Mauricio Machado de Minas is an important figure who has been key in the way that information technology is distributed. He has influenced the department and cultivated meaningful aspects of digital currency as well as bank standards. Previous to his time at Bradesco he has worked in similar fields at CPM Braxis SA. The multidimensional nature of his experience as well as the careful way that he has been able to propagate change speak volumes about the leadership potential of this figure.

Alexandre da Silva Gluher is another notable figure who is being considered for the position. He has been responsible for risk assessment and is a chief officer in this area. One of the notable ways that he has influenced change can be seen in the way that the HSBC Holdings recent acquisition was addressed. He created a smooth transition and platform that has addressed a lot of the core requirements and issues in the industry. He is only fifty seven years old and has spent the greater part of his career with Bradesco.

Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is another candidate that has been with Bradesco since 1981. His steadfast development of the treasury as well as multiple aspects of the lending department have contributed greatly to the success of Bradesco Bank. It is evident that he has been a key figure because of his unique standards of operation as well as ability to make improvements throughout the infrastructure of the bank.

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Rick Smith: Bringing Development to Prison Communication

Rick Smith is an American businessman an executive who is serving as the current chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, a telecommunication company operating inside correctional facilities. He was appointed into the executive position in 2008 by the company’s board of directors, and under his leadership, Securus Technologies improved the services they are providing to their clients. The company is headquartered in Texas, and they are one of the key players in the industry. Rick Smith worked previously as the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc., an independent telecommunications company, but he was hired by Securus Technologies because of the skills that he has in leading a company and his expertise in running a telecommunications company.

The prime product of Securus Technologies is the video calling system that they company have developed. Rick Smith is significant in the creation of the fast video calling system because he wanted to deliver great service to their clients. The prisons that are using the technology are happy about the video calling system because they are able to speak with their loved ones outside the prison and they are stating that it does not lag. Prison authorities are also considering a move to ban traditional face to face visits in exchange for the video calling technology, but they are still studying if it will be effective in protecting the security of the inmates. They are arguing that it will also save the prison a lot of money. Rick Smith also led the company in creating a biometrics system that will verify each prisoner, and it will transform each correctional facility into a manageable and organized institution.

There are thousands of correctional facilities using the product from Securus Technologies. They can be found all throughout the United States and Canada, and it was Rick Smith who extended the company’s effort to expand. They are also considering investing outside North America, to serve prisons around the world. Securus Technologies recently spent $600 million just for the protection of their inventions and patents, and the company stated that they are willing to spend more to protect their properties. Rick Smith wanted to show the public that the company he is working for will always make sure that their properties will not be duplicated without their consent, to prevent the dissemination of low quality products. The number of patents under the leadership of Rick Smith rose to 140, and he stated that Securus Technologies will be introducing more products in the future.

Rick Smith has been beneficial to the success of Securus Technologies. He is working hard to make sure that the company will keep its distinction as the most reliable tech company serving correctional facilities, and he has a vision to make the company known globally.