The Role that David McDonald is Playing in the Success of the OSI Group

The OSI group is a household name in the supply of meat and deli product all over the world. The company, which started out as Otto & Sons in the early seventies, has developed from a Kentucky based supplier of meat to Mc Donald’s, to a global business. The success of the company has been because of among other things, the leadership at the top. David McDonald is the president and the chief operations officer. Before the appointment to the post, he was serving as the project manager of OSI industries. He currently also serves as the director of OSI International Foods, Australia.

David studied animal science at the Iowa State University. He worked with the North American Meat Institute before getting his job as the independent director at Mafrig Global Foods. David is very proud of the achievements that the OSI group has made in transforming the business of meat supply on the global scale. He states that what is known as global companies are very local. He adds that for a global company to make it in the different countries they have penetrated, they have to take time and understand how the local cultures and tastes work. For instance, pork based products might be popular in the US, but not as much in the Middle East.

The OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, IL. They are a global leader in the supply of value-added proteins such as beef patties and sausage links. They also provide pizza and sandwiches to different food service and retail brands. The company has more than 50 companies in 17 countries, and they are planning to expand into new territories. The other expansion strategies that the company has been undertaking include a merger with DOYOO Group in China to become DaOSI, and the recent acquisition of Baho Foods.

David McDonald explains that the corporation has been successful because of the client-oriented culture they created. David McDonald confided that before they get into any business partnership with a client, they engage with the prospective customer and discuss the concepts that they have in mind. The company feels that this early engagement with customers helps them understand and become what the customers love the most. From this point onward, selling the company and expanding its reach becomes very simple. This is the type of leadership that has made the OSI Group under David McDonald’s leadership so successful.