Dr. David Samadi takes over cancer treatment with a storm

Dr. Samadi is a renowned doctor, and his work is recognized around the world, Dr. Samadi studied medicine and specialized in urology. His need to provide better solutions inspired the innovation of robotic surgery for patients with prostate cancer.

David has worked in several hospitals and performed many robotic surgeries; his dedication and hard work have made him one of the most outstanding doctors in the urology field. His work has not gone unnoticed, Samadi received several awards, in 2014 he was recognized one of the best doctors since 2004, a year later he appeared in the New York list of best doctors. His exceptional work has helped him gain a lot of trust from his patients as well as people who closely work with him.

Apart from performing surgery and conducting research on methods that would treat prostate cancer, Dr. David also highly advocates for prostate cancer awareness. He aims at introducing preventive measures, educating people on signs to look out for so at to detect the condition at an early stage and also offers free services and meets with men who seek medical advice. Dr. Samadi is also a professor and specializes in teaching about prostate cancer.

One would wonder, with all the activities and the busy schedule, how does Dr. Samadi mange and remain productive?

David Samadi explains his ideal day, he wakes up at around 4.30 am and gets to the office around 6 am, Samadi says that morning hours are his most productive and it is at this time that he plans upcoming activities. In a week David performs surgeries 2 to 3 times and before leaving the office, David checks up on his patents to ensure they are okay.

How Dr. Samadi brings his ideas to life, during the day, ideas and thoughts may appear to him. One way he ensures the ideas do no vanish is by creating a sketch in his mind. After creating the sketches at the most convenient time, Samadi can retrieve the ideas and put them down on paper. He has an excellent memory and is thus able to store a lot of information.

One book that Dr. Samadi recommends to readers is “anything is possible “a book assembled by Elizabeth Strout. This collection displays David’s belief in people’s ability and it’s a great inspiration mainly because he is the real definition that anything is possible despite the background or upbringing.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden-Empowering Women on Personal and Professional Levels

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is an American accredited plastic surgeon who has amassed a great amount of wealth solving people’s problems in the industry. For more than one decade of professional experience in the medical world, Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has achieved to help more than 300 patients in all her private practices located in major cities in the country. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has also decided to take on a new endeavor to achieve paralleled business internationally. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has also developed a private practice based in London and Canada. This is because she feels that her business would assimilate better business values in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has also amassed a great amount of wealth as a media commentator and as a plastic surgeon in the United States. This is because he has a straightforward way of doing business that raises trust among her clients. Because she always takes her time solving the problems their clients face in the industry, they are working towards developing the most sophisticated business capability in a manner that depicts better business values. This is the reason why her services are regarded as better in the plastic surgery world in the United States.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a media commentator and American plastic surgeon who has achieved so much for her patients for over two decades of excellence and professional experience. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden commencer her career as a plastic surgeon in Manhattan. During that time, she had little experience solving the main problems associated with plastic surgery. However, Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has amassed a great base of skill with the help of Dr. Harper Bazaar based in Manhattan. For this reason, her experience has played a major role in making business solutions achieve the directed path in the business world. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is also the CEO and Founder of the Walden Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center based in New Jersey. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is also the CEO and Founder of the privately-held Walden PLC Company. Her excellence in the industry denotes better business.


Navigating Texas’ Cosmetic Surgery Landscape

After all the consideration that goes into deciding to have cosmetic surgery, the journey has really just begun. The research portion now begins in tracking down the right surgeon for the job, not just for the technical procedure but who will help guide the patient through the process from start to finish. It comes as no surprise that the great state of Texas has no shortage of well-qualified cosmetic surgeons. To help whittle down these options, consider the type of surgery the doctor specializes in, their certification, and their bedside manner.

Considered one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the area, Dr. Rod Rohrich is based in Dallas, Texas. His specialty is considered to be his ability to restore a youthful appearance to his patients as well as definition to the face and body. Instead of his patients looking artificially ageless, Dr. Roerich prides himself on his ability to create natural youthfulness and an individual appearance that stays true to each patient. A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich is also part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Additionally, he has been featured on several television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Good Morning America.

Another highly-skilled and widely-praised cosmetic surgeon in Texas is Dr. Jennifer Walden. A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden’s special expertise covers a wide range of surgery options such as breast implants, dermabrasion, eyelid surgery, gynecomastia, and skin cancer. Her ability to handle highly technical and delicate surgeries are showcased in these specialties. After completing her medical degree and residency in Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas at Galveston, she headed to New York for her fellowship. Working at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, Dr. Walden studied Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck. In addition to her education, she has received many awards and distinctions that add to her credentials such as the Herman Barnett Memorial Award for Excellence in Surgery, the Patients’ Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, and many others and to know more click here

Dr. Walden’s success has led to her becoming a featured leading surgeon sought after by the media as an expert consultant. In these segments, she lends her expertise and professional opinion on all topics plastic surgery. She has appeared on channels such as ABC, E!, NBC, and CBS just to name a few.

To know more visit @ www.youtube.com/user/drjwald

Children are Safe in Our Care

Anesthesia helps surgeons perform medical procedures and pediatric anesthesiology is a specialized area and additional training is required for medical professional in this field. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the most prestigious hospitals in the Texas area that cares for children. Anesthesia is provided for more than 13,000 procedures performed on children every year.

In addition to taking great care with your child, Capital Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is also affiliated with many organizations. Our staff members, including highly trained anesthesiologists have been known to donate their skills and time to various mission groups such as “Austin Smiles” which is a not for profit organization that provides palate and cleft lip repairs for children in Texas as well as in Latin America and “Dell Children Surgical Global Outreach” is a new program is dedicated to bring medical support to children in underserved countries around the world. “Operation Smile” and the “Children’s Medical Center Foundation” are a couple of more organizations that are supported by the care of the staff at CAA.