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Not everyone is an expert in managing finances. Not even those who have pursued business-related courses. However, management of financial funds with or without financial management knowledge is a vital responsibility of every worker as it helps you to escape some monetary issues. It is because of this that financial firms are established to support all earners manage the firms. In as much as you can choose the financial management firm of your choice, you want nothing other than the best. Well, if you are based in Australia, you have an added advantage because Infinity Group Australia is all you have been looking for.




Rooted in Bella Vista, NSW, Infinity Group Australia is a privately owned financial management firm. It was first founded in May 2012 by the teamwork of its current co-founders and directors Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. Since its beginning, it has been listed on various winning awards such as Customer service experience, Vow financial Altitude Award, and Optus Business award 2017. It is not because of its prosperity yet it is still young in the industry that you need to make your financial firm of choice but due to its unique and quality financial management services.




Topping the unique list of its services is its financial coaching services. Contrary to walk you think financial coaching is not a finance class but financial guidance on how 1818one should manage their finances with the help of a certified banker. Here, every customer is allocated a banker who directs them on how to handle their finances. Apart from this, Infinity Group Australia reviews also provides mortgage broking services, financial planning services, property investment services and ongoing money management services to all the clients who have decided to partner with the firm. Learn more: https://customerexperienceevent.iqpc.com.au/downloads/cem-awards-2018-nomination-form-for-overall-best-customer-experience-organisation




Well, you will admit that debt reduction is not an easy task especially with banks because they charge their own rates which are relatively high if they are to help you with faster debt reduction. Of course, this can be such a turn of but not with Infinity group. The Infinity Group Australia is debt reduction within a short period of time without necessarily having to strain. Just recently, the company marveled the internet with its ability to help a young family clear a debt of $96,271 in just a year. Incredible, right? Well, this can be you if you choose Infinity Group Australia as your financial management company.



Infinity Group Australia; Helping Residents of Australia with Financial Advice and Strategies

When it comes to wealth creation, individuals need to have a reliable financial advisor. Financial reviews help people to employ new money making strategies as well as invest. Also, they help people with debt reduction and in coming up with retirement solutions. Working individuals should plan for their retirement to avoid financial challenges when they retire. Infinity Group Australia is one of the leading financial coaches in Australia helping many residents with wealth creation and debt reduction strategies.




The firm has been in the frontline in helping residents to manage and create wealth. Many people believe that they are making enough money, but they can’t show what they do with the money except paying bills or mortgages. No matter how little you earn, you should be able to manage and save something for your retirement. It is important that you review your financial strength and Infinity. The firm provides financial health test in their website which can help you realize your strength and determine what you can do to improve.




Infinity Group has proved to be the best firm when it comes to wealth creation. If you want to realize your financial objectives, you must come up with wealth creation strategies. Infinity provides you with strategies that will protect your assets and ensure you get maximum returns from your investments. It is good to focus on long-term investments that will guarantee you flowing income even when you retire. The leading financial advisor has experienced staff that will help you in coming up with property investment plans. They will also guide you in every step of investment until you realize your financial goals.




Currently, there are many financial institutions providing loans to residents. All the lenders talk of how their rates are low and how their loans will help you realize your goals. Not a single firm is talking of debt reduction. Infinity Group Australia is here to help you in debt reduction. Debts come with costs. For that reason, it is essential to reduce your debts so that you can get back on your feet financially. Infinity has experts who will help you pay your debts on time and avoid debt consolidation.



When it comes to retirement, individuals need definite plans that will guarantee them quality lives after retirement. Infinity Group Australia is helping people in coming up with effective retirement solutions that have proved to be worthwhile over time. The solutions help individuals save enough and invest wisely. Thus, people live quality lives without financial challenges. With Infinity Group’s retirement solutions, you will have enough to take care of your family and the expenses when you retire. Learn more: https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/customer-experience-management-award-2018-winner/

Unmasking the Life of a Financial Leader

The dropping fuel prices have left some countries in Latin America managing well than others according to a report published earlier in the year on The National. In Colombia and Mexico, they are oriented more to the free-market and hence they have not been left in a crisis due to the dropping oil prices due to their economic policies’ flexibility. These countries have a floating currency type of a system that allows them the chance of adjusting their economies accordingly when external shocks rock the world economy. According to David Osio, a financial advisor at Davos Financial Group, countries that do not have such economic and political systems that allow for flexibility will face a liquidity crisis.


Venezuela is one of the countries that has been affected by the dropping fuel prices as its systems are not flexible to adjustments and hence it is facing a liquidity crisis. This has created a negative spiral in the country which has affected its domestic economy and economies, thereby affecting its future guarantees. David opined that the decline in the prices of oil have a huge impact on the macroeconomic. Venezuela is suffering more than any other country as oil constitutes about 95% of all the exports it has and 50% in tax revenues. David Osio warned that this drop in oil prices would seriously impact the economy of Venezuela thereby affecting their ability to go on servicing its external debt.


About David Osio


David Osio is a proficient professional in the industry of financial services and is the current CEO of the Davos Financial Group. He focuses on delivering expert financial advisory and asset management services. Davos Financial Group serves a select clientele and is touted as the first comprehensive firm to offer financial advisory services in Venezuela. Prior to founding the Davos Financial Group, David Osio, was the Vice President Banco Latino International, Commercial Banking based in Miami. He supervised all the corporate departments, management of customer acquisitions and defining of market strategies.


He helped this company experience a significant growth in its portfolio to enable it gain a strong international position. He gained his leadership experience during his stint as the Director of Escritorio Juridico MGO, Caracas, Venezuela. He studied at Univesidad Catolica Andres Bello and graduated with a degree in Law (Hons) in 1988. He furthered his training at the New York Financial Institute and Instuto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos. Apart from Finance, he offers charity support to Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital based in Venezuela.

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The Helping Hand Of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is more than a swanky sounding ten gallon name. The CEDC is operated by dedicated people, with a documented track record where the businesses and the communities have prospered. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey with 20 communities dotting the landscape. The CEDC will assist beginners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs in finding the best locations, vendors and the communities where their business will thrive. Their plan is to increase the workforce of Newark, with expansion of existing and new companies.

The vacant buildings are not torn down and left as empty lots, they are renovated and used to promote and sell goods wanted by the community. The Community Economic Development Corporation helps minorities, which include the females, to become entrepreneurs in their small, medium or large sized business. The CEDC invites business owners to attend meetings that are geared toward helping business owners to increase the sales of their business.

Kevin Seawright has proven that multitasking is an essential but normal part of his work day in his current and previous positions as the Chief Financial Officer. He has shown exceptional skills in managing the finances for the heaviest populated city of Newark, New Jersey for the CEDC, as their Chief Financial Officer. His expertise in accounting, budgets, strategic planning, managerial finances, capital projects and financial reporting have aided him in the CEDC’s plans for the completion of Newarks’ successful plans in the economic development of the city.

His capabilities as a leader in the position of Facilities and Chief Financial Officer works for the Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland, earned Kevin the coveted Innovative and Leadership Talent Award, for lowering the state of Marylands’ deficit more than $600,000 dollars within a 12-month period, along with the Operator of the Year Award.

Kevin Seawright earned a Master degree in Business Administration and lives in New Jersey.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, founded in 2007. They have been successful in generating jobs for the populace, helping businesses and people relocate within and out of the state, and giving a well deserved facelift to buildings.

This past February 14, 2015 on Valentines day, the CEDC offered couples vacant lots for $1,000 to purchase, so they could build a home in Newark, New Jersey. Anyone from any part of the globe was welcome to take a bite of this sweet deal. The CEDC has shown its determination and used their innovations into making Newark, New Jersey the place you want to live and build a sucessful business.

The Exceptional Performance Of Kevin Seawright

Competence, confidence and proven success are attributes that are well sought out in both the public and private sectors for those who deal with funds and accounting systems. Kevin Seawright is a man that has an established record of successes in not only successfully managing millions of dollars in funds, but also in making the changes necessary to generate capital and establish successful practices.

Mr Seawright is presently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the city of Newark’s Economic Development Corporation. In the capacity for this position he helps to enhance economic development for the city. He is doing this by growing the business district, retaining businesses as well as boosting the real estate development of the area.

The many accomplishments of Kevin Seawright include positions and educational attainments that have aided in his unique understanding of both the fiscal areas of human resources and economic development as well as the unique understanding of the business process and growth. He holds a Masters degree in Accounting from Almeda University. This was his humble beginning that has been the catapult to his rich successes.

Notre Dame Mendoza School Of Business has also awarded him with an Executive Leadership Certification in 2015. He has also served as the Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. Baltimore has also had him serve as the Payroll Director of the City’s Housing Authority, Finance Director of Homeless Services, Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks, as well as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Education Sector.

his experience also reaches into the political and governmental realms. Mr. Seawright aided with the financial and management of a political capaign with the state of Maryland. Between 2012 and 2014 he served as Maryland’s Executive Director of Operations based on his success in managing campaign funds and volunteers.

The private sector has also been a lucky recipient of his services at Tito general Contractors outside of Washington, D.C. Between the years of 2011-2013 Mr Seawright was their Vice President of Operations and Human Capital.

Mr Seawright has overseen the operations of a wide variety of operations in both public service and private sectors. His expertise offers executive level financial advice, human resources, and capital operational management.