Human Rights Advocate-Thor Halvorssen

Fighting for the rights of others has been his passion, and this is what gives him satisfaction. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activities, and he is fully committed to fighting and advocate for the human rights of others. Thor knows well what it means to be a fighter as he comes from an activist background where his parents were also human rights advocates. Thor’s father was jailed in a Venezuelan prison while his mother was shot dead during a demonstration.Thor Halvorssen was born on March 9th, 1976 in Venezuela. After his high school graduation, he attended he participated in the University of Pennsylvania.

Thor is Venezuelan and Norwegian, and he comes from a royal family. His mother was related to the first President of Venezuela while his father served as Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotics. Thor’s passion and desire to fight for the rights of others led him to establish his foundation and called it Human Rights Foundation where he is the Chief Executive Officer, and he is loyal to worldwide human rights and freedom.Thor Halvorssen is not only a human rights advocate, but he is also a film producer and where his mainly focus on producing on the political field, public policy, public interest advocacy, individual rights, pro-democracy advocacy, as well as civil liberties. Mr. Halvorssen dreams are to see that every person is equally treated and their rights are met.

Thor is also the creator of Oslo Freedom Forum one of the largest annual congregation which is described by the economist as an extravagant Human Rights Festival. Halvorssen is also involved in other human activities, and he is the patron of On Own Feet which is a Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, and he is also the founder of Moving Pictures. Thor is a go-getter and him always on the move to succeed in life, in May 2010; he purchased NyTida Norwegian news magazine.Thor Halvorssen specializes in matters concerning human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery, and dictatorship. Thor has also been invited by several institutions including Harvard Law School, the New York City Junto, American Enterprise Institute, and the United Nations Associations in New York to lecture on the subject of human rights.


Thor Halvorssen Spreading Humanity Through Film

Thor Halvorssen is a hugely successful human rights activist. His work has been created to highlight the problems of populism and dictatorships. His work apart from being a businessman with many credentials has spread to define his success and dictate his way towards future endeavor. Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights foundation that is filled with intellectuals, Nobel Peace Prize winners and more.

Early Education

A graduate of the University of California, Thor Halvorssen would establish his views and philosophies from the teachings he would receive. Thus allowing Halvorssen to spearhead his work with companies to create policies that would influence global ethics. One such company was Lucent Technologies. Lucent took over the task of leading a campaign against slave labor, which was a huge problem in China. Through his position there, Halvorssen could shift the global agenda to be more favorable to abolishing poor working conditions.

Future In Film Making

The work that Thor Halvorssen would do at the Oslo Freedom Forum set the way for him to become a successful filmmaker. His activist views would be tooled an geared towards making progressive films such as Freedom’s Fury and Indoctrine U. Thor Halvorssen creates films meant to spur on thought and movement in regard to sensitive issues. With famous producers such as Quentin Tarantino supporting his films, he has established himself as one of the foremost leading human rights film makers.

Future Success

Through films such as Sugar Babies Thor Halvorssen has continued to be highly successful in his continued work pushing human rights issues through film. Sugar Babies was produced to demonstrate the devastating impact that human trafficking has on society. His work has continued to set the trend as to using the medium of film to set a precedence and create a dialogue in regard to important issues. This work has continued through his donations and charitable work making Thor Halvorssen one of the most interesting and dedicated humanitarians in modern society. His films and work with the Oslo Freedom Forum make him a shining example of what the successful can do to give back to the world.

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Fox News Fails To Vet Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation, For Slanted Interview

A recent viral video has some people wondering what’s going on over there at Fox News. The clip in question lasts a little over three minutes but there is tense confusion throughout the clip. The conservative news network seemingly tried to do a segment to slam the liberal agenda of presidential hopeful and current Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The interview with Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), seem to go awry just as the interview starts.

The Fox News anchor hits Mr Halvorssen with a loaded question right off the bat, asking him why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Obviously socialism is tied to the independent Sen. Bernie Sanders who has long been outspoken and self-avowed democratic socialist. But Mr Halvorssen does not give in to the loaded question and steers the conversation to reasonable discourse about the efficacy of socialist and labor governments, some of which have been very successful, such as Denmark and Sweden. He holds these governments in high esteem saying that they are perfectly fine.

The human rights expert then explains that dictatorships are the problem, he even exposes the fact that he is a Bernie Sanders supporter and has shown his support with the maximum donation allowable to a presidential candidate under United States law — $2,700.  He claims that Mrs. Clinton takes large donations from authoritarian dictators in order to run her presidential campaign. The founder of the human rights foundation also slams Republican candidates for emulating Putin, the dictator of Russia.

The interview seem to go off the rails for Fox News who was apparently trying to use the segment to reinforce Republican ideals and to slam the ultra liberal Bernie Sanders. Some think that Thor deliberately misled Fox News before the interview to get a chance to advertise support for Sanders, but I do not think this is the case. You can see right when the interview starts that Thor looks a little stunned by the opening question.