Jay-Z Gets More Accomplished at Roc Nation with Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the powerhouse personality that is working behind the scenes to reset Roc Nation. She is helping people that are on the roster get great contracts, and her work is greatly appreciated by Jay-Z. Desiree Perez has been doing this for a long time, and she knows about different avenues of business because she has worked in different areas.Desiree Perez has her own nightclub, and she has also been a part of the business structure for Roc Nation Sports as well.

Desiree Perez has been putting forth a lot of effort to build a solid company with Roc Nation Sports. She wants this to be a company that stands out from the other entertainment outlets.The second best company for artists that are in entertainment. She aims for Roc Nation to be the best, and she is finding very good ways to build up this company. One of the best ways is by making sure that the artists that are on this label have the best possible contract negotiations. She has been working hard to make sure that happens.

A lot of people have been looking at her involvement with Roc Nation, and many people are amazed that she is so proficient when it comes to contract negotiation.For someone that has never made an album of her own she is great for getting music artists that are in the recording business good contracts.Desiree Perez has helped Rihanna when it comes to contracts, and there are a plethora of other artists that are on the rise that are also being helped by Desiree Perez. She knows her stuff, and artist that are trying to ink deals that are going to be lucrative should definitely take heed to her advice. Perez is a great resource for Jay-Z.

Norka Luque Grows Her Music to Become a World Sensation

Norka Luque has rapidly grown her music career to become a Venezuelan sensation. She is ready to fit celebrity positions like Shakira. She always portrays her talent, ambition, and motivation to become a top recording artist and performer. Before starting her music career, she never believed that she would one day achieve her goals in music. The challenges she experienced continued to shape her life in a great detail.

Norka was naturally born to become a singer, her love for music was witnessed at a very young age. At a young age of eight, she joined a cast in music which was entirely based on Shakira’s music. She developed her vocals after going to the United States where she improved her vocals with the help of the Piano. At one point in her life, she sought for a break in her music career. She traveled to France where she attended her college education where she earned a degree in Business Administration. Norka developed a passion in other areas such as culinary arts and marketing. She eventually gave up the whole idea to pursue a career in finance.

The ambition of Norka Luque and her resilience in her music has made her achieve success in her music. She has been singing since she was a child and now pursues music as a career. She brings her personal story through a message of belief and never giving up on one’s dreams. Norka Luque found her first musical success in Latin America within the United States. She hopes to continue achieving such significant success in 2016 with her latest releases and albums.

Norka Luque is currently preparing for the releasing of her song titled Tomorrowland. The song is expected to be as successful as her previous releases. The anticipation is based not in just the talent of music, but in also her ability to produce music that appeals to everyone. Her music is today showcased in many famous places such as the Billboard Bash, her work has been immensely popular and loved.

For those that find Latin music interesting, they should look in music by Norka Luque. She is a must-listen artist whose nature of work is both exciting and transformative. Her music is today available for download at multiple places such as iTunes and any other music store. Give yourself a chance to listen to one of her albums, and you will understand why she among the most celebrated musical artists.

How Norka Luque is Helping Her Fans to Overcome Adversity

Millions of people all over the world are faced with difficult situations every day. How we handle such difficulties determines how fulfilling our lives will be. Sometimes, all we need is someone to offer us inspiration. Venezuelan songbird Norka Martinez Luque, has been using her global stardom to encourage her fans to put on a brave face regardless of the situations facing them. Most of her songs have inspirational lyrics, something that has helped her become a global superstar.

Norka uses her own story to encourage her fans. Her path to musical success was long and winding. At some point, she contemplated giving up altogether so that she could focus her energies elsewhere. However, she decided to hold onto her dream. Her resilience and tenacity has gone a long way in helping her chart a successful career in the music industry. Very few people actually believe that she rose from relative obscurity into global stardom within a short time.

Why Norka’s Career is Inspirational

When Norka made it known to her parents that she wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts, they fully supported her decision.  After completing high school, she joined a French University to pursue a degree in catering, fashion and business management.

Living, studying, and working in France gave her the opportunity to kick start her professional music career. The industry back home was not fully developed and thus, couldn’t provide a suitable launching pad. In France, Norka was fortunate to join a travelling band that held weekly shows in clubs and other social events. She distinguished herself as the standout member of the band, something that won her many fans. However, getting spotted by veteran producer Emilio Estefan Jr. turned around her career.

Emilio’s experience and in-depth understanding of the music industry has been of great benefit to Norka. She has been molded into a global phenomenon that she always dreamt to be from a young age. She has particularly cut a niche for herself by being among the few artistes whose music bears a message of hope and positivity. Under Emilio’s guidance, she has equally managed to overcome challenges that threatened to derail her career. In the four years that she has been in the limelight, Norka has shared the stage with some of the most prominent music icons.