OSI Group Demonstrates Decades Of Excellence

OSI Group remains an example of American business success. The company has its roots in very humble beginnings. It was a street corner meat market in the early 1900’s. Otto Kolschowsky came from Germany and founded the organization with his family in the Chicago area. He called his company Otto and Sons and they began to establish a working relationship with local businesses throughout the area.

Otto and Sons continued to develop throughout the years. In time it was known as the premier meat manufacturer of the area. The company was eventually discovered by Ray Kroc of the McDonald’s Corporation. Kroc was looking to expand his business into the Illinois region and needed a meat supplier that could be counted upon. The relationship between Otto and Sons and the McDonald’s Corporation became extremely successful. Otto and Sons was offered the opportunity to be the sole provider of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation.

Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group in the 1960’s and began to do international business. It currently has over 20,000 employees that operate 65 facilities in over 17 countries throughout the world. OSI Group prides itself on maintaining quality control throughout the organization on a global scale. It has implemented hiring practices that bring in the type of employees who belong at OSI Group. The leaders at OSI point to the fact that there is a very low turnover rate within its rank. Recruiting stations are set up in the United States, Germany, Poland, Asia-Pacific and United Kingdom.

OSI Group is currently one of the largest food manufacturers in the world producing products such as fish, poultry, ground beef, and hot dogs. It has a client list that includes Starbucks, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

OSI has made key mergers in order to strengthen the company’s presence throughout the industry. Flagship Food Group, Baho Foods and Tyson Foods were all purchased recently. Each will bring a unique element to an operation that is ready to expand.

Remarkable Contributions of Sheldon Lavin to OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of the OSI Group. He gained popularity due to his excellent leadership skills and moving OSI to international levels. Otto Kolschowsky established OSI Group in 1909 as a butcher stall and meat market. Currently, the entity has over 65 locations and facilities across the world under Sheldon governance.

Sheldon focuses on sustainability, green practices, and food safety. He plans to implement strategic market-focus approaches to continue developing the organization. Most of the entity exponential growth plans included numerous acquisitions.OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

OSI Group

OSI Group previously known as Otto & Sons was the first hamburger provider to McDonald’s. In 1973, it set up a special facility to serve McDonald’s. Lavin Sheldon assisted the Otto sons to steer into an international market as their customer continued its prompt growth. In the 1980s, OSI Group opened plants in Austria, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Taiwan. It later expanded into the Mexico, Poland, China, and the Philippines.

In 2014, Sheldon led OSI Group into a joint venture with Pickstock in the UK. The agreement allowed OSI to distribute beef products throughout Europe and Pickstock to grow. It had other joint ventures in the same year with Select Ready Foods in Canada and EDEKA in Germany. OSI Group entered into procurement contracts like the 2016 Tyson Acquisition in Illinois, 2016 UK Flagship Europe Acquisition, and 2016 Dutch Baho Food Controlling Stake Acquisition. The treaties enabled OSI to reach a broader market as it develops the local companies.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group more than forty years ago. He brought a success drive along with his experience in banking executive and investment. Lavin pushed the entity into its global success in the 1970s. He bought shares from one of the brothers qualifying him to be a half partner of the food business. The renowned leader gained total voting control after the second brother retired.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin use strategic plans when making any purchases, acquisitions and joint ventures. He has invested in green innovations in his efforts to accomplish OSI purpose. Lavin has employed more than 20,000 workers around the world.

The 85-year-old leader is happy that the organization holds on to its culture. Lavin focuses on reducing environmental impact, coming up with socially responsible contributions to communities and employees, and supporting a sustainable supply chain throughout the world. He is a known philanthropist who supports projects that finance sick children, Jewish movements, chronic illnesses, and college funds.

Sheldon Lavin and The Leadership Skills He Offers For OSI Group

It is said by most experts that fear of failure is usually what makes people avoid starting a business and trying out new things. This fear can spread to areas of the personality of a business leader and transgress to their attitudes, behavior and approach to one’s business operations. When we overcome this fear, understand the damage they cause us and their imminent hidden threats, we reach a higher level of success. One of the few people today that show the leadership that is required for any business is Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman, and CEO of OSI Group.

The Work Background

It might be essential to iterate here the work history of Mr. Lavin to understand how he was able to bring up the company he handles, and how he has faced the unfettered challenges brought upon his leadership. For starters, he is able to elicit the kind of quality leadership from himself because of his work experience. Sheldon Lavin was one of the most successful business leaders at Northeast Bank, of which he is the Director.

Being also the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC also gives his skill for handling big responsibilities a rotund and holistic sense. It is also great that Mr. Lavin is able to generate through his decisions the creative and marvelous practical solutions that could address the grave threats and competition against the company he has been running.

Improving Workforce

The workforce of a company can do a lot if the leadership is sound, impressive and admirable. In the case with Mr. Sheldon Lavin, he is able to deliver the most sophomoric leadership because of his educational background, which was able to help him build the high profile reputation of OSI International Foods Ltd.

OSI Industries right now is able to lead in the competition, and that’s also because of Mr. Lavin’s ebullient activity and dedication for the company that he is running. With the help of Lavin, he is also impugned with the right form of strength that was also the reason why he was able to serve as the General Trustee at the Rush University Medical Center. He is also right now the executive leader and director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, which is the reason right now that could also sustain his company’s consistent lead in the future. With such strengths, Mr. Lavin is also able to trudge the challenges of being affiliated with the different other charity programs that he supports.

The Role that David McDonald is Playing in the Success of the OSI Group

The OSI group is a household name in the supply of meat and deli product all over the world. The company, which started out as Otto & Sons in the early seventies, has developed from a Kentucky based supplier of meat to Mc Donald’s, to a global business. The success of the company has been because of among other things, the leadership at the top. David McDonald is the president and the chief operations officer. Before the appointment to the post, he was serving as the project manager of OSI industries. He currently also serves as the director of OSI International Foods, Australia.

David studied animal science at the Iowa State University. He worked with the North American Meat Institute before getting his job as the independent director at Mafrig Global Foods. David is very proud of the achievements that the OSI group has made in transforming the business of meat supply on the global scale. He states that what is known as global companies are very local. He adds that for a global company to make it in the different countries they have penetrated, they have to take time and understand how the local cultures and tastes work. For instance, pork based products might be popular in the US, but not as much in the Middle East.

The OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, IL. They are a global leader in the supply of value-added proteins such as beef patties and sausage links. They also provide pizza and sandwiches to different food service and retail brands. The company has more than 50 companies in 17 countries, and they are planning to expand into new territories. The other expansion strategies that the company has been undertaking include a merger with DOYOO Group in China to become DaOSI, and the recent acquisition of Baho Foods.

David McDonald explains that the corporation has been successful because of the client-oriented culture they created. David McDonald confided that before they get into any business partnership with a client, they engage with the prospective customer and discuss the concepts that they have in mind. The company feels that this early engagement with customers helps them understand and become what the customers love the most. From this point onward, selling the company and expanding its reach becomes very simple. This is the type of leadership that has made the OSI Group under David McDonald’s leadership so successful.


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Forty-seven years ago, Sheldon Lavin had a successful career as an investor, owner of a consulting practice, and an executive in the banking industry. Lavin also owned a financial consulting firm when Otto Kolschowksy offered him an ownership position in Otto & Sons which was a successful domestic food processing company. Sheldon Lavin did not accept the position but said that he would serve as a consultant until such time that if he ever did become a partner, he would receive certain monetary investments.

By 1975, Lavin became more involved with Otto & Sons began searching for overseas investments. Otto & Sons changed their name to the OSI Group which continued to produce and sell protein items and other food products to foodservice and retail brands. Otto Kolschowsky retired from the business and Lavin joined as a partner with Otto’s two sons – Arthur and Harry. Also, the McDonald Company asked Sheldon Lavin to join the company so that the companies could grow together for more info about us: https://angel.co/sheldon-lavin click here.

During the 70s and 80s, the OSI Group expanded throughout North America, Europe, South America, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India, and South Africa. During the late 1980s the Kolschowsky sons retired from OSI Group handed complete control of the company to Mr. Lavin. Currently, the OSI Group is in over 17 countries and has acquired the Baho Food Dutch company.

With the acquisition of Baho, the OSI Group gained more subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands. Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has received multiple awards such as the Global Visionary Award in the early part of 2016. This honor recognizes worldwide CEOs for their perseverance and continuance in accomplishing their management goals.

Sheldon Lavin has been married for over 55 years and has three children who are married with children. The OSI Group is highly successful due to the management talents and skills of Sheldon Lavin. Even at the age of 80+ he has taken the OSI Group from domestic food processor to a global multi-billion-dollar food purveyor. Other business and non-profit recognitions have included: Trustee for Ronald McDonald House, Goodman Theater Board member, Rush University Medical Center Board member, President, and Director of The Sheba Foundation.

The Rise and Continuance of OSI Group

In the early 1900’s German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, established his own meat market in Illinois. Years later he would upgrade to a wholesale meat trade relocating to Maywood a city suburb in Chicago. It was named Otto &Sons. Through the years it created a good reputation for its fresh quality in the meat trade but it wasn’t until 1955 that it established a solid deal with then aspiring company, Mcdonalds. This was the start of the company’s huge success. Within the next decades the company went on to expand as Mcdonald’s success grew throughout the nation, and by this time it had gained national poularity in the meat trade business. The company went on to open several units along with expanding its trade with restaurants and grocery markets, as well as formally changing its name to OSI Group Industries.

More recently, the company was awarded with the prestigious 2016 Globe of Honour. The committee awards this prize to organizations which demonstrate excellence in environmental management from top to bottom, as well as achieve a five star rating in the British safety council. The award was presented at a luncheon held ata Draper’s Hall on November 25, 2016. Currently OSI Group is working even harder at improving their employee and career satisfaction. Ranging from benefits and full on careers, the company strives to create an environment that provides stimulating and rewarding opportunities.

Today the company remains on top of the food trade market providing stores, restaurants, and chains with fresh meats and foods. Recently OSI has bought the Tyson food plant in Chicago for 7.4 million dollars, along with several others. It was also named one of America’s Top 100 food companies.

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David McDonalds Talks about the OSI Group

According to David McDonald, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This also applies to the food industry. David says that for a company to become an international corporation, it must begin as a local company. Before the OSI Group became the big company it is today, it used to offer its products to the local people of Chicago only. Today, the company has grown into a multinational company having plants in 16 countries across the globe. These countries include the United Kingdom, United States, China and Japan. David McDonalds notes that there are several things that affect a company operating in the food industry. There are issues such as government regulations, talent pool that the company hires as well as cultural nuances in the area that the company is operating in. It’s also important to consider something like the customer likings in the food industry. This is according to David McDonalds.

He continues to explain that the OSI Group thrives by understanding that the culture of people influences the way people dine and dish. He further notes that this is the reason why the OSI Group hires its staff locally. Even if the company have to use staff from other parts of the globe, they must blend with local people to understand local cultures. At the moment, the OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Products that the company presently specializes with include protein products especially meat products. This means that the company specializes in products like beef patties, sausages, poultry, mutton and fish products. David also notes that the OSI Group specializes with other products that comprise of dough products and vegetable products.

Currently, the company is specializing in expanding its operations in the Far East especially China due to the growing consumer market. At the region, the OSI Group is already known for supplying meat products to western companies working in the region. Some of these companies include Papa John’s Pizza and McDonald’s. The OSI Group was established in the year 1909. Initially, the company used to operate as a family meat supplier.