The Immense Contribution of CEO Rick Smith to the Growth of Securus Technologies

Following the retirement of Richard Falcone in 2008, Rick Smith was chosen in June 2008 as the successor of Securus Technologies. Rick was chosen due to his exemplary background, entrepreneurial skills, business skill as well as educational skills.Previously, he served Securus in various departments such as finance, operations, ICT, business development. Coupled with significant experience in telecoms, he has steered Securus to become an industry leader in the prisons communication industry.With an outstanding educational background, Rick has a science degree in Electrical engineering and an MBA in Mathematics from Rochester University.

Rick has proved to be a money maker as demonstrated when he previously worked in Eschelon Telecom as a CFO and progressed to CEO in the year 2003 during which he increased company revenue by over $320 million. This was very impressive by business standards which are no easy feat to achieve.Based in Texas Dallas, Securus was founded in 1986. It has branches in parts of Georgia and Texas. Securus is an American profit prison technological firm. It employs well over 1000 people and has approximately 2,600 contracts in US correctional facilities as well as serving 2,200 contracts in Canada and US states.Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus has been able to invest well above $600 million in three years in patents and technological advancement. This goes to prove that Rick Smith has been able to boost Securus to achieve its targets. Securus has thrived exponentially.

Global Tel Link is their biggest competition and Securus has been able to constantly outperform Global Tel Link by:

  • Having a large differentiated set of products and services for marketing such as video visitation services
  • Targeted signal blocks to eliminate cell phone usage in prisons thus protecting inmates and citizens.
  • Training field technicians and creating one of the world’s largest VOIP Corrections platforms for callers.Establishing a localized call-center manned by staff who outperform its competition by 600%

Securus has so far been able to provide the following services:

  • Providing the corrections community with Technology and incident management services.
  • Emergency response.
  • Monitoring of communication
  • Biometric analysis
  • Public information
  • Investigation as well as inmate self-services.

With Rick Smith’s drive and laser focus, his leadership skills have set him apart and enabled him to move the company forward with quality services and products which make them an undisputed leader in the correctional industry.With its specialized commitment under Rick’s watch, Securus has continuously exceeded expectations in the history of time and it strives to maintain their reputation by working hand in hand with their customers, communities surrounding them by creating a safer environment, giving back to the community through empowerment.

How Global Tel Link Is Robbing Telecommunications Customers

Provision of communications services to inmates is a noble undertaking and I wonder what happens when a company charged with such a responsibility is involved in serious breaches and wrongdoings. Global Tel Link (GTL) has been doing just that. My gratitude goes to leading civil and criminal justice technological solutions provider, Securus Technologies, for taking a selfless step highlighting the negative impact the irresponsible company had on the inmates it was supposed to serve as well as the taxpayers who met the cost of GTL’s wrongdoings.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) reveals the irresponsible actions by GTL when thousands of inmates incarcerated at the Louisiana Department of Corrections relied on them for provision of telecommunications services. With every call, Louisiana taxpayers paid for an extra 15 or 36 seconds as a result of wrongful and deliberate programming of the telephone clocks by provider GTL. In addition, the rates for the calls were much higher than those recommended by the PSC rate caps or allowed under GTL’s own tariffs. The company also maliciously billed single calls more than once with no authorization whatsoever for such gluttonous practice. In the end, Louisiana taxpayers paid an extra $1, 243, 000 to GTL.

According to Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, GTL has not stopped at the wrongdoings committed almost 18 years ago. He insisted that customers deserve much better than GTL has done. He particularly focused on the highest level of integrity as opposed to deliberate robbery such as clocks programming with the intent of charging for more time than was actually used during the call.

Securus Technologies has been offering exemplary service in technology solutions in the fields of investigation, public safety, as well as corrections and monitoring for years. The company’s decision to reveal the selfish actions by GTL is a show of how much value they attach to their relationship with not only customers in telecommunications services but also taxpayers. I only wish we had more companies like Securus Technologies.