Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing E-Commerce Personalized Merchandising

The e-commerce space gets more competitive as more and more customers take their shopping online. Eventually, even the online retailers themselves feel pressured to provide the best shopping experiences for their clients or risk running out of business. In these times, in order to win and retain clients, companies have to go for Personalized Merchandising, which is simply providing a product for a particular audience, at the right time, and the right price. Most of the online retailers also now depend on Artificial Intelligence or AI, to create the best shopping experiences for their clients.

The use of AI technology in online stores makes it easier for potential shoppers to get what they want without much hassle. Retailers need to learn a lot about their customers before they can suggest the best products. As humans can be rather slow at times, AI technology helps them to deduce all the collected information, before it displays the best products to recommend. It does so by silently monitoring customer behaviors. For example, if a client regularly reads reviews, the AI system can arrange items, beginning with the highest rated one.

Consequently, the AI platform can also keep tabs on past purchases, and suggest additional products to match the initial purchase or show a similar product in case what is desired is not available at the moment. A perfect example of AI at work would be getting a recommendation for a shoe after buying a particular apparel. Essentially, a lot of marketing time is saved, and the possibilities of making a sale are significantly increased.

AI’s integration in personalized merchandising has run deeper in the recent past. Even the retailers themselves can use it to recommend products from manufacturers. In addition to that, artificial intelligence also helps retailers stock their shops according to what most of their clients want. The retailers can also use them to establish customized marketing approaches through the use of things like pop-up messages and application notifications. Learn more about Sentient at Crunchbase.

The e-commerce field now more than ever needs updated and efficient artificial intelligence system. Many companies are therefore rushing to come up with systems that can understand client preferences even more efficiently.

It is already estimated that in the next ten years, 90% of online sales will be handled entirely by AI enabled computers. Algorithms have been the way forward for various retailers to make sales, but advances in AI technology have been positively impacting personalized merchandising.

Rick Smith Building Stronger Systems to Ensure Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a top provider of tech solutions for criminal and civil justice. The company utilizes advanced technologies to provide monitoring investigation, public safety, biometric analysis, communication, and corrections services to public law and correctional facilities. With an experienced team and 800 product offerings, the company hopes to deter crime and other social problems. The company’s CEO, Rick Smith appointed a new Vice President of Sales, John Bell in 2015 to strengthen the company’s pursuit to reach more users. Between 2012 and 2015, Rick Smith initiated investments of up to $600 million for product development and acquisitions. John’s primary role was to help in the marketing of the new products and create teams that can drive the sales. The new vice president would work with the sales vice president to roll out the new products, make comparisons of the Securus products, develop detailed marketing plans and develop and train sales teams.Rick Smith’s focus was to make the corrections and public enforcement agencies comprehend the products fully to enable Securus to win more contracts.

Securus Technologies products had expanded to include payment services, prisons monitoring and investigations services, communications, and other inmate based services. With the acquisition of JPay in 2015, Securus wanted to reach a broader segment of the market.Rick Smith received emails from public facilities and criminal agencies officers that acknowledge the company for the efforts to make the public safer. Rick has since reiterated his belief of Securus Technologies as a substantial investment. Further, the product development process at Securus is a continuous process with proposals being fronted at least once a week to enhance the fight against social problems and crime. Securus has also enabled families to keep in touch with the incarcerated members to ensure a smooth transition to the community and reduce recidivism.

At Securus, Rick Smith prioritizes safety and social responsibility. The company offers its services to over 3450 facilities across North America and serves more than 1.2 million.Until his appointment at Securus in 2008, Rick Smith was the Chief Executive Officer of Eschelon Telecom. He had joined the telecom company in 1998 as the chief financial officer before being promoted to chief financial officer in 1999 and later president in 2000. The first years of his career, Rick worked with Frontier Corp and rose to become President. Rick also serves on the board of Securus.Rick Smith attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned an associate degree in electrical engineering. At the State University of New York, Richard received an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in electrical engineering at the Brockport and Buffalo campuses. He pursued an MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick Smith hopes to continue engaging the communities and other stakeholders as Securus innovates to make the process of criminal and civil justice efficient.

The Success of Eric Pulier as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Introduction to Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. At such a young age, Pulier has made an impact in the American economy. Pulier is brilliant technologist, a generous philanthropist, a communist, published author and a columnist

Early Life

Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey. His early education sharpened his natural intelligence. Pulier started studying computer programming and its internal operations during his primary education. In the fourth-grade, he developed a complete and operational computer. Eric completed his high school education in 1984. At this age, Pulier had already started a small computer database management firm.

Eric Pulier applied and joined Harvard University after graduating from high school. He surprised many people when he decided to pursue a degree in English and American Literature. However, the course equipped him the necessary knowledge to tackle various challenges in entrepreneurial career. Eric Pulier became a columnist at The Harvard Crimson, the University`s daily newspaper. His educative and sensational articles are still available in his Harvard writer profile. He covered a broad range of topics in his articles, ranging from educational stigma to terrorism.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Eric Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988. After three years, Eric relocated to Los Angeles to start his businesses. He started People Doing Things, his first company, in 1991. Later, Eric started several firms. One of his most recognizable and revolutionary ventures was XPrize. The project was a prized competition for individuals who were willing to advance their business dreams. Eric Pulier founded other organizations such as Akana, Desktone, MediaPlaform and Media Interactive to learn more  a bout us: click here.

Philanthropic Participation

Painted Turtle, a camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses, is one of his most established philanthropy efforts. Eric Pulier is the organization`s VP, who deals with cloud operations. He has dedicated his money and time to help these children. Pulier has worked with Starbright to build a secure and specialized social media platform, for children suffering from chronic illnesses. In 1900, Eric Pulier worked with President Bill Clinton, in the cloud computing project, to establish low-cost solutions for needy communities in the U.S.

The Immense Contribution of CEO Rick Smith to the Growth of Securus Technologies

Following the retirement of Richard Falcone in 2008, Rick Smith was chosen in June 2008 as the successor of Securus Technologies. Rick was chosen due to his exemplary background, entrepreneurial skills, business skill as well as educational skills.Previously, he served Securus in various departments such as finance, operations, ICT, business development. Coupled with significant experience in telecoms, he has steered Securus to become an industry leader in the prisons communication industry.With an outstanding educational background, Rick has a science degree in Electrical engineering and an MBA in Mathematics from Rochester University.

Rick has proved to be a money maker as demonstrated when he previously worked in Eschelon Telecom as a CFO and progressed to CEO in the year 2003 during which he increased company revenue by over $320 million. This was very impressive by business standards which are no easy feat to achieve.Based in Texas Dallas, Securus was founded in 1986. It has branches in parts of Georgia and Texas. Securus is an American profit prison technological firm. It employs well over 1000 people and has approximately 2,600 contracts in US correctional facilities as well as serving 2,200 contracts in Canada and US states.Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus has been able to invest well above $600 million in three years in patents and technological advancement. This goes to prove that Rick Smith has been able to boost Securus to achieve its targets. Securus has thrived exponentially.

Global Tel Link is their biggest competition and Securus has been able to constantly outperform Global Tel Link by:

  • Having a large differentiated set of products and services for marketing such as video visitation services
  • Targeted signal blocks to eliminate cell phone usage in prisons thus protecting inmates and citizens.
  • Training field technicians and creating one of the world’s largest VOIP Corrections platforms for callers.Establishing a localized call-center manned by staff who outperform its competition by 600%

Securus has so far been able to provide the following services:

  • Providing the corrections community with Technology and incident management services.
  • Emergency response.
  • Monitoring of communication
  • Biometric analysis
  • Public information
  • Investigation as well as inmate self-services.

With Rick Smith’s drive and laser focus, his leadership skills have set him apart and enabled him to move the company forward with quality services and products which make them an undisputed leader in the correctional industry.With its specialized commitment under Rick’s watch, Securus has continuously exceeded expectations in the history of time and it strives to maintain their reputation by working hand in hand with their customers, communities surrounding them by creating a safer environment, giving back to the community through empowerment.

Jason Hope: Big Time Believer in the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an experienced entrepreneur and frequently writes & commentates on the latest trends in the technology industry. He recently wrote an article on the internet of things as one of the greatest development in the web market. His articles have a dominant effect in technology world all over the globe indicating the direction technology is driving towards.

Internet of things refers to a connection technology that allows the synchronization of devices with each other. It involves the daily used devices such as the kitchen appliances electronic devices. The internet of things helps these devices to connect with each other and enables sharing of data through the same network. It, in turn, increases their efficiency and reduces waste. Hope says that in years to come, the internet of things will have the ability to change how businesses operate and may bring out one of the biggest advancements in technology market.

Hope believes that most corporations are going to embrace internet of things as one of their biggest investments. As many companies continue incorporating the internet of things in their day to day operations, other businesses that are lagging behind may not be able to keep up with the pace. This technology aiming at connecting all devices invented in the world as one.

This technology has come to satisfy the inconvenience that was present to customers around the world. Although most people of the world connect using mobile and computers, internet of things will enhance the daily in regular house years to come. The competition infusion in companies which will be striving to provide their customers with apps to help them carry out their daily lives activities across different devices will be stiff.

The main advantage of embracing technology is that it can eliminate most of the world’s waste and make human life better. In the public transport, less congestion will be seen on the roads. Emergency responses and tracking services will be more efficient and available to the users.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who has a passion for technology. He has a heart of giving back to the society. Jason originated from Arizona and was brought up in Tempe. Jason education background is worth noting for he holds a degree in finance and masters in business administration in the following: click here.

Jason shows dedication and interests to his many beliefs in business from the many initiatives he has pioneered. In the political arena in Arizona and the United States in general, he is recognized.

Wessex University the Leader of Higher Education

Wessex Institute of Technology is a world renowned university. The careers that are offered here are nothing less than remarkable. These opportunities range from research engineers to researching ways to cure Cancer. To qualify for these positions a Masters degree or PHD is almost always required. Even if you have one of these degrees opens are few and far between and get filled fast.

Wessex is a world renowned university prided on a outstanding level of higher education. They expect the same from their applicants and partners alike. To apply for a position with this institution please contact at

ClassDojo Info

Creating community is critically important when it comes to your child’s education. Parents go to work every day, leaving their children in the care of educational institutions and instructors that mold their mind in shape their future. Because of this, many parents would like to get information about how their child is doing in school, what course work is being covered and how the child is performing. For some busy parents, the only time that they are able to find the source of things out are during PTA meetings or back-to-school night — or worse, if a teacher calls a meeting due to a child’s poor performance.

In this day and age, technology is in a Renaissance period, creating ground up change for the way that teachers communicate with parents. One such evolution in this regard has manifested in the form of ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a tech venture that spawned due to $21 million and fundraising efforts. It is a digital platform that gives parents and teachers a bridge to communicate on a regular basis. This platform gives parents up-to-date information on their child’s behavior, their productivity in the classroom and any other updates that the teacher and parent deem necessary. This is an important tool that supports and supplements both the parent and teacher’s role in shaping the child’s education.

This application was founded in the year 2011 and is currently used by close to 90,000 different school systems throughout the nation. Teachers enjoy this platform because it allows them to seamlessly communicate with parents. It has gained traction in all sorts of school systems, including public schools, private schools and charter schools.

One of the benefits of this application is that it is truly educationally focused and does not use shady tactics that allow the developers to build revenue based on user data. This is critically important since minors are involved and their privacy is of the utmost importance. You could compare the growth of this system to that of some of the most popular social media networks. Right now, the company is all about providing the service and monetization is a little ways off. In the future, parents might be able to purchase supplemental content for their children’s education which helps deepen the impression of the lessons given during the school hours.

As you can see, this is a great tool that parents, children and teachers will be able to find great use with.