Cancer Treatment Centers of America Innovative and Integrative

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, was founded in 1988 and has five locations across the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America at its website, says that it offers a patient-centered approach to cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Tulsa and metropolitan Atlanta. Cancer Treatment Centers of America since its inception has integrated state-of-the-art treatment regimens with supportive evidence-based protocols such as physical therapy, nutrition and natural-therapy.

Treatment is offered to patients who register at one of the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America centers. A team of experts that include nurses, oncologists, appointment managers and physical therapists are involved in aiding the complexities of cancer treatment; patient care may include appointment management, nutrition counseling, selecting treatment options and planning overall comprehensive care.

In February 2017, Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with Nanhealth and Allscripts launched an oncology treatment platform called Clinical Pathways. The system interface is called NANTOS, whose design and scope had input from numerous oncologists across the US. The platform in essence is a storehouse of evolving cancer care data. Moreover, treatment options are compatible with Cancer Treatment Centers of America treatment standards and are viewed as safe and efficient.

Treatment options in NANTOS include the following:
– Treatment regimen is customized to patient’s need.
– Comparable treatment options are listed as well as their estimated cost.
– Treatment regimens include supportive therapies.
– Treatment options list side effects of treatment and supportive therapies.
Cancer Treatment Centers of Americautilizes a patient-centered approach; two patients with the same diagnosed cancer may likely have distinct responses. The team approach to addressing the complexity of cancer is seen as a halmark, and NANTOS is seen as a means to further ensure Cancer Treatment Centers of America offering high-quality treatment.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Will Continue To Grow

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is an unusual company in that it is wildly successful and outperforms the competition by having a better product that costs less. It has all the latest technology and offers the best customer service of anyone in its industry.


That may sound overly solicitous, but it is all true. Nationwide does do all of that and more. The company was founded in 1991 as a small, local title company and today is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale document suppliers in the world. Most of the larger and more successful retail lenders, mortgage companies, banks and other similar companies use Nationwide for their major document processor. These are some of the largest retail mortgage suppliers and lenders anywhere.


Nationwide has over 600 employees located in three different states. The expertise of the employees is amazing as they are very well-trained and are up to the job very quickly. The employees receive initial training for three weeks, and then they are on the job under supervision. There are extra training modules that employees can use for further advancement and roughly 50% to 70% are active in that capacity at any given time.


Nationwide can reach out to all of the jurisdictions and counties in the United States to search for and acquire documents. That amounts to over 3,600 entities that store documents. It is really important that the documents be very fast in their delivery and that they be accurate.


The speed of delivery and accuracy of the documents are what every document processor is measured by, and Nationwide ends up at the top of the list. Nationwide has a 99.9% compliance, or delivery rate with less than a 1% failure rate. All that means is that Nationwide nearly always delivers accurately and quickly 100% of the time.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales for Nationwide says that it is a difficult job to run a national abstractor network, but with proper planning, it can be done. Nationwide made the right investments from the start, 25 years ago, in personnel and technology. Because of those investments, the company has grown into what it is today.


The technology gets the product to the clients more effectively and at a lower cost. The personnel is trained to handle the technology in the most efficient manner so that it gives the maximum of what it is supposed to do. As a result, the product can be delivered to the client at about half the cost of the competition.


New CEO Appointed At Award Winning Assited Living Facility

Assisted living facility, The Manse On Marsh, has appointed a new chief executive officer. He is Farron Bernhardt. Mr. Bernhardt has decades of experience as an executive in senior housing facilities. His most recent position was serving as VP at the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development organization. This is a non-profit organization that helps senior citizens with low incomes find affordable and comfortable living arrangements for themselves.

Farron Bernhardt is known for bringing a collaborative and engaged approach to managing senior living facilities. This approach fits right into the bill of the Manse on Marsh’s belief that its residents and staff should be engaged and collaborate together.

Mr. Bernhardt has said that he is honored to become part of the team at the Manse On Marsh. He said he is also eager to meet the residents of the facility and begin working upon improving the services offered at the Manse. Farron Bernhardt also stated that he will work diligently to make sure that the Manse continues to maintain the high caliber of service that it is now known for. The Manse is known as the leader in assisted living care in the Central Coast of California and that will continue under my leadership states Bernhardt.

The Manse On Marsh is an award winning assisted living facility. The awards include two back to back Caring Star Awards. This award is given to senior care facilities who have a high level of customer satisfaction and no negative complaints or open issues. In 2016, The Manse was also featured on as one of the best of 2016 on their website. This places the facility at the top 1% of all senior care facilities in the United States.

Chris Skiff, the owner of the Manse, says that addition of a Farron Bernhardt to the Manse On Marsh Team shows the commitment we have to ensuring out residents have the very best level of service and facilities to meet their needs so that they can retire in comfort. Mr. Skiff says that he is looking forward to seeing the positive changes and improvements that Farron will create at his assisted living facility.

The Manse is located in San Luis Obispo, California. It gives seniors the choice of a flat or private home living arrangement. Residents choose the services they need and do not pay for any services they do not use. Transportation, dining, care givers, discreet personal assistance and on staff medical personnel are available and provided to residents.

New Zealand is not Tax Haven –Geoffrey Cone

To be listed in the OECD, a nation must not impose or should impose a minimal tax on their citizens, lack transparency, and the government must follow regulations that hinder the exchange of data with other countries. New Zealand does not have the features to be described as a tax harbor. The 2002 OECD Model of Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the gold standard for transparency. The Model Agreement supports the global exchange of data to assist in the management or the implementation of domestic tax law.


New Zealand has been on the forefront in the demonstration of quality leadership when it comes to foreign n trustee. The country has been very transparent in how it handles the foreign trust and thus allowing other governments gain information on the tax trust. Recently Mike Cullen came with new rules that state every New Zealand residence trustee of a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure Form (IR607) as required by the IRD. The information must be kept in New Zealand to help the government for tax purposes and be stored in English.


After his High School Cone attended the University of Otago where he graduated with LLB honors as well as a postgraduate Diploma in tax and trust law. Immediately after his graduation Mr. Geoffrey commenced practicing his professionalism as a tax trust lawyer in Auckland New Zealand. His hard working spirit and his determination did not allow him to stay in the same place he started; instead, he moved to Christchurch where he served as a Partner as well as the Chairman of Partners in a famous law firm.


At the law firm Cone practice commercial litigation law and him also responsible for advising other companies on tax and trust issues. Cone also appeared in court and served as a chief counsel including Privy Council. For two years Geoffrey worked in British West Indies and later he moved back to Auckland where he founded his law firm in 1999, Cone Marshall Limited. Cone Marshall is the only law firm in New Zealand that offers International Tax trust services as well as trustee and trust administration services through its associated companies.


Strong, Value-based Parenting Drives The Charity Of The DeVos Family

Parenting is one of the most important and honorable pursuits a human being can undertake. When you parent a child correctly, that child grows up and adds something to the world. That child becomes a productive member of society, but more importantly, that child becomes a shining example unto others; an inspiration to follow; a beacon of light in an otherwise grim world. There is no better example of what strong parenting, rooted in conservative values, can do for one person and the world around them than the DeVos family.

Dick DeVos is the patriarch and he grew up in Western Michigan. He was raised by strong parents who imbued a sense of social responsibility on the young man. Their strong conservative values gave Dick DeVos a moral compass as he set off into the world after graduating from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan ( And that moral compass would lead him to giving away over $1 billion of his own wealth in 2014.

Behind every great man is a great woman, and Betsy Devos stands as an example of this. Betsy was also raised by parents guided by strong conservative values in the state of Michigan. She attended a Christian college and went on to start a career in conservative politics, becoming a mover-and-shaker in Michigan’s Republican party. And when she met Dick, she knew that they both had a sense of social responsibility.

DeVos would go on to have a prosperous career in business, leading Amway International to record profits and becoming the President and CEO of the booming Orlando Magic in the early 1990’s during the beginning of the Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal era. Wealth came to the Devos family through the hard work of Dick and Betsy, but through it all they never forgot those deeply rooted values imbued upon them by their parents.

But the Devos family did not want the attention. Only after being hounded by the magazine did they divulge their charitable giving in 2014, totaling over $1 billion. Most of the givings have stayed in their home state of Michigan. The Devos’s, through five different family foundations, aim at giving to conservative leaning charities that will carry on the torch of promoting values to future generations.

Skilled Fiscal Entrepreneurs

The world of finance is one that requires people to demonstrate many kinds of skills in order to be able to enjoy fiscal success. Someone needs to be able to show that they are able to read the markets closely, work with others easily and also spot opportunities that are not always readily apparent. Many people find that someone who can do this is also someone they should consider working with closely in order to help them expand their own portfolio. Such an adviser can also show them how they can have investments they can rely on as they look to their own fiscal future and consider starting a new business or expanding an already existing venture.

One such person is Brad Reifler. Reifler is business expert with many years of experience in the field of venture capital and business start-ups. His work here has helped him spot many kinds of business opportunities including those that pertain to a business that has already been started as well as a business that only exists as yet as a good idea in the mind of a creative person. He has spent a great deal of time learning to listen closely to the ideas of people who know what a customer might want and are prepared to give it to them.

Reifler is a graduate of Bowdoin College. After graduating, he realized that finances were his calling. He quickly started his first capital firm, a venture that enjoy a great deal of success. His first company was so successful that it was purchased by another company, enabling Reifler to move on to his next venture where he has done much to help assist others and continue his own history of excellence in this field. He knew that a business venture in the world of capital marketing would be ideal for his needs and helpful for his many clients.

This is one of many reasons why he founded Pali Capital, a capital firm dedicated to helping people locate proper sources of funding for their needs as well as helping provide the kind of fiscal advice that many businesses need to be able to flourish in today’s business climate. Since his enormous success with this firm, Reifler has continued to devote his time and effort towards helping his many clients continue to work with him to help expand their businesses and provide the kind of assistance necessary to do well in today’s highly complex business world.

An Amazing Plastic Surgeon And Much More

DR. Jennifer Walden is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. There is definitely a reason why doctor Walden is such of a well known plastic surgeon. Doctor Walden is a Board certified plastic surgeon. She was originally born and raised in Austin Texas. She went to the University of Texas in Austin and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Later on she went to the University of Texas Medical Branch; There she was able to receive her Doctorate and she graduated with Honors. At the same time she began her externship at the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Later Walden moved to New York and their she began to pursue her passion for aesthetic surgery. It was a huge privilege for her because she was able to get her fellowship at The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. While she was working on her fellowship there, she was able to gain a lot of knowledge from some of the worlds top doctors in aesthetic plastic surgery. She was able to get the highest and newest education when it came to cosmetic surgery for the breast, face, and body.

After finishing her fellowship, Walden became the associate to the world-renown plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston. While working with doctor Aston, Walden was able to receive the training and the techniques that helped her to perfect her skills. Walden later went on to set up her own practice in New York. Because of the high quality of her work along with her professionalism, she soon became well known as an amazing and talented plastic surgeon. After working for a time in New York, Walden decided to establish a practice in her home town of Austin Texas. Now Walden lives in Walden lives and works in Austin Texas.

She has been able to help hundreds of people to look and feel better. Walden gives assistance to a program in which she helps low-income individuals to fly in and get cosmetic surgery. Apart from her practice, Walden is also a philanthropist. She has set up many programs to help people that are less fortunate in her hometown and around the United States. Walden offers her support to victims of domestic violence, child abuse, individuals that have cleft palates, and elementary school children. Doctor Walden is truly a giving and unique individual; she has achieved much in her own life, and she is dedicated to the people and the communities in which she serves.